Chapter One "His Confession"

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Warning: Heated Moments, Cursing, Violence, and maybe a Lemon way later on.

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Riza blinked as the early morning sunshine streamed through her white curtains. Black Hayate was at her feet, panting and looking happy. "You're hungry aren't you?" she murmured, pushing the hair away from her face. The little dog yipped, and jumped off the bed, rushing to the door. Riza sighed and threw the covers back, padding over to her bathroom and beginning to brush her hair out. She put it up in its clip, and then washed her face and brushed her teeth quickly.

Black Hayate was scratching at the door as she came out and she opened her bedroom door walking out of it and almost being tripped as he sprang past her and out the doggy door in the kitchen. "I'm guessing he really didn't want to get shot at this morning for going potty in the house again." She said, beginning to make coffee. She took a cup back to her room and got out her uniform, beginning to get dressed.

She put her shoulder holsters on over her brown undershirt, and then put her military shirt on, with all it's small stars, stripes, and one badge, showing the world she was 1st lieutenant. Then she put her hip holsters on, and put her other two guns in. She sat down on her bed and pulled her socks on, and then pulled on her boots, making sure they were polished well. She stood up, and viewed herself in the mirror. "Nobody's gonna mess with me today…" she said smirking as she picked up her coffee cup and went out of her room, shutting the door and walking back into the kitchen.

Black Hayate came racing in and looked up at her expectantly. "Ah yes, food." She smiled, going over to the cupboard and scooping some dog food into his bowel. She kneeled in front of him with the bowel, and began to daily ritual. "Black Hayate sit." "Black Hayate beg." And as soon as he did what he was told, she set his dog food down and he rushed forward. "Now you be a good boy when I'm gone, and go potty outside." Riza said, setting her cup in the sink and grabbing her brown trench coat before walking out the door and locking it.

"Don't call me small!" Edward Elric yelled as Roy Mustang laughed. "Be quiet Edward. I wasn't calling you small, I was calling you a pipsqueak." Roy said, leaning against a desk. "You were insinuating it you bastard!" Edward yelled furiously. "Brother calm down!" Alphonse said, sweeping his golden hair back.

Riza heard all this before she gracefully swept into the office, taking her trench coat off and hanging it on the coat rack. The two continued to argue, and Breda, havoc, Falman, Fuery, and Alphonse continued to watch. She shook her head and went to her desk, looking through the files to make sure all of yesterday's work was finished. It was, and today's work hadn't even been started on. The lazy bastards. She took her 45 caliber out of its holster at her hip and shot right between the two fighting men.

"Enough is enough. General, with all due respect sir, you have paperwork to get to, and Fullmetal you have a report to give. I want both done before lunch, now all of you get to work." Riza said coolly, passing out paperwork for everyone but the two brothers to do. All the men but Roy moaned and started doing their work immediately. She went into the General's office after the General and Edward themselves, and set the paperwork down on his desk and left as Fullmetal began to give his report.

She went back and sat down at her desk as somebody knocked at the door. "Come in." she called, standing up quickly at attention incase it was someone of higher rank than her. Two young girls walked in, each carrying a manila folder with them and look apprehensive. "Can I help you?" Riza asked kindly, looking over them swiftly. One girl was a medium height longhaired blonde with startling green eyes, and the other was a about as tall as Edward, and had waist length red hair.

"Yes ma'ma…we were sent here on orders to see Brigadier General Mustang. We're supposed to be working under him…" The blonde said in a small voice. She couldn't be more than 16 years old. "I see. Right this way girls. Havoc, whatever you're thinking no. And what did I tell you about smoking more than 4 in a row?" Riza said sharply, turning to Jean Havoc quickly. "Sorry Lieutenant." He said, taking the cigarette out of his mouth and getting back to work.

Riza nodded to the girls and they began to follow her as she went into a back room. She knocked softly on a ornate looking door and stepped in, saluting. "Company, sir. It's important." Riza said, stepping in fully, and then to the side to let the two girls in. Roy frowned for a spilt second before raising an eyebrow. "Can I help you ladies?" he said. "We were order to come and give you these…the lady said everything you needed to know was in the folders…" the red head said, handing him the two manila folders.

