Chapter 19

A Journey's End

Takato reached for his digivice, holding it up as he waited for the screen to identify the digimon. The other tamers looked over Takato's shoulder, each waiting as the device quietly hummed. Then, the hologram screen began to rise up and the digimon's data was displayed. Takato swallowed, his mouth becoming dry as he read the data.

"A digimon of great spiritual power, Sakuyamon in her higher level, Miko Mode. She has three special attacks, each one a powerful force to be reckoned with. Her first attack is Spiritual Arrow, a shot of pure spiritual power meant to hurt those with evil in their hearts. Next is the Arrow of Sealing, meant to lock away a digimon's special attacks for at least twenty four hours. The final attack is flight of the Soul Collectors where Sakuyamon launched a group of serpent like creatures to pull data directly from her living opponent. Sakuyamon, Miko Mode, has a fatal weakness. The level can only be maintained as long as the soul collectors are able to add data to their master's form. If left without fresh data for to long, Sakuyamon will revert to her lower form and be severally weakened."

Zhuqiaomon growled, slowly rising into the air until he was at eye level with Sakuyamon, "I know you, you are the form Renamon and her tamer reach when they biomerge. I was sure Renamon would be dead or completely corrupted with evil by now, but apparently I have underestimated both of you. No matter, I now get the pleasure of destroying all the tamers in one fell swoop."

Sakuyamon remained still, setting the tip of her bow down on the ground. Around her a bright blue glow surged upward, the ghostly Soul Collectors flying up into the air. Zhuqiaomon back away, the strange creatures moving towards him. They began to circle his wings, bits of data flying from his body and into small spheres the Soul Collectors were carrying.

Zhuqiaomon cringed in pain, trying to knock the Soul Collectors away. Still, several of the Soul Collectors were able to escape and return to Sakuyamon, dropping Zhuqiaomon's data into her. Sakuyamon took a deep breath, reaching into her quiver of arrows and picking out another arrow. She set the arrow on the bow string, lining up another shot as she pulled the string tighter.

With a resounding snap the bow launched the arrow forward, a blue aura surrounding the latest shot as it struck Zhuqiaomon. Around the phoenix digimon a huge circular design appeared, bolts of lightning surging across Zhuqiaomon's body and sealing away his special attacks.

Zhuqiaomon fell to the ground, his body wracked with pain. Still, the sovereign did not give up. He rose to his feet, flapping his wings as he took flight. Sakuyamon remained in her place on the top of the windmill as Zhuqiaomon began to fly at her, his claw held forward, "If I can't burn you with my fire, then I'll ripe you to shreds with my bear claws."

Sakuyamon ducked to the left, letting Zhuqiaomon fly overhead. The sovereign phoenix turned in the air, making a large turn as he charged at Sakuyamon again. This time, Sakuyamon stayed in place as she held her bow at the ready. Zhuqiaomon came straight at the Miko digimon, his jaw opened wide.

At the last moment, Sakuyamon lifted her bow and filled it with her spiritual power. Zhuqiaomon ran into the bow, the spiritual power bringing the phoenix digimon to a full halt. It was like he had hit a solid brick wall in the air, falling to the ground and kicking up could of dust into the air.

Sakuyamon walked to the edge, looking over the edge when a pillar of fire rose up, setting the sky above Peradium a blaze, "I am a sovereign digimon. Do you think such weak attacks will keep me down? It is the law of the digital world, only the power of Azulongmon could defeat me, and he fights with me against this abomination of the digital world. Come Azulongmon; defeat Sakuyamon for me with your lightning."

From a distance, a roar surged out followed by the clash of thunder. Sakuyamon looked over her shoulder, her hand already reaching for another arrow as Azulongmon pulled away from the Trident, and came charging at Sakuyamon. The tamers watched in fear as the digital Miko stood perfectly still, even as the Chinese dragon sovereign drew closer and closer.

Azulongmon came at Sakuyamon with the chains around his body flailing. With a great crash, the Chinese dragon of the north destroyed the roof of the windmill. The other tamers flinched, searching the clouds of dust around the windmills top for Sakuyamon. They then spotted her, running along Azulongmon's back as the sovereign digimon came plowing out of the smoke.

