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Ryoko walked down the sidewalk of a busy Tokyo street on her way home from a friend's house. It was evening, but it was fine; nobody was waiting at home anyways. She liked to take her sweet time walking home. She looked up into the inky sky.

"A full moon," she sighed, blinking up at the beautiful sphere. She had always liked the way the moon looked, but couldn't figure out why she had such a fascination for it. "Whatever," she muttered to herself, starting to walk again. She took out some chewing gum and deposited it into her mouth. After a while, she reached a much quieter part of the city, though it was a longer way home.

Ryoko turned the corner and walked along the side of a museum building. As she came level to a side door, an ear-splitting alarm shrilled out. Ryoko jumped in surprise, her first thought being, 'I didn't do it!' But then she could hear the security guards from within the building, yelling and running.

'So it's from the inside…' Ryoko thought. Then she felt like hitting herself in the face. DUH it's from the inside! She hovered around some bushes that were next to the side door, wondering if she should run away or not. She could distantly hear gunfire inside. 'I never thought this art museum would be robbed. It just seems so stupid.' She continued in thought to wonder what on earth the thief could be planning.

The side door suddenly flung open, and a guy charged out, slamming the door behind him. Ryoko took a step back in slight surprise, seeing a boy barely older than her. His hands were on his knees as he tried to catch his breath, his pine-green hair falling in front of his face. He clutched something that looked like glass in his hands, apparently the stolen manufactured article. As she stared at him, he looked up at her.

"Get out of here, human!" he snapped angrily, pocketing the glass orb, as if it was something she should never be allowed to see.

"Say what?" she repeated hotly. "Human? What the Hell?" But then changed the subject. "Why in the heck are you stealing that thing?"

The boy sneered, "Taking back what's duly ours isn't a crime! Now get out of here you-" He suddenly grimaced in pain and collapsed to his knees, breathing raggedly. He grasped his left leg, wincing. "Damnit…" he muttered. "Just great…"

"Ah, you got shot!" Ryoko said, rushing forward. Her concern erased her unpleasant thoughts about him.

"Im fine!" he barked. "The bullet passed through."

"But..." she began, reaching out to him. 'He's so stubborn,' she thought. What is WRONG with this kid?'

"Dont touch-," he started to yell, pulling out a little glass sphere back from his pocket. "I'll just use the teardrop of the moon to take care of it! Now LEAVE!"

"Thats just the thing that you stole!" she scoffed, starting to get irritated. "Museum artifacts don't have magical powers, only in weird shows or movies. What are you, some little kid!"

"Stupid humans think they know everything!" he shouted back. "Go the Hell away!"

'He may be cute, but he's utterly mean!' she thought frustatedly. 'and why does he keep saying Human all the time? Does he have a mental problem? I'm really starting to get irked, here.' out of sheer exasperation, she placed a hand on the wound, just to piss him off.

'You dumbass!' and a punch was what she expected to receive, but she did it anyway. What she had not expected was to suddenly feel a little light headed and the blood drying up from his leg, and a faint glow emitting from her fingertips.

She stammered an unintelligible sound of astonishment, removing her hand to see the wound completely gone. "What just-?" the boy looked at her sharply.

"You're of the Lunar race!" he shot at her, looking half shocked and half furious.

"The WHAT?" she said dubiously.

The boy was about to say something when the side door of the museum banged open and police officers poured out, their guns raised.