He took them, and opened one, and began to read through it swiftly. He did the same thing with the other one. His forehead creased as he finished reading the second one and picked up the phone, dialing a number.

"Johnson! You never told me I was getting new people! In fact, you did it without my permission!" he barked into the phone. He waited a few minutes as the other person talked quickly. "They're still debating on a new Fuhrer, and yet they are giving me new people?" Roy said, looking slightly mad. After another few minutes he slammed the phone down, looking aggravated.

"You should go easier on the phone, sir. I don't think Armstrong wants to replace another one." Hawkeye said coolly. "Hawkeye…show them around till I can decide what to do…" Roy said picking up the files again. "Yes, sir." Riza said walking out of the room, the girls following after her.

"What are you going to do with them?" Edward asked, sitting back in the couch, looking smug. "I'm going to put them out on mission with you and Alphonse." Roy said, smirking. Ed jumped up quickly. "No way! You're sticking us with those stick figures?" Ed whined. "Live with it Edward. Now that your report is done, why don't we go introduce them to their new caretaker?" Roy said, standing up and going out the door. Edward followed after him, grumbling.

"And that's just about all there is in this small office of ours." Riza said, standing at her desk. The two girls nodded and spun around as a door banged open down the small hallway and the General came out, looking happier than their earlier meeting. Hawkeye immediately straightened up, as did the others, and they all saluted. "At ease people." Roy said, stepping in front of the room.

"Now. We have two new Alchemists joining our happy little unit. Amaya Mitsu and Eve Sedgwick. They will be going on mission with Edward and Alphonse from now on." Roy stated clearly, pushing Ed forward, and he looked like he had steam coming at of his ears. "Hello…" he muttered, looking down at the floor. "Hello Elric…" Amaya said, raising an eyebrow. "Uh…Hi?" Eve said, blushing. "I'm Al…" Alphonse muttered, stepping beside his brother.

"Well, now that that's over. You can all go out on your first mission together." Roy said, an evil smirk on his face. "What! Don't we get a damn break!" Edward yelled, his brow ticking with irritation. "Nope. I want you guys to go to Ishbal and oversee the reconstruction, and help if you can." Roy said, crossing his arms. "Yes sir…" Edward mumbled, walking out of the office. "See you guys later!" Alphonse said with a smile, and looked over at the girls. "We should get going. Ed doesn't like to be late anywhere. No matter how much he hates running around…" he said, walking ahead of the girls. The shrugged and went after the two boys.

As soon as they left Riza turned to Roy. "Are you sure that was such a wise decision?" she asked him. "Maybe those two girls and tame those two boys. Besides…I don't need more people running around the office and getting in my hair…" Roy explained easily, taking out his silver pocket watch and checking it. "Better go get some of that damn paperwork done…" he muttered, turning and walking to his office. Riza turned sat at her desk, and began to do her job as well.

Around noontime, the lunch bell buzzed through out the compound, telling officers and whoever else was there that it was lunchtime and they were aloud their break time. "Finally!" Havoc said, stamping his cigarette out and rushing out the door. The rest of them left, and Riza took no notice that the Brigadier General hadn't come out of his office. She stood up and stretched, sighed, and began to compile her work into neat piles. She wasn't really hungry, just thirsty.

She jumped as she heard the General's door open and shut with a snap and footsteps come from the small hallway. "What are you still doing here Lieutenant? I thought you would be gone with the rest of them." Roy said with surprise in his voice. "I'm not hungry." Riza said bluntly. Roy smirked. "Neither am I. Just thirsty." He said, putting his hands in his pockets like a schoolboy.

Riza nodded, not knowing what to do. "Look, Riza. I wanted to thank you…for letting me stay at your house while I was recovering from the battle with Pride." Roy said, looking serious. Riza felt her lips tip up in a small smile. "You're welcome sir…it was the least I could do for leaving you alone." She said. "You couldn't help that. They captured you and took you halfway down the road. I'm just thankful you found me in time…" Roy said. "Yes, but I shouldn't have gotten captured." Riza began quickly. Roy stepped closer, a smile gracing his lips. "You did what I told you to Riza. You gave me time to break in there, and I got him. I'm proud of you." Roy said, leaning down and kissing her lips softly before winking and walking out the door.