Lightning rained down from the sky, each bolt trying to strike at Sakuyamon as she ran the length of Azulongmon's body, heading for his head. Sakuyamon's eyes, though hidden behind the golden mask, searched. She already knew it was there, just finding its exact location.

Sakuyamon then saw it, a piece of green and purple flesh hidden in underneath Azulongmon's helmet. From her quiver Sakuyamon pulled an arrow, dropping to one knee before letting the arrow fly. The spiritual energy cut through the air, the pink energy spilling from the arrows tip until it hit its target.

A cry of pain went out into the air, and Azulongmon froze in the air. From under his mask, a body slowly turned over and fell off. As the figure fell through the air, the ground drawing closer and closer, the tamers recognized it as Parasimon, a digital parasite that could take control of other digimon.

Azulongmon shook his head, his eyes blinking as he asked, "What…what's happening. Last thing I remember is going to Zhuqiaomon's crystal castle."

"You have been under the control of a Parasimon." Sakuyamon said coolly, lowering her bow as she looked Azulongmon straight in the eye. "Zhuqiaomon has been using it to control you, forcing you attack Peradium and its master."

Azulongmon's eyes widened, his gaze shifting over to Zhuqiaomon, "What! Zhuqiaomon I will not stand for being manipulated. You have broken the code of the sovereign digimon, and you will be punished for your transgressions."

Zhuqiaomon quickly took off, flying away from the city with Azulongmon taking chase. Soon, the two sovereign digimon had disappeared into the sky, leaving the city of Peradium in shambles.

The others tamers ran up as Sakuyamon slowly fell to the ground, turning into a figure of pure light before breaking into Rika and Renamon. Renamon gently took Rika in her arms, landing with a ninja's grace before letting the firry haired tamer down.

The others stopped a few feet in front of Rika, all smiling as Henry said, "You two had us really worried, what happened after we left the castle?"

Rika shrugged, "I don't really know myself. I just remember holding onto Renamon as the last of her body slowly disappeared. I heard my digivice going off, but it was a mixture of beeps and static. I closed my eyes, and the next thing I knew I had biomerged with Renamon. I knew something was different, I felt so calm, so collected."

"Yes", Renamon added, "It was a very strange feeling when we were in Miko mode. Then again, I have heard it said before that a truly calm mind, one left in pure peace, can conquer anything."

"Were just glad you are all right, both of you." Jeri said as she glanced up at Leamon, who was nodding her head in agreement. The other tamers nodded, all happy to see Renamon standing there rather then data on the wind.

Tijgmon slowly walked forward, bowing his head as he said, "Renamon, I wish to ask for your forgiveness. I did not wish to attack you back in the castle, but…"

Renamon smiled, kneeling down as she gently patted Tijgmon on the head, "It is all right, there is no reason for you to apologize. I would have rather died then hurt Rika, and you made sure that I would not have that blood on my hands, that pain on my heart."

Tijgmon smiled, starting to purr as Renamon scratched a spot behind his ear. Renamon then slowly stood up, looking at the other as she asked, "Now, where is Jason?"

The other tamers looked at each other, each baring a blank look on their faces. They did not know what had happened to Jason, or if he was even still alive. Still, they did know one thing, and the whole group began to walk through the city, and towards the altar of miracles.

Every digimon in Peradium stood in the altar's courtyard, their eyes fixed on the pillar where the blue flame, the sign of Jason's power and protection, had once burned bright. Now, the flame was gone, and so were the miracles that had once decorated the shrine like great, miniature worlds.

A single digimon turned, a small Agumon who was standing at the back of the group. He saw the tamers coming up, and gently tapped a nearby mega on his leg. Soon, the entire crowd of digimon had turned their attention to the tamers, making a path to the center of the altar.

The tamers paused, all of them looking up at the torch. For a few minutes, no one did anything, and then Takato slowly began to step forward. Before he could take a single step, Henry had reached out and took hold of his shoulder. Takato looked back, and saw Henry shaking his head. Takato quickly understood, his eyes drifting over to Renamon as she began to walk towards the pillar where the blue fire had once burned.

