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Chapter 1

In the largest cities around the world, reconstruction continued. New York, Tokyo, Paris, and all the other cities that were attacked by the D-Reaper were beginning to get back to normal. Business men were returning to their offices, families to their homes, and life was regaining an old sense of normalcy. Even for the tamers, life was going back to the way it was. Still, none them wanted that. The battles with digimon, the tears and blood, they would take it all back if their partners could come back to the real world.

Unfortunately, the staff of Hypnos hadn't quite figured out how to bring the digimon back. In the newly redesigned Hypnos Headquarters, the researchers worked relentlessly as they attempted to find a way to bring the digimon back. The problem they were facing was one of stability. They had managed to pull rocks, and other small things from the digital world. The problem, none of them would survive for very long before breaking into data. They needed a way to stabilize the digimon, give them the power to hold their data together.

Most of what had been done, the reconnection to the digital world and the teleportation programming, had been created by the Monster Makers. They were the ones that knew the most about digimon, the coding that made up their body, and the basic differences between them and humans. Still, even with that knowledge behind them, none of them seemed to be making any more ground. The stabilization was the last step, but no one could think about how to make it work.

Everyone except for Shibumi. The one that had kept up with the digimon project, even after the funding was cut, had been locked in his office working on some secret project. He just said that it was time they called in outside help. The other Monster Makers didn't know what he meant by that, but didn't question him. Shibumi had been the one to identify the source of the D-Reaper, and seemed to see something else in codes and programs. He saw the smallest of differences in the code that either stopped or allowed a program to work.

Yamachi, the head of Hypnos, was working in his own office when Shibumi came bursting in, a smile on his face, "I have got it."

Yamachi looked up from his desk, his eyes hidden behind his sunglasses, "What is it now Shibumi."

Shibumi moved forward, slapping a piece of paper onto the desk as he said, "I may have found someone who can create something to stabilize the digimon."

Yamachi sat up a bit in his chair, his eyes focusing on Shibumi, "Tell me everything."

Shibumi began to tell Yamachi about a very special individual. His name was Jason. He was an American, and born into a rich family. However, he still had a hard life. At an early age a strange genetic disorder began to affect his brain. It wasn't downs syndrome, or anything like that. It was like his brain was shutting down, turning itself off cell by cell. His parents had been desperate, and called on any doctor that could cure there son. At the time, a new procedure was being developed. It would hook a human's brain to a computer, and in such allow them to interface with it. The doctors saw that procedure as a way to prevent Jason's brain from shutting down, and maybe even restart some of the cells that had just turned themselves off.

The procedure was a huge success, but it was the only time it had been preformed. An unseen side effect of the surgery was the fact Jason's brain had become reliant on the computers it was connected to. If he was disconnected, his brain would begin shutting down again, and he would be as good as dead in two hours. Since then he had been confined to hospital bed. At first, Jason had a lot of trouble speaking, listening, or basic functions. Then, as technology improved, so did his mental capacity. When Jason was about ten years old he was hooked up to a brand new super computer. With that computer, he actually began to create programs.

Shibumi continued to explain that no matter how complicated the program was, Jason could program it in just a few minutes. His imagination worked with the computer, creating programs that would be far to complicate for any team of programmers to create.

As Shibumi neared the end, he smiled and said, "You see, if we can get Jason to create the stabilization program, then we can bring the digimon back. The only problem I can see is we might have to hook Jason into the Juggernaut core. The stabilization program is something none of use can even begin to think about the coding. Still, if we hooked him to the core, the most powerful super computer on the planet, he should be able to construct the program."

Yamachi smiled, taking off his sunglasses, "Shibumi, get me all the information you can on this kid. Also, tell the other monster makers to suspend all other research. This is our best lead right now, and I want all our man power focused on making it work, or figuring out if it won't be enough." Shibumi nodded his head, turning as he walked out of the room. Yamachi picked up the phone on his deck, dialing a few numbers. If this kid was capable of doing everything Shibumi had said, he was going to make it well worth his while.