Riza stood stunned for a minute, before gathering her shattered mind back up and shaking her head. "Its' just another one of his damn games. He needs to go find one of his ditzy brods." She muttered, picking up a few spare coins on her desk, deciding on getting a coke from the coke machine instead of going to the cafeteria.

Ed mumbled incoherent things under his breath as they got on the train. "Is he always like this?" Amaya asked Alphonse, who shook his head quickly. "No. Brother's just been under a lot of strain lately." He answered. "I'm gonna kill that damn bastard." Ed said, throwing himself on the seat. "Yeah, but then we'd all be unemployed Ed boy." Amaya said with a smile. Ed's lips twitched as he tried to smile and the train began to move. "So, how old are you guys?" Al asked the two girls.

"I'm 16." Eve said, pushing some of her shoulder-length blonde hair behind her ear. (it's the same kind of blonde as Riza's) "And I'm 18." Amaya said. "Ed's 18 too, and I'm 17." Al said, looking happy. "That's cool." Eve said, looking around the train. "I wanna get promoted…" Ed said dully. "You'd be an officer…then 3rd lieutenant and so on. And even when you turned 45 you'd probably still be below Brigadier General Mustang." Eve said. "I know that!" Ed snapped. Amaya rolled her eyes, "Gee you don't have to be so mean shorty." She said, clicking her tongue. "DON'T CALL ME SMALL!" he yelled, and to say the least, a big argument broke out.

Riza took his finished paper work and piled it in their out-tray in the hallway for Officer Knot to take later when she made her rounds. She piled the rest of their finished paperwork in there too. She went back in and sat down, sipping her soda. She took out one of her guns and began taking it out and cleaning it. She looked up briefly as the others came tramping back in.

"Hey! We're almost done with our paperwork!" Breda exclaimed. "Take it easy boys, I have a whole other pile over here." Riza said, wiping the gunshot residue off. Havoc groaned and plopped into his chair. "God we'll never be done with it all." He muttered. "You two are such cry babies." Fuery said, pushing up his glasses. "Stupid brainpan." Havoc muttered lighting up. Roy walked in just as Riza fired a shot, busting the cigarette in Havoc's mouth and causing him to look at her in shock.

"What the hell was that for?" He asked her incredulously. "That's, my good friend is your 10th cigarette today, and I said no more than 4, and you were being incredibly rude." Riza said calmly, putting her gun back in its holster. "Gee, looks who on her rag." Breda whispered. Riza's hand went to her hip. "I heard that Heymans. Do you want a bullet through your chair so it falls over under you weight?" she said, raising an eyebrow. "What is your problem woman?" Havoc asked.

"My problem? You want to know my problem?" Riza said bluntly. They all nodded. "My problem is it's 1 in the afternoon. My problem is I haven't slept well in three weeks. My problem is you damn men always slacking off on your work. And you wonder why you never get promoted? I'll tell you why, it's because you're a bunch of lazy bums." Riza said, opening her desk and bringing out a box of bullets. "I'll be at the shooting range. Get your work done by today." Riza said, walking swiftly out of the room.

They all watched her go. "I want to know how she never looses her cool…" Falman said plaintively. "She's a fiery passionate little thing isn't she?" Roy said, still looking at the door. They all raised their eyebrows. "Are you interested in her sir?" Breda asked, his eyes wide. Roy turned to his crew. "That's a rather stupid question Heymans. What man wouldn't be? The woman's got spunk. Fiery spunk. And I like fire." Roy said, walking back to his office.

Havoc looked after the General, his mouth wide open in shock. "Those two are the last people I ever expected to get together!" he gasped. This time…everyone agreed with Fuery. "You stupid ding dong." Falman said, smacking him upside the head. "What? They've never let slip anything!" Havoc said. "Yeah but it's plain to see they long for each other in way none of us could even comprehend." Fuery said, cleaning his glasses.

Riza shot the target head-on, taking out her frustration on it. 'How dare he make me feel out of control…' she thought, hitting the target over and over. She used up the rest of her bullets quickly, and sighed, knowing she had more in the office to re-load with incase anything happened. She picked up the empty box and threw it away, and put the hot handled guns back in their holsters. She began to walk back towards the main building, looking down at the ground. She turned around quickly at the sound of a little girl's voice.

