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Chapter 1

"Would you stop that!" said Sam as Dean paced back and forth in the hospital room.

"You're going to wear a hole in the floor." Dean stopped and looked at his brother.

Sam was propped up in bed. He was still recovering from the ordeal that they had just been through. The IV was steadily going into Sam's vein. They had been held captive for 10 days in a satanic cult and Dean was more than ready to leave this town behind.

"Well, what's taking the doctor so long?" Dean asked. "He's supposed to come and let us know when you can leave. I want to get the hell out of here."

He started pacing again. When he thought about Sam coming close to death twice, it scared him, and when he thought about how close he had come to killing him, it made him mad. He couldn't wait to get away from here, but Sam had needed to recover. He had been severely dehydrated and on the verge of exhaustion. Dean was glad to see, that even though his brother was still pale, Sam's color was a lot better.

"He needs to come on!" said Dean.

"Would you relax, I'm sure he'll be here soon." answered Sam.

As if on cue the doctor came into the hospital room. He greeted the brothers and walked over to where Sam lay. He checked his vital signs and the IV drip and asked Sam how he was doing.

"I'm a lot better doc, thanks." said Sam.

"Good, you look a lot better." He turned to Dean who was standing at the foot of Sam's bed. "Hello Dean." he said.

"Hey doc, when can we leave?"

"Well, Sam is still a little dehydrated and he needs another day of IV fluids, not to mention another day of rest. I'm going to release him tomorrow."

"That's good." said Dean relieved. "I guess one more night won't hurt."

"That's right." said the doctor. "I want to look you over again also." he said to Dean.

"What? Why? I'm fine." said Dean.

"Just a precaution. You know, you really should have been admitted yourself. You were pretty banged up too. I just want to check and make sure that everything is ok. Come with me. I want to give you one last exam." said the doctor.
"I don't need an exam doc, and I don't want to leave my brother. If you have to, can't you do it in here? We have no secrets." said Dean.

"No, son, I can't, hospital rules, but it will only take a second. I'll have you back here before you know it. Come with me please." he said.

"Ok." said Dean reluctantly. "I'll be back Sammy."

"It's Sam."

Dean looked at the doctor. "He's got a problem with being called Sammy."

"I see." said the doctor as he led Dean down a corridor to a treatment room at the end of a deserted hall.

"In here will be good." he said with a smile as he led Dean inside. "It will only take a minute."

Dean entered the room and went over to sit on the bed. The doctor came over with his stethoscope and listened to Dean's heart.

"Sounds good," he said, "Now lay down on the bed for me, ok."

Dean did as he was told and laid down. The doctor listened to Dean's breathing sounds.

"You know," he said, "you and your brother were very lucky. Not everybody is lucky like that."

The doctor felt all over Dean's body, checking for any abnormalities. He started to get a little rough with his examination and alarm bells started going off in Dean's head.

"Yeah, I know." said Dean as he tried to get up. The doctor pushed him back down on the bed. "Just a minute. I'm almost through. I have to get something. I'll be right back." said the doctor as he walked over to the door.

"I had a brother." he said as he came back over to Dean. "He was killed." He inserted a needle into Dean's arm and injected a drug.

"I'm sorry to hear that." said Dean. "What did you give me?" The doctor didn't answer. "When did your brother die?" asked Dean.

"Almost 2 weeks ago now." said the doctor as he looked down at Dean. "He was shot." he said matter of factly.

"I'm sorry." said Dean. "Listen, can I go back to my brother now. I'm really ok."

Dean got up and sat on the side of the bed. The doctor nodded and Dean stood up. "What was your brother's name?" he asked. "Did he live around here?" Dean started walking toward the door.

"Yes, his name was Cody. He was the deputy of this town."
"What!" said Dean as he whirled around to face the doctor.

He saw something coming at his head, and dodged but he wasn't fast enough. Something crashed against the side of his head and he fell unconscious to the ground.

The doctor stood over him and said, "Now for your brother." Two orderlies came in, picked Dean up and carried him outside to a van. They laid him on the floorboard and tied his hands behind his back. They drove him to a house on the outskirts of town and carried him inside.