Renamon walked slowly, all the digimon of Peradium watching as Renamon drew closer and closer to the stairs that lead up to the main torch. Renamon herself did not notice any of the digimon, her world narrowing to just the ground in front of her and the torch itself.

At the foot of the stairs stood an Angewomon, the same one that had once called Renamon and the other tamers and digimon partner's spies of the sovereign. She stood in front of Renamon, blocking her path for a few moments before asking, "I have made sure that no one has gone up to the torch since the master fought with Zhuqiaomon. I felt, well, that you should be the one to find out what has become of our master. The entire now knows of our master's true nature, Zhuqiaomon speaking it out before the gates before attacking the master. Still, I believe that I speak for the city when I say, we don't care what Jason is or was. He gave us a home, he gave us protection, and he put us before himself."

Renamon nodded, "Thank you Angewomon, I appreciate it."

Angewomon forced a smile, stepping to one side and bowing her head. Renamon moved past Angewomon, taking each step of the stairs one at a time. For a while, Renamon felt like the stairs would never end. That they would just continue one endlessly, and then her foot finally fell on the top step.

Renamon looked over at the torch's basin, remembering the warm, blue fire that had once burned their. She then stepped forward, her eyes becoming level with the edge of the basin. Renamon looked down into the basin, her eyes drifting across the pristine what stone. In the center of the basin, a mass of black hair laid motionless.

Renamon gasped, quickly pulling herself up and sliding down the edge of the basin as she called out, "Jason." Renamon reached the bottom of the basin, kneeling down beside the mass of black hair. That is all she could see of Jason, his hair covering every part of his body. Renamon was relieved to see Jason wasn't still a giant pair of hands, but still it only made her wonder. Why had Jason returned to normal, could it be a sign that he was dead?

Renamon remained still for several minutes, her hands hovering over Jason's back as she debated. Did she want to know, could she bear to face the world if Jason was truly gone. Finally, Renamon got the courage to slowly lower her hands down, her paws resting on his hair. Renamon lowered her head, her hands unable to feel the movement of lungs or the beat of a heart.

Renamon closed her eyes, tears beginning to roll down the digital vixen's checks. She should have known; how else could it have ended? She had given Zhuqiaomon everything he needed to kill Jason, and he had completed his dark task. Renamon slowly bent over, resting her hair on Jason's back as she whispered, "I am sorry Jason. You trusted me with your deepest secret, the knowledge of your weakness, and I couldn't keep it from Zhuqiaomon. I pray for your forgiveness, though I do not deserve such kindness."

"Oh…I wouldn't say that."

Renamon jumped, her eyes drifting to Jason's head as movement began to appear from beneath the blanket of black hair. Slowly, Jason raised himself up, a great groan escaping his chest as he got onto his hands and knees. With a gentle tilt backward, Jason managed to lie his back down on the side of the torch's basin.

Renamon stared at Jason, a smile slowly spreading on her face as she looked over Jason. Without warning, Renamon moved forward, taking Jason's head in her hands and pressing her lips against his. Jason, though a little surprised, did not protest as he began to return Renamon's sign of affection.

When Renamon finally pulled her head away from Jason's, both of them had a wide smile on their face. Jason slowly sat up, finding his strength returning as he said, "Renamon, Zhuqiaomon told me how he got my secret from you. In my eyes, it was WickRenamon that told him of my weakness, not you. Still, if you seek my forgiveness, then I willingly present it now, if you will do one thing for me."

"I'll do anything Jason."

Jason smiled, forcing himself up again as he asked, "Please, kiss me again. That is enough payment to forgive a hundred sinners and make them as pure as angles." Renamon smiled, a gentle blush crossing her face as she leaned forward again. Renamon's lips touched Jason's, this time a kiss both wanted, expected, and carried with it far more feeling. The first had been on impulse, a sign of Renamon's relief that Jason was all right. This one was different, a sign of something greater between the two.

Renamon had been down in the torch's basin for several minutes, and the crowd below was beginning to fear the worse when one of them saw something. A white furred paw held the edge of the basin, and then Renamon appeared over the edge. She set her feet down outside the basin, turning back as she held her hand inside.