"Miss Hawkeye! Miss Hawkeye!" a 6 year-old Elicia Hughes called, a big grin on her face as she saw a person she knew. Her mother was behind her waving. Riza smiled, and kneeled down, giving the small girl a hug. "Elicia. It's wonderful to see you." Riza said. "Mommy said we had to come visit you and Uncle Mustang today because today was special." Elicia said as her mother came up behind them. "Hello Gracia." Riza said, a small smile on her face.

"Riza, it's wonderful to see you again. Is the General in?" Gracia said, giving Riza a small hug. "Yes he is. Would you like to see him?" Riza asked, nodding her head. "Yes, thank you." Gracia said. "So have how you been getting along?" Riza asked as they began to walk up the stairs to the offices. "Just fine. Little miss here is growing like a weed." Gracia said, picking up her daughter. "That's good." Riza said, turning into a corridor with them and going to the end of it, and opening the door.

"Mrs. Hughes!" the men said, looking up in surprise. "Cool it, and get back to work." Riza said, giving them a look. Gracia laughed and put Elicia down. Riza went over to her desk and opened the door. "Elicia, I think I have something in here for you…" Riza said smiling as she brought out a blue lollypop. Elicia squealed and sat on Riza's desk, whipping the wrapper off and licking it." Elicia, what do we say?" Gracia said, firmly. "Thank you Miss Hawkeye." Elicia said, her tongue already blue.

"Wait right here Mrs. Hughes." Riza said, going down the small hallway to the General's door and entering softly. "Sir, you have visitors." She said as he looked up from his work. "Who is it?" he asked, running a hand through his messy hair. Riza smiled, "Gracia and Elicia Hughes, sir." She said and he smiled, getting up and walking out the door with her.

"Gracia! What a surprise!" Roy said, shaking her hand. "Roy Mustang, how dare you not tell me you got promoted to Brigadier General!" Gracia said smacking his arm lightly. Everyone chuckled. "It must have slipped my mind…" Roy said, putting a hand behind his neck nervously. Elicia slipped off of Riza's desk and hugged his leg. "Hi Uncle Roy!" she said enthuastically. "Well hello there Miss. Do I know you?" Roy said, a twinkle in his eye. Elicia giggled. "It's me! Elicia Hughes!" she giggled again, running around the office.

They talked for a while until Elicia started to fall asleep, and then Gracia decided to take her daughter home for a nap. As soon as the left, Roy looked at his watch. "Almost time for the bell to ring. Everyone pack up…" he said, walking back to his office. Riza looked down at her desk. All of her work was finished. Although she didn't know how…

She sighed as she walked back to her house. The wind was blowing and the air was cold. It was almost wintertime, and there were storms brewing in the distance. She kicked up the fall leaves that had fallen on the ground from the trees that were sparsely planted throughout the city of Central. She walked up to her house and unlocked the door, going inside. Black Hayate came running up just as the phone began ringing.

"Hello?" she said quickly as she picked it up. "So you do pick up your phone Lieutenant." Roy's voice issued from the other line. Her eyes widened, "Yes, yes I just got home…Sir, is something wrong?" she asked, taking her trench coat off. "No, no. I was just calling to talk to you." He said coolly. Oh he was good.

She smiled, "Is there anything in particular you wanted to talk about, sir?" she said, opening her fridge. It was filled with vegetables, fruits, and some meats. "You don't have to call me 'sir' Riza, we're outside of work." He said, a certain tone to his voice. One that made her heart jump. "Right. Roy Mustang, why are you calling me?" she said quickly, pouring herself a glass of apple juice. She loved apple juice.

"Well, Riza Hawkeye, I wanted to ask you something." He said, laughter in his voice. Riza couldn't help but smile. "Well, what is it?" she said, sipping her drink. "I wanted to ask if you would go to dinner with me." Roy said persuasively. Riza nearly spat her apple juice out. "To dinner with…with you?" she said, her eyes as big as dinner plates. "Yes, Riza I believe that's what I said." Roy said coyly.

