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Chapter One:

All I wanted to do was borrow a book.

Well, I just wanted my book back. Harry had borrowed it the night before and I suddenly realised I needed it just for my conclusion in one of my essays.

I arrived up in his dormitory to hear (and see) something rather… scarring… and oddly amusing.

She could hear some sort of odd groaning coming from Harry's bed and said, "Harry, are you okay?"

She heard him gasp suddenly and say very quickly in a tensed voice, "I'm fine Hermione! Just a little busy!"

"You sound like you're in pain," she said worriedly, crossing the room to his bed. Her fingers enclosed around the closed hangings and tugged them aside.

"Hermione!" Harry exclaimed, covering his lower body up as she looked down at him.

"Oh God," she muttered, immediately turning away and covering her mouth with a hand. "I'm so sorry Harry," she squeaked, still turned away. "I'll just leave."

And with that, she rushed out of the room and towards her dorm.

When she arrived back in her dorm, she ran straight to her bed, sat down, and started to… laugh hysterically. She just laughed and laughed and laughed. Lying back on her bed, her tears of laughter ran down her head to her pillow.

"Oh God," she exclaimed, gazing up at the canopy of her bed and giggling softly. 'Oh Harry,' she thought to herself, 'you poor boy.'

She lay there for a while longer, giggling a little harder every so often and closing her eyes. Each time she closed her eyes she saw Harry quickly covering himself up and she just couldn't help but laugh at the thought of him… pleasuring himself like that. Of course, she knew he was a boy and most teenage boys did feel that need to pleasure them like that, but she never really expected to find Harry doing that to himself.

As she began to calm down and wiped her tears away, she sat up and looked down at her own lap thoughtfully.

'How on earth would I feel if Harry had just walked in on me doing that?'

Her stomach dipped and she began to feel slightly sick, "Oh that was mean of me," she whispered, closing her eyes and leaning back on her pillows. 'How on earth am I going to say sorry to him?' she thought to herself, biting her bottom lip.

She lay there for a while, going over scenario after scenario of how she would say sorry in her head, deeming each one to be completely hopeless and not worthy. Finally, after at least an hour of trying to come up with a master plan of saying sorry to him, she just gave up and changed into her pyjamas.

'I suppose I can just say sorry if he ever looks at me in the eye again,' she thought to herself. 'Yes, that's what I'll do. Why did I waste an hour of my life wondering how I was going to say sorry?' she thought incredulously.

"Because I want Harry to not have to feel embarrassed," she said to herself, climbing under her covers. She nodded to herself and slid down in the bed, closing her eyes as her head hit the pillow.

'Everything will be alright.'

When Hermione entered the common room that morning, it was at the same time Ron did.

"Hey Hermione!" he said cheerfully, grinning happily at her. "Want to come to breakfast with me?"

"Sure. Is Harry still up in the dorm?" she asked, glancing up the boys' staircase.

"No, he went down about half an hour ago."

"Did he say anything to you after you went to bed last night?" she asked as they walked through the common room to the portrait hole.

"When I got up there I said goodnight but that's it," Ron said, holding the portrait open for her.

"Thanks. Oh, okay."

"What happened when you went up to see him last night? You didn't come back down to the common room," Ron said, sliding his hands into his robes' pockets.

"Nothing," Hermione said immediately, "I just needed to ask him a question. And I felt tired so I decided to go straight to bed."

"Alright," Ron said, seeming satisfied with her answer.

They arrived in the Great Hall to find Harry sitting alone and eating slowly, looking slightly depressed.

"Hey Harry!" Ron exclaimed happily, sitting down next to him.

"Hey Ron," Harry replied in a dull voice.

"Hi Harry," Hermione said timidly, sitting down opposite him.

"Oh… hi," Harry said, immediately looking down at his plate of toast.

"I'm starving," Ron remarked, grabbing at toast, eggs and sausages.

"You're always starving," Hermione said, trying to lighten Harry's mood. She saw him half-smile and he looked sideways at Ron's quickly filled plate,

"She's right mate. If you're not careful you'll get fat," he remarked, poking Ron's side softly. "See, you're already getting love-handles."

"I am not!" Ron exclaimed, blushing slightly. "It's all muscle."

"Whatever you say," Hermione said, giggling softly at him.

They ate their breakfast quite happily and Hermione almost forgot about what had happened the night before. But as Harry stood up after he'd finished his breakfast and she caught a look of his pants which were pulling slightly at his lap, the memory suddenly jumped forward to the front of her mind, making her look straight back down at her empty plate.

"We have potions first Hermione," Harry told her as he drew his robes around his body.

"Oh, okay," she replied, standing up.

"See you in Charms Ron," Harry said to Ron, who was still sitting at the table since he had a free period first.

"Yeah," Ron said, still stuffing his face with toast.

"I don't know how Luna can find that attractive," Hermione remarked to Harry as they made their way down to the dungeons.

Harry shrugged, "Me either."

There was a small silence and Hermione looked sideways at Harry. He was watching the ground and looking as though he was concentrating very hard. She sighed and decided to break the silence,

"Harry, I'm sorry for last night," she said softly, biting her lip.

"I did tell you I was busy," he said shortly, looking up at her.

"I didn't think you were doing… that," she said reasonably. "I'm really sorry Harry."

He sighed, "I know."

"Are we… okay?" she asked tentatively.