A week later, an ambulance was pulled up to the Hypnos building. Inside was a 16 year old, teenage, boy. He was thin, and his skin was pale from his lack of exposure to the sun. His arms were thin, neither fat nor muscular. He had very long black hair that reached down to his waist. He had grown it out to hide the many cables and wires that came out of the back of his head. All those wires fed down to a small computer that was built onto the cot. It was meant to keep him alive, and allow him to hook up to any computer with a network card.

The ambulance works rolled the boy into the building, taking him up several floors until they reached the room that held the Juggernaut core. During the reconstruction, the Juggernaut core had been completely redesigned. The room had also been enlarged, and proper lighting systems inserted. All around the walls were great computer councils that were hardwired into the juggernaut core. There were a few normal computers in the room, but one of them was on a cart. A few research technicians were standing by the cart, and waved over the ambulance workers when they came in.

With the help of an ethernet cable, the small computer in cot was attached to the computer on the cart. In a few seconds, as the two computers began to communicate, the boy on the cot began to wake up. He sat up, stretching as he scratched his head. He was dressed in the normal, pure white, hospital clothes. His eyes were a deep, forest green that shined in the brightly lit room.

A few minutes passed before Yamachi came into the room, his hand gently flipping his lighter open. Beside him walked Shibumi, who just smiled and waved as he said, "Hello, and thank you for coming."

Shibumi walked forward, shaking the boy on the cart's hand as he said, "My name is Shibumi, and you must be Jason."

The boy nodded his head, "Yes, that's me. Now, can I ask why I have been brought here?"

Yamachi stepped forward, a serious look on his face, "You have been brought her because we require your unique services."

Shibumi broke in, a smile on his face, "You see, we need you to create a program that will allow digimon and other items from the digital world to stabilize here, in the real world."

Jason raised an eyebrow, "Digimon, you mean like the ones that fought the D-Reaper a few months ago."

Shibumi nodded his head, "Actually, we have been trying to bring back those exact digimon. You see, there tamers, or the humans that helped them in the fight, are still here in the real world. After they saved the world, the digimon were forced to return to the digital world because they began to destabilize. We need your help to create something that will allow them to hold their data together in this world. We have already designed a means of locating them and bringing them here. We just need the last piece of the puzzle."

Jason groaned a bit, scratching his head again, "That is a tall order, I can tell already. Still, to get a full understanding of the situation I would have to see the base code that is apart of each digimon, the code for the digital world, and about a hundred other things. I can't make any guarantees, but if I can figure out why they are destabilizing I should be able to figure out how to fix it."

Yamachi smiled, snapping his silver lighter shut, "What ever you need, you got it. Now, let's get you hooked up to Juggernaut."

Jason raised an eyebrow, "Juggernaut. What in heavens name is Juggernaut?"

Yamachi looked up at the mass of metal, silicon, and plastic that stood in the center of the room, "The ultimate super computer, and as long as your helping us I can guarantee you will have full access to its processing power."

Jason turned around, looking at the huge computer. He then turned back to Yamachi, and smiled, "You sure know how to make a guy feel welcome." Over the course of the week the Hypnos researchers and the Monster Makers collected every piece of coding they could find that was relevant to the digital world or digimon. With the power of Juggernaut, Jason was able to review every file. He then looked over the research data from when the researchers had tried bringing rocks and other things to the real world.

It was a week and a half later that Jason called Yamachi down to the research lab. Thanks to Shibumi and Dolphin, Jason had been given a direct uplink to Juggernaut. He was attached by a very long set of wires, all of which were by an elaborate wire system that hung down from the ceiling. Jason loved it because he was able to go anywhere in the research room. For the first time, he had a decent amount of mobility. Also, since his brain was working off of Juggernaut, he had never been able to think so clearly. He was thinking faster then any human ever could, running through advanced problems in seconds.

Yamachi came in one day while Jason was up and around, talking with Shibumi near the Juggernaut core. When Jason saw Yamachi, he smiled and said, "Call the tamers and buy some cake for the homecoming party. The digimon are coming back."

Yamachi smiled, "You have the program ready."