The crowd watched, and began to cheer someone took hold of Renamon's outstretched paw. With slight pull Renamon pulled Jason from the torch's basin, helping him down to the altar's roof. The crowd began to cheer when Jason managed to stand under his own power, looking out over the city. He was dressed in the same clothes, a white long sleeve shirt and black pants that he had been in during the fight with the D-Hades.

The crowd of digimon below cheered; the tamers and their digimon partners rushing forward. The first to get up the stairs was Tijgmon, who leapt up into Jason's chest with a huge smile on his face. The other quickly followed, swarming over both Jason and Renamon.

A few days later, the Trident sat waiting outside the city walls. A gentle plum came out of its chimney, Axel watching from the cab as the tamers and digimon partners slowly walked out of the city. A few digimon came out to bid the tamers fair well, but most were busy repairing the city. Even without Jason there, the digimon of Peradium saw that the city was the best place to live in the digital world to live. Even if it took a little more work then before, Peradium would return, and be better then ever.

Jason stood in front of the city gates, looking up at the two digimon he had decided to leave in control of Peradium. It was the Seraphimon and Apocalymon that had come to Peradium as eggs, hitchhikers with on the Trident. The two had been warring for years, but Jason saw that sometimes it took some evil to do what was necessary. So, a powerful force of evil and a great warrior of good were the perfect pair to rule. They would keep each other in check, keeping balance in Peradium.

Jason smiled at the two digimon, holding out his hand as he said, "Well, I have to get going you two."

Seraphimon took Jason's hand, shaking it as he said, "Don't worry Master Jason, we will do everything we can to make sure Peradium survives for years into the future."

Apocalymon nodded, "Yes, I even promise to try and work with Seraphimon, and try to do some good in the city. It is the least I can do after you took in the many viruses that once fought under my command, and gave them a second chance at life."

"It was nothing." Jason replied, turning as he waved goodbye. A few steps away Tijgmon sat, waiting as Jason came up. The tiger cup jumped up, coming to land in Jason's arms. Jason fell back a bit, chuckling as he asked, "Well, are you ready to go back to the real world Tijgmon."

Tijgmon smiled, nodding his head before Jason continued to walk towards the Trident. The other tamers were all onboard, waiting in their rooms for Jason and Tijgmon. The pair slowly climbed up the steps to the Trident's lounge car, Jason pausing as he looked back. He smiled, the city of Peradium shining in the morning light. The Trident lurched, Axel feeding some loose data packets into the Tridents engine.

The train charged forward, Peradium falling into the distance and disappearing on the horizon. Jason carried Tijgmon into the lounge car, letting the tiger cub digimon down before sitting down in one of the chairs. Jason watched the scenery passing, his hand gently playing with a few strands of his hair.

"Hey you." A voice said from the rear of the car. Jason looked up, a little surprised to see Renamon standing in the door that led to the back of the train. The vixen digimon smiled, walking forward as she asked, "How are you feeling?"

Jason smiled, shrugging his shoulders, "Well, a lot better then I was last night, but that's Leamon's medicine for you. I swear, if it was at all possible, that digimon could bring someone back to life."

Renamon nodded, taking a seat beside Jason, "Yeah, well right now I am just glad to finally have you back." The two smiled, Jason gently putting his hand around Renamon's shoulder as they both looked out the window on the far side of the car, watching the scenery roll by. As they sat their, Renamon's free hand began to gently twirl itself in a few strands of Jason's hair.

Jason laughed a bit, looking down at Renamon's paw as he asked, "You know, I was thinking about getting my hair cut. Without those ghastly wires to hide I don't see a point of keeping it this long."

Renamon looked over at Jason, blushing a little bit, "Well, could you keep it like this. I kind of like it this long; it reminds me of those nights we spent on the roof of Hypnos."

Jason smiled, leaning over as he said, "Well, that settles it then. It looks like this mass of hair is staying right where it is." With that Jason leaned over, and gently pecked Renamon on the lips. Tijgmon, who had been watching from a seat on the far side of the car, slowly stood up and made his way to the back. With a final glance back Tijgmon went into the bedroom cars.

