Temperance Brennan….Temperance Brennan, he repeats the name over and over in his head. What does that name mean? More importantly, what does that name mean to him? And why, when he can't sleep at night is hers the only name that comes to mind? Booth turns onto his side and watches the light breathing of the woman next to him, her chest rising and falling with the steady thrum of life. His eyes roam over her perfect nose and full lips, her perfect hair and lastly the outline of her perfect body beneath his sheets. Flopping onto his back once more he throws an arm over his eyes and sighs, Temperance Brennan…. She is fire and ice, and the only reason why the woman lying next to him will never be enough. He swings his legs over the side of the bed and creeps through to the lounge quietly and over to a window. Leaning against it he stares out of the blinds and into the empty street, the wall cool beneath his palm, and wonders what she is doing right now.


She sits at her desk, the lights in the lab have long been out, the only light now is the soft glow from her desk lamp and the glare from her notebook, folding her hands behind her head she leans back in the chair. Her eyes glance up to the clock on the other side of the room and she contemplates the time. She's too wired to sleep, but she's too tired to continue working. Her thoughts drift to Booth and how things between them have been strained recently. She feels like he is purposefully trying to avoid her, ever since he started seeing someone new a few months ago, the amount of time that they have spent together has become less and less. Sighing she closes the notebook and grabs her coat from behind her chair. With one last look around the office she turns off the desk lamp and leaves.


Brennan steps out of the elevator and fingers her keys looking for the one that unlocks the door to her apartment. When she looks up her eyes meet those of a sheepish looking Booth. He is sitting against her apartment door, two 6 packs of beer at his side. He pushes himself to his feet and brings the cans up along with him. She smiles gently and nods silently as she wanders past him to open the door. He follows her inside and kicks it shut behind him as she busies herself turning on the lights. Booth places the cans on the table and shrugs his jacket off, throwing it over the arm of the chair. Brennan takes a seat next to him and he hands her a can wordlessly. She pulls the tab and takes a long sip form the can, matching his own actions. He leans back in the sofa and regards her curiously.

"Is everything ok Booth?" She doesn't turn to look at him, she merely takes another sip from the can and stares ahead at the lamp in the corner of the room. He nods, mainly to himself since her eyes won't meet his.

"Yes. Everything's fine… I couldn't sleep. I wanted to see you." This causes her to turn to him, he can see the confusion hiding behind her eyes. "I miss you Bones. I realise that's mainly my fault, I've kept my distance from you." Her eyes drop to the can in her hand and she nods gently. "Ever since I met Gemma, I've tried to separate my work from my personal life. I guess I didn't want the same thing to happen with me and her that happened with Tessa… I guess I didn't want you to get in the way."

He sneaks a look at her, but her eyes are still fixed to the can she is holding in her hand. After a couple of moments he reaches out and touches her hand. "You won't ask me why? Or how you would get in the way… Which leads me to think that you already have a good idea."

She can feel the tension rising, her heart is thumping in her chest, her palms are too warm against the cool can and his touch is searing through her flesh. Dizzy with anticipation and fear she pushes up from the sofa and places the can on the table. Booth watches her walk over to the window, he knows she is afraid to hear him confess what he's feeling, and he is certain that she too is confused by the constant turmoil in her heart. The glow from the lamp against her skin makes her seem too pale and he can only manage to look at her for a few seconds before he feels ill.

"Bones?" She doesn't answer, just continues to stare into the street. He pushes up from the sofa and walks up behind her, she can feel his ever near presence, this time invading her personal space. He places a hand on her arm "Bones look at me." She reluctantly looks up into his eyes and is taken aback by the pure emotion that she sees there. "Bones ask me why?"

As his gaze bores into her own she tries to find the strength to comply, but the fear over rides her, the emotions fail her and instead she feels herself withdrawing from him. Tears threaten to spill from her eyes as the need to obey his request becomes overwhelming. She shakes her head sorrowfully and his face falls at her denial. "I can't" it comes out as a whisper, but her voice seems to ring in his ears. She pulls her arm free from his gentle grasp and tries to walk past him. For a second he thinks of letting her go but a single moment of clarity forces him to pull her back and into him. Her eyes wide with shock meet his before he presses his lips to hers, his hands threading into her hair. His lips are soft on hers but persistent and it's not long before she begins to respond to his persistent ministrations. Adrenaline and desire course through her body and her hands grip onto the sides of his shirt, her head is heavy and she feels as though she is drugged… the realization of what they are doing hits her full force as she feels him backing her up against a wall, his kisses becoming more desperate. With a quick push from her he has backed up from her, his breathing labored by passion and desire and eyes hooded with lust. She meets his eyes with an apology and shakes her head before heading to her bedroom and closing the door.

Booth wipes a hand over his face and sighs. With a quick glance at the bedroom door he grabs his jacket and leaves her apartment. She wanted him, even if just for a second, she wanted him… and it may just be enough to get him through tonight.