Jason nodded his head, "Yes, the stabilization program is ready. The problem was when ever something was brought to this world from the digital its data began to become corrupted by the earth's Electro Magnetic field. It was like holding a magnet to a computer. The digimon were able to survive in this world for as long as they did because of all the other digimon that were bioemering. Each time a new digimon came to this world, he brought a cloud of data. Like replacing files in a computer, the data would replace the damaged data inside the digimon's body."

"So how did you fix the problem?"

Jason motioned towards a nearby computer, and quickly called up a command in the Juggernaut core. The computer screen slashed and showed the image of Guilmon. The computer then stripped away Guilmon's skin to leave a black silhouette. Jason pointed near the heart of the silhouette and said, "We have prepared a program that will give the digimon a second heart. This heart will not pump blood or anything like that. Its sole purpose will be to produce a weak, invisible, energy field. That field will act as a barrier, protecting the digimon against the earth's electromagnetic field. The second heart will also use energy from food and things like that to replace any data that might become corrupt."

Yamachi snapped his lighter shut, "Begin testing immediately. Start with trees. Then, if that works, find a digimon we need to bring back. You are to transport them here, and then monitor them closely until you are sure the second heart is doing its job."

Jason and Shibumi nodded their heads, Jason already sending out e-mails to the researchers that were in charge of the transportation program. Still, even when the tests with the digital trees were successful, Shibumi and Jason were anxious about using one of the tamer's digimon. Finally, they decided to test on one other digimon. Still, finding one that would make a good test subject was proving difficult.

Jason was monitoring the digital world when he picked up one something. On the outer desert layer a battle was ensuing, or more appropriately a slaughter. A small rookie digimon was being attacked by an ultimate. Jason gritted his teeth a bit, watching the battle from a birds eye view.

The ultimate, a SkullGreymon, was attacking a small rookie digimon called Tijgmon. Tijgmon was a small tiger cub digimon with white fur and black strips. As Jason checked the digimon card game, he found that the common Tijgmon had orange fur with black strips. As Jason continued to watch the fight, he couldn't help debating if he should save the outmatched rookie.

At that last minute, just before SkullGreymon would have destroyed Tijgmon, Jason activated the transport program. Tijgmon disappeared just before the SkullGreymon's claw would have crushed it. As the Juggernaut core worked on the transportation, Jason activated the program to insert the second heart. In a few minutes a researcher came into the main laboratory, Tijgmon in his arms as he said, "Jason, the teleportation was a success. Also, from our readings, it seems the second heart is working perfectly."

Jason turned, breathing a small sigh of relief he had saved the rookie an untimely death as he said, "Go tell Yamachi. I'll keep an eye on him until then." The researcher nodded, handing Tijgmon to Jason before heading out of the room. Jason moved over his cot, the one he had been brought to Hypnos on, setting Tijgmon on the soft bed before stepping back. The rookie opened his eyes which were a deep almond color and said, "Where am I?"

Jason smiled, "Don't worry. No one is going to hurt you here. Now, get some rest." Tijgmon nodded his head before falling asleep. Jason smiled, letting the tired rookie sleep.

After a few days, seeing that Tijgmon's second heart was working properly, Yamachi ordered that the tamer's digimon be brought to the real world. Also, he had asked for Tijgmon to be sent back, but then agreed with Jason to allow him to stay. Yamachi had heard that Jason saved Tijgmon, and decided it would be all right for the rookie to hang around.

Then, the only thing left to do was figure out how to tell the tamers their digimon were back. Yamachi had just wanted to flat out tell them, but the Monster Makers saw how special of event it would be. Jason was sitting on his cot, Tijgmon resting on his lap when the tiger cub digimon lifted its head and said, "Can I make a suggestion?"

Yamachi and Shibumi turned to stare at the digimon, but then nodded their heads. The digimon nodded his head in return and said, "You said there are eight tamers, correct. Well, surly one of them has a birthday coming up. Why not make the other digimon presents."