Time does not pause, and soon six months had passed in the real world. The tamers had made it back, and things had returned to a sense of normalcy for about five months. Then, the tamers, their partners, and all their families were in a panic again. Even Yamachi was busy, his hand quickly opening and shutting the lid of his silver lighter as he waited.

Yamachi's cell-phone rang, making the head of Hypnos quickly pull it out and place it to his ear, "Status Report."

"Sir, everything is in place for the operation. All staff is ready and no unauthorized personal have been allowed in the building."

Yamachi nodded, "What about cameras?"

"We have kept all local news reporters out, the only video coming out is being directly monitored by our hired specialists."

"Good, keep me posted until the operation is started, and then we drop into communication silence." Yamachi said before quickly snapping the cell-phone shut and slipping it back into his pocket. He began to look around the building where his plan would unfold, and smile crept onto his lips.

In another part of the structure Kazu, Kenta, MarineAngemon, and Guardromon sat waiting for the operation to get started. Kazu groaned, pulling at the collar of his shirt as he asked, "I wish those guys would just get this started. I hate just sitting here waiting."

"Oh come on Kazu." Guardromon said as he gently set a hand on his tamer's shoulder, "There are some things that just can't be rushed."

Kazu groaned, leaning his head back as he closed his eyes. Kenta and MarineAngemon just laughed, Kazu inability to keep himself occupied a good form of entertainment.

In another part of the building, Jason was standing with a few of Yamachi's hired men. He was standing straight, but he felt like passing out. His heart was racing, his hand playing with a large mass of his hair, a nervous habit he had developed. Still, it was better then biting his nails or something sick like that. The only problem he had is, sometimes, he would accidentally tie his hair into a knot without even noticing it.

In a small room Renamon, Rika, Jeri, Seiko (Rika's Grandmother), and Mukino (Rika's mother), were making the final preparations. Renamon was just as nervous as Jason, she had never been so terrified. It all seemed so simple in the beginning, but now that the operation was about to start, Renamon couldn't stop herself from pacing. Rika, Seiko, and Mukino had each tried to calm Renamon down, but it had all been a fruitless effort. Renamon was nervous, and there was no changing it until the whole the whole mess was done and over with.

Yamachi opened his phone again, listening to his final report before the clock struck ten. He smiled, turning the phone off and putting it away before he walked across the room. He stopped beside one of his Hypnos agents, giving him a gentle nod. The Hypnos understood, turning as he faced his keyboard. He paused a second, looking over the keys as his eyes dirtied up to the piece of paper in front of his eyes. Then, he set his hands on the keys, pushing a few down as he began to count the time in his head.

Jason froze, his ears picking up a sound in the air that meant the operation was starting. The sound echoed through the grand hall, the many people and guest quickly recognizing the melody in the air, The Wedding March.

Every one in the hall turned in their seats, the church pews groaning under Guardromon's weight. The doors at the end of the hall opened, and a procession of eight people began to slowly walk out. The pair in the lead was Rika, dressed in a deep sapphire blue dress and her hair in its usual bun. Beside her walked Henry dressed in a formal tuxedo. The next pair to follow was Jeri and Takato, dressed in the exactly same attire. The next two was Mukino and Rika's father, the first time the pair had been together in a few years.

The final pair was Seiko and an old man. The old man, however, meant more to Jason then anyone could imagine. It was his grandfather, the one part of his family that had not just forgotten about him, leaving him to live his life in a hospital bed. He had come to Yamachi after reading Jason's name in the New York Times, and begged to be taken to Jason. It was a truly emotional moment when the two saw each other for the first time since Jason was a toddler.

The procession of eight people reached the front of the hall, splitting apart with the women on one side and men on the other as two more figures began to walk down the aisle. One was the flower girl, or more appropriately the flower women. Leamon, though a little large for the roll, had agreed to take on the not so essential role.

The other figure, the ring bearer, was SaberTijgmon, Tijgmon's champion level. The two feline family digimon walked up to the front of the room, taking their place in front of the hall. Jason swallowed; his heart feeling like it was going to explode. The rest of the hall was filled with smiles, a few tears streaming down the cheek of Jason's grandfather as one final figure began to walk down the aisle.

