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Chapter 27

Sam's hands trembled. He grabbed one of the crutches that the doctor had taken from him, used it to pull himself up, and put it under his arm. The he grabbed the other one. He started out of the house that had been their prison for fourteen days. Pain tortured him with each jolt, draining his strength. Tony and Bryan stood up and slowly walked toward Sam who had leaned against the door. They had to be careful. They recognized post traumatic stress when they saw it.

"Sam," said Tony gently. "He's going to be okay."

Sam looked at Tony and started to fall. Tony caught him, easing him to the ground. "Easy Sam. Take it easy," said Tony. "It's over. You and your brother are going to be fine."

Dizziness swept over Sam again and he thought he might pass out. He tried to get back up but Tony put a hand on his chest, easing him back down. "Stay there, Sam. An ambulance is on the way."

All around them chaos reigned. Radios crackled, thunder boomed, people yelled and ran past them, but Sam didn't hear any of it.

"Is he ok?" asked Bryan.

"No." said Tony. "He's going into shock." He took off his jacket and covered Sam up with it. "Stay with me, Sam. An ambulance is coming," he said as he heard the sirens approach. The paramedics jumped out and got to work. Two went in to where Dean was and two stayed with Sam as they stabilized them. They loaded both brothers into the ambulance and rushed them to the hospital where a medical team was waiting.

Both of the brothers were treated for dehydration and malnutrition. They had pumped the poison out of Dean's system and bandaged the wounds on his leg, side and hand. They also treated him for a severe concussion. Dean ended up having to get seven units of blood but finally after about 24 hours, they were both in a room together resting.

Tony and Bryan came into the room. "Hey guys," they said.

Sam and Dean said hey.

"How are you doing?" Bryan asked.

"A whole lot better thanks to you two," said Dean. "You saved our lives."

"Well, Sam here saved ours," said Tony as he looked at Sam.

"You okay Sam?" Tony asked.

"Yeah, I'm okay," Sam said, grinning.

"So, hitting on any nurses yet?" asked Bryan.

Dean grinned. "I'm trying, but geek boy over here isn't interested."

Sam rolled his eyes at his brother and said, "You know Dean, I am getting a little tired of all the name calling. I just saved your ass. Now listen, I'm gonna make a bet with you."

"A bet, huh," said Dean.

"Yes, I bet that the next good looking nurse that comes through that door is going to fall for me and not you. If she does, you have to stop calling me geek boy and Sammy and call me by my name. It's Sam."
"Hah, it will never happen!" said Dean. "It's a bet." As if on cue, a pretty red headed nurse came into the room and walked over to Dean, who smirked at his brother.

"Oh man!" said Sam as he grabbed his head.

"Sam!" Dean said, instantly worried. "What is it?" Tony and Bryan just looked at him.

"My head, it's killing me all of a sudden man," said Sam. "Oh God!"

"Sam!" said Dean, his worry turning into fear. The nurse rushed over to Sam. "What is it?" she asked.

"Come closer," Sam replied and he whispered something in her ear.

"Oh," she said as she moved back and looked at Sam. "Let me make it better." She bent down, kissing Sam hard on the lips, and then she turned to Dean and grinned.

"Your brother is a very good kisser, Dean. Does your head feel better now, Sam?" she asked.

"Oh yeah," said Sam. "It's great now." Dean just looked at him as Sam grinned. Tony and Bryan started to laugh. Dean continued to stare at his brother.

"I won the bet, Dean," Sam grinned triumphantly.

Dean nodded his head. "Payback is hell. Man," he told his brother. Then he grinned at Sam. "Geek boy." he said.

"Jerk," said Sam and grinned back.

The end