Jason smiled, the idea tickling his head as he accessed a few files in the Juggernaut core, "I just checked the records. As a matter of fact, Takato's birthday is in a few days. I would imagine all the tamers are invited, and even if they aren't we can take his parents into letting them come."

Shibumi clapped his hands together, "I think it sounds like a wonderful idea."

Yamachi nodded his head, "It will do. Now, Tijgmon, is there any else to this plan of yours."

Two days past, and the day of the party came. Through some work Takato's parents had gotten permission to hold the part in Shinjuku Park. In a wide open area beside the lake there were paper lanterns and many other decorations set up. Several tables had been set out, on top of which were several plates filled with food. On a separate table sat a huge, two layer cake Takato's father had baked for the occasion. That was one of the times it came in handy owning your own bakery.

Takato's parents had rented a stage, and borrowed Rika's Karaoke machine for the occasion. There was a large cake, made fresh that very morning. As Takato stood there, staring at the cake, he was amazed at how large it was. Surly his parents hadn't invited that many people.

Soon, the party guests began to arrive. Henry and Suzie were the first to arrive. Soon, however, the entire gang was there. The last to arrive was Rika, who had to sneak out of the house so her mother wouldn't force her into a dress she had bought for the occasion. As the tamers sat, eating the dinner provided, they began to talk. Of course, one of the first topics to come up was their digimon. It had been three months, and still Yamachi had even given them a hint whether they were any closer to getting their partners back.

Takato sighed, "I really wish Guilmon was here."

Henry put his hand on Takato's shoulder, "We all miss our partners, but there is nothing we can do about it right now. Yamachi said he would bring our digimon back, and that should be enough."

Takato sighed, nodding his head. Kazu jumped up, smiling as yelled, "Hey dude, I know what will cheer you up. Some good presents. Come on, start opening them. Then, we can get at that cake."

Rika looked over at Kazu, "Of course, it's all so you can get a piece of cake. I guess you think with your stomach and not your brain."

Jeri giggled a bit, "I didn't think Kazu had a brain."

"HEY," Kazu yelled as he glared at the two girls. Takato soon calmed Kazu down, and began to open his presents. Henry and Suzie had gotten a new video game, Rika a pack of digimon cards, Jeri a sketch pad with a large set of color pencils. Ryo had called up an uncle of his that made custom trading cards, and had him make a card for every one of Guilmon's evolutionary stages. The final gift Takato opened was from Kazu and Kenta, which had pulled their money together to buy Takato a new card carrying tin.

With that last present open, Kazu was moving towards the cake with hungry eyes. However, he never made it to the cake. Just when he was about to cut into the delicious dessert a voice called out, "I hope we aren't late."

Everybody turned to see Yamachi, Shibumi, and a kid in a wheel chair. Yamachi was wearing his usual black business suit, but had taken off his sunglasses. Shibumi was in loose white T-Shirt and pair of grey pants. The kid in the wheelchair was wearing a white, long sleeve shirt with computer board like designs in black across his chest and near the ends of the sleeves. In the kid's lap a large cat with white fur and black strips was sleeping peacefully. Yamachi took of his sunglasses, smiling as he said, "I hope you don't mind, but we brought a present for each of you."

As all the tamers gave each other confused looks as several nameless Hypnos agents came walking up. One of the agents was holding to small packages. Three more agents each carried a single package that was a about twice the size of the first two. The other presents were much larger, all of them having to be wheeled on pushcarts. The final present had to be brought in with a fork lift.

The tamers looked in awe at the presents, wondering what could be contained in each one. Yamachi smiled, motioning toward one of the larger presents as he said, "Well Takato, why don't you start." Takato nodded his head, standing up as he moved towards a large, square box with dark red wrapping paper and a white bow. He read the label, which just said "To: Takato"

Takato then looked over at the present, and began to tear away the wrapping paper. He then began to pry open the cardboard box underneath the wrapping paper. He then looked into the darkness in the box when he saw a pair of bright eyes start glowing. The next thing anyone knew, a large red blur had leapt out of the package and tackled Takato as it screamed in a child like voice, "Takatomon."