It had been an interesting decision deciding on the style of wedding. Still, in the end it was decided to have an American style wedding, more because Renamon didn't really care and Jason was of American decent. That led to a very interesting search for a wedding dress, but one that had been completed. Renamon now walked down the aisle of the church, her body clad in the elegant white dress and a bouquet of yellow roses held in her hands.

Jason's suddenly felt his heart skip a beat, his nervous energy disappearing at the sight of his love. He had been worried if they were doing the right thing, if they should have waited longer. Now, all those worries were quickly silenced. The sight of Renamon in her wedding dress was enough to convince Jason that they were doing the right thing.

Renamon stepped up beside Jason, a broad smile hidden under her veil as they pair turned to face the pastor of the church, a old friend of Yamachi's that had agreed to perform the marriage, though it had taken a lot of convincing. The pastor cleared his throat, opening looking over the church as he began to ceremony.

"We have gathered here today to witness the union of this man, and this…uhh…woman in holy matrimony. If anyone has a reason that these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace."

The church was silent, and the pastor couldn't help but let a smile crawl onto his face as he continued, "Very good. Now, Jason, please turn to face Renamon and recite your vows."

Jason a smiled, doing as the pastor asked as he gently took Renamon's paws into his hands, "In your hands I place my heart, and in your eyes I see my future. As long as breath lives in my lung, my love for you will live in my heart. I vow to never let this fire of passion die, to carry my love for you for all to see. I promise, through both the good and bad times, that my love will endure."

The pastor nodded, turning to Renamon as he said, "Now you dear."

Renamon nodded, looking up into Jason's eyes, "My love for you is a diamond buried deep in my heart. There it will remain, and there it will endure everything that would try to destroy it. The bond I share with you can never be broken, even in death. Like the purest of jewels, my devotion to you will never falter. I promise, that no matter what happens, I will stand beside you, and we can face the world together."

The ceremony continued, the more common rituals passing slowly as the audience watched with pride and joy. Even though Rika would never admit it, a few tears of joy began to stream down her face. She knew Jason would make Renamon the happiest, and also knew that Jason would never dream of taking her away. He had even bought a house just one block away from hers, just so she and Renamon could continue to be tamer and partner.

Then came the big moment. Jason and Renamon faced the pastor. On Jason's finger was a single, golden band while Renamon, because of the size of her finger, wore a bracelet lined with diamonds underneath her armguard. The pastor looked at the two, gently closing his bible as he said, "I now pronounce you husband and wife. Jason, you may kiss the bride."

Jason and Renamon turned to face each other one final time, Jason gently pulling up the veil before leaning in, and sharing the most emotional kiss with the love of his life. The crowd of people watching the ceremony began to clap and cheer, and the silence of the room was finally broken.

Jeri leaned over to Rika, smiling as she asked, "So, how do you think those two are feeling right now."

Rika shook her head, "I can't even imagine."

Jeri nodded, "Neither can I."

The crowd continued to applaud when a bunch of high pitched alarms began to go off. Takato reached into the pocket of his tuxedo, pulling out his digivice and shouted, "A digimon just appeared."

The other tamers nodded their heads, jumping up and running past Jason and Renamon. The other digimon partners followed, but Rika and Tijgmon stopped at the door and shouted back, "Hey, are you two love birds coming or what."

Jason smiled, looking over at Renamon as he pulled out his own digivice, "Well, looks like were going to miss our flight, and there goes the honeymoon too."

Renamon sighed, throwing her bouquet of flowers into the crowd of anxiously waiting ladies as she said, "We can still make the flight. We have to just make this a quick battle."

Jason nodded, looking over at Rika as he said, "Hey, feel like doing this the easy way."

Rika nodded, pulling out her own digivice as she and Jason both called out, "Biomerge activate." A few moments later Sakuyamon and Eclipsemon flew out the church doors, charging across the city where the digimon had bio-emerged.

The End

Author Note: That's it people, this story is done. I hope you all enjoyed it, and hope to hear from you. I am not planning a sequal, but with enough reviews I just might consider it.