A/N--- for those of you who don't know Japanese Mythology well... a TENGU is a kind of demon; it's a birdlike creature that has great distrust to humans. so yesh...

"WHAT THE HELL!" she said, her voice cracking into a kind of shriek. He threw an ugly look at her.

"Shut up. Man, you're annoying!"

"I'm annoying?" she snapped back at him. "What the Hell just happened here? Why did you steal from a friggin' ART Museum, turn into Big Bird's evil twin,and then take me, a total stranger, to a NIGHTCLUB! You sicko!"

He rolled his eyes and looked like he was using every fiber in his entire being to control himself. Ryoko didn't change her expression at all, but her mind was screaming 'Dear GOD, I just pissed off a giant tengu! He could easily kill me if he wanted!' and yet all the questions she had asked were jumbled in with her fears.

"Just C'mon." he –or it – said in a low growl, pushing through the back door into the nightclub. Ryoko's anger snapped.

Akira, hearing the back door open, turned around, eagerly wagging his tail, expecting to see Mitsuru arrive. He saw him enter and was halfway through saying, "Welcome back" when a girl charged through and tackled him to the floor. Akira yelped and stumbled backward while the girl began to rage at Mitsuru.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? You expect me to just follow you in all calmly? I don't even know you! What is your problem? FIRST, you call me a stupid human, act all high and mighty, THEN you use me as a hostage, and you turn into someTengu FREAK and carry me off to a nightclub! Plus, you're a thief! And you just want me to go along with that!"

Mitsuru glared up at her, his face flushed just as brightly as hers with anger, when a voice spoke up.

"That's probably the first time a girl – no, anyone – has been able to get Mitsuru speechless in an argument."

Ryoko blinked, only just aware that there were other people around.

"Shut your face, Misoka!" the boy, Mitsuru, snarled at the speaker.

He was a short kid, just about between Ryoko's elbow and shoulder if she stood straight, with squinty eyes and large glasses. He had a calm, cold look about him, and his shoulder-length hair was the same, strong, pine-green colour as Mitsuru's.

"Welcome, Mitsuru and Newcomer!" said a jovial voice from the other side of the room, and Ryoko turned to see a very cute boy, again, about her age, with short, spiky brown hair and several peircings on his face, waving happily at the two of them… and he had a tail… and wolf ears…



Just then, the door opened, and a beautiful face with flowing flaxen hair surrounding its jewel-bright eyes appeared.

The boy stopped in his tracks, taking in the scene that met his eyes, and said, "You never told us you had a girl, Mitsuru."

2.17 seconds later, Ryoko's beet-red facewas a half inch away from his, hissing, "You. Did. Not. Just. Say. That."

Without missing a beat, he put on his most polite expression and replied, "Say what?"

"Exactly." Ryoko huffed, turning back to Mitsuru. "Now, what the Hell is going on, Mi-Chan?"

His face burned as he retorted, "Don't disparage my name just to make yourself feel better! Stupid woman…"


Ryoko had just had it with this guy. And he was about to find out… Some more.

"Look, I don't know what your problem is," she said, her voice wavering slightly. "And by now, I am beyond caring. But you really need to cut the badass-attitude act, ok? It's not cool. It's downright pissing me off! I have had it with you, and I've only known you for less than an hour! What the Hell is going on here?" she looked around, and said angrily, "And you've made my first impression to all your friends TERRIBLE!"


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