Takato opened his eyes, and began to smile widely, "Guilmon." The rest of the tamers began to smile, looking over at Yamachi who just nodded his head. They quickly got up, rushing over to the other boxes. Soon, wrapping paper was flying and boxes were being pried open. Suzie was leaping for joy as she gave Lopmon a huge. Terriermon was already back up to his favorite place on Henry's shoulder, complaining about how he hated the smell of cardboard. Marineangemon was floating about Kenta's head while Kazu was laughing at Guardromon for being brought in by a fork lift. Guilmon was already sniffing around, finding his way over to the table where a few dinner rolls had been left uneaten. Jeri was smiling from ear to ear as she opened her present and pulled a very happy, and as playful as ever, Calumon out of the cramped box. Even Renamon and Rika broke down their usual cool, hard core exteriors and gave each other a warm embrace.

Soon, however, attention began to draw back to a single box that began hopping around, a made voice coming through the cardboard and paper as it shouted, "Hey, let me out of here. You can't have a party without me. I'm the life of the party, badda boom."

Renamon managed to catch the hopping mad present, slicing the bottom open as she held it out in the air. Impmon tumbled out of the box, and hit ground with a resounding thud. Renamon smiled, dropping the now empty present back onto Impmon's head as she said, "Hello Impmon."

Impmon pulled the present off his head, glaring at Renamon as he said, "Couldn't you have gotten me out of that box a little bit more gently."

Renamon nodded her head, "Yes, but what fun would that be."

Impmon blinked a few times, and then growled, "I get no respect." However, it did not take long for Impmon's sour mood to disappear and the party to begin. Yamachi, Shibumi, and Jason watched as the tamers and digimon grabbed some pieces of cake, and began to laugh as they tried there best at the Karaoke machine.

Kazu and Kenta soon came over, and dragged Yamachi and Shibumi up to the stage, Kazu smiling as he said, "Come on you two, loosen up and enjoy the party."

Jason was happy Kazu and Kenta had ignored him. He sat there smiling, watching the amount of happiness on the tamers and digimon's faces. He was actually surprised when Rika and Renamon walked over to where he was sitting. Rika stopped a few feet in front of Jason and asked, "I don't remember seeing you at Hypnos. Why you hanging around with Yamachi?"

Jason shrugged his shoulders a bit, "Just seeing the benefit of hard work and dedication."

Renamon looked down at Jason's lap and asked, "Is that a digimon?"

Jason nodded his head, "Yes. He was, for lack of a better turn, our Ginny Pig for the stabilization program. We had pulled him out of the digital world just before a SkullGreymon could destroy him. He could go back to the digital world anytime, but he decided to hang around."

Rika smiled a bit, "So, does Mr. Wheelchair have a name."

Jason chuckled a bit and said, "My name is Jason, and this it Tijgmon."

"I'm Rika and I would assume you have already met Renamon."

Jason nodded his head. Rika then turned back, and watch as Yamachi finally agreed to sing one song. She looked back at Jason and said, "Come on. Seeing Yamachi sing is a once in a life time opportunity."

Jason shook his head, "No, I can hear just fine from here. Besides, I think Tijgmon and I need to be going."

Rika nodded her head, "Okay. See you around." Jason smiled, saying good-bye before he turned and began to push himself back, along the park paths, to the Hypnos building.

Just as they were leaving Tijgmon opened one eye and said, "Why don't you want to stay at the party."

Jason kept his eyes on the path ahead, but sighed as he said, "Because the battery on this small computer is running down, and you know what will happen if I let it die." Jason sighed again, glancing back at the party as he said, "Besides, I don't think I am cut out for such group activities."

"Why's that."

Jason smiled, looking down at Tijgmon, "I have spent most my life alone in a hospital bed, my only friend the computer that was hooked to my brain. I never really had a chance to learn how to talk to people."


"Yes Tijgmon."

"Am I your friend?"

Jason blinked a few times, then nodded to Tijgmon, "You are the first friend I have ever had. The only one I have ever had." With that, Jason rolled his wheelchair past a tree, the party disappearing from view.

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