He shrugged, "Sure."

The rest of the trip down to the dungeons was made in silence. Which lead Hermione to believe that they were certainly not okay.

Each time Hermione was near Harry that day, he did not speak to her, unless it was to ask a question about schoolwork. By the end of the day she felt so guilty that her stomach jumped uneasily each time she caught his eye.

At dinner that night Harry quickly finished his dinner and then rushed off, saying that he was tired.

"Okay Hermione, what's up with you two?" Ron asked, watching Harry leave confusedly. He looked back at Hermione and said, "He's hardly said a word to you all day."

Hermione sighed and poked at her food with her fork. "I walked in on him doing something last night."

"Unless he was jacking off I don't see why… oh," Ron said as Hermione threw him an embarrassed and irritated look. Ron chuckled and Hermione glared at him,

"It's not funny."

"I bet you rushed to your room and started laughing."

"Oh be quiet," Hermione snapped. "I shouldn't have told you."

"So he's not talking to you because you saw him touching himself?" Ron asked, ignoring her last comment.

"I suppose," she said, sighing.

Ron smiled knowingly, "Do you know who he was thinking of when he was doing that?"

"No, but…"

"He was thinking of you," Ron interrupted.

"What? How on earth do you know?" Hermione asked incredulously, "Do you do it together?"

Ron snorted and shook his head, "No you sick minded pervert –"

"Oh like you can talk –"

"Hermione be quiet," Ron said, beginning to feel rather impatient with her. "He told me he was having more than friendly feelings for you."

"So I walked in on him… thinking about me?" she asked, her eyes widening.

"I suspect. You said he was doing a lot more than thinking…" Ron said, beginning to smirk.

"Be quiet Ronald!"

Ron chucked again and said, "You should go talk to him about it."

"What am I supposed to say to him?" she asked, glaring at Ron and pushing her almost empty plate away from herself. "I can't just wander up to his room and start talking to him about his 'feelings'."

Ron shrugged, "Well I dunno what you're going to do then. You should go up now though before he starts doing it again."

Hermione rolled her eyes and kicked him under the table, "I'll see you later then."

She tentatively climbed up the boys' staircase, her stomach feeling as though birds were flying freely around in there. As she reached the door to Harry's dorm her hand rested on the doorknob, and she debated with herself on whether or not she should open the door. She listened carefully for a moment, and after hearing nothing suspicious through the door, she opened it.

"Are you in here Harry?" she asked, entering the room and closing the door behind her.

"Yes," came his voice from behind the closed hangings on his bed.

"Can we talk?" she asked, crossing the room to his bed.

Harry sighed and pulled the hangings back for her. He was sitting in his bed and under the covers with a closed book on his lap.

"Were you going to sleep soon?" she asked, noticing he was only in his boxers.

He shrugged, "I thought I might read for a bit."

"Oh… okay."


Hermione sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at her hands. "Is anything ever going to be the same again?" she asked softly, looking up at him.

Harry sighed and climbed out from under the covers and crawled down the bed to sit next to her. "Of course it will be," he said, sliding an arm around her. "My pride is just hurt at the moment."

Hermione smiled slightly and said, "I'm really sorry."

"I know."

"I had no idea."

"I know."

Silence again.

This silence wasn't as awkward as the one before. Harry still had his arm around her shoulders and she glanced down at his lap, which she realised was only covered by the thin material of his boxers. She looked back up at Harry,

"Were you thinking of me?" she asked tentatively.

Harry looked slightly surprised at her question but then looked as though he knew why she asked. "Did you talk to Ron about it?" he asked suspiciously.

She nodded.

"Well I suppose I shouldn't deny it," he said, sighing and removing his arm from her shoulders. "Feel free to leave Hermione. I've resigned myself to knowing you don't –"

Hermione suddenly leant up and pecked his lips softly, moving away as quickly as she'd moved towards him.

"– feel the same way," he finished his sentence in a small daze. He looked down at her, "Did you just –?"

She leant up and kissed him again, lingering for a moment before breaking the kiss and opening her eyes to gaze up into his confused-looking eyes.

"– kiss me?"

Hermione smiled nervously, "I do believe I did."

She moved closer and kissed him again, smiling widely as she felt him respond to the kiss. Her stomach jumped wildly as their tongues touched for the first time, letting out a small moan as she felt him flicker his tongue around hers. She shifted her body across so she could straddle his waist, running her hands up his bare chest and around to the base of his neck. She clutched at his head slightly, tangling her fingers in his hair and laughing softly in the back of her throat as she felt his lower body respond to her touch.

The kiss ended and they rested their foreheads on each other's, breathing a little harder and Hermione glancing down at his lap.

"Sorry," he murmured breathlessly, glaring down at his lower body.

"Don't worry," she said, grinning slightly and sliding off him to stand up. She straightened her robes and smoothed her school jumper down over her stomach and said, "Well, I think I should be going to bed Harry."

He nodded, still glaring at his lower body.

She leaned down and tilted his chin up to kiss his lips again, while moving her hand down to the tent he was now pitching in his boxers. He gasped slightly as he felt her fingers move against him and broke the kiss, his eyes flying wide open to gaze into hers.

"Good night Harry," she said in a very soft voice.

"N-night," Harry stuttered, watching her leave the room. He looked back down at himself and grinned. He certainly had a lot more to imagine about that night…

To be continued…