Riza waited a beat before throwing caution to the winds. "Yes. Yes I'll go out to dinner with you." She said quickly. What the hell? He was hot, she liked him, she was sure he liked her, no harm done right? "Good. It's 6 now, so I'll pick you up at 7?" he asked. "Yes, yes. Seven is good." Riza answered, feeling full of excitement. "Good, I'll see you then." Roy said hanging up his end of the line. Riza hung up her phone, and drank the rest of her juice. Then she did something that was so un-Rizaish. She began to laugh.

She laughed the whole time she was in the shower. The whole time she was brushing out her hair and brushing her teeth, she laughed. The whole time she was dressing up she laughed. The whole time she fed and watered Black Hayate she laughed. But when the doorbell rang, she stopped laughing and looked like a deer caught in the headlights. "Oh god, what am I doing?" she whispered hoarsely as she went to the door.

She opened it, a small smile on her face. Roy pushed himself up off the doorframe. They looked over each other's attire. He wore a light jacket over a nice white shirt and black slacks. She wore a down-to-knee light blue dress with straps and a deep V. Her hair hung at her shoulders. "You look beautiful." Roy was the first comment. She didn't know whither to be sarcastic or blush and tell him to shut the hell up.

"You…you look good too." Riza managed, turning around as she shut the door and looking at Black Hayate, who was panting up at them curiously. "Be good, and potty outside." She said, giving him a look. He barked and pranced off. She shut the door with a snap and locked it. "You sure have him on a short leash." Roy said, offering her his arm. She looked at him suspiciously, gathering her wits. "I better not be one of your one-night stands." She said, raising an eyebrow. He chuckled, putting a hand to his heart. "Riza…would I do that to someone who can shoot me faster than I can raise my hand to snap my fingers?" he said smiling.

She rolled her eyes with a smile, taking his arm. He opened the car door for her and helped her in. "Thank you." She said lightly. He went around and got in on the other side, and began to drive. "So… where are we going?" she asked, looking straight ahead. "Just a little restraunt on the north side of Central. I heard they have some of the best cooks around here working for them." Roy said casually. "Hmm, I think I heard about them…" Riza said, chancing a glance at him.

They drove in silence for a little bit before Roy spoke again. "Riza…the reason I asked you out to dinner, was so I could get to know you better." He confessed. Riza looked over at him…hard. "And why would you want to get to know me better, Roy?" she said, putting emphasis on his name. "So I could date you." Roy said bluntly. Riza's mouth dropped before she pushed it back up and shook her head. "You could be going out with one of your off-the-street women." She said.

"Yes, I could. But I chose to get to know you better and date you." Roy said. "And how do I know you aren't going to dump me like you did the rest of them?" Riza said, cocking her head to the side. "Because I actually LIKE you, Riza. You're full of passion and fire. You have good ambition, too." Roy said. Riza looked at him for a few moments, curious about his motives. "Seems good enough…but if you do end up tossing me to the curve, I'm kicking your ass." She said, crossing her arms. "Deal." Roy laughed, turning a corner.

Dinner was nice to say the least. They talked, and Riza actually talked and laughed a little bit. He enjoyed her company, and told her a little bit about him. But they mostly talked about her. When it came time to order dessert, they were both sharing a menu. And Riza's angel was yelling 'No' but her devil was yelling 'GO FOR IT!' So she listened to her devil side for once.

"I want something with chocolate…" she said, looking past the fruity stuff. "Chocolate sounds good…" Roy said, pointing at a double chocolate cake with whipped cream and peanut butter chips. Riza chuckled, "That's what I was thinking." She said, looking at him. He shrugged his shoulders with a smile. "Great minds think alike." He said. She rolled her eyes with a smile as the waitress came over. He ordered two slices of the good-looking cake, and they were silent for a few moments.

"What do you like to do for fun? Besides torture Edward Elric about height." She asked him. He laughed. "I like to write." He answered truthfully. She gaped at him. "Then how come you hate paperwork!" she said, giving him an evil look. "Because I'd rather be writing a story then writing down what happened during a scuffle in the middle of the lunch room." Roy said. Riza gave him a small smile, "I've written a few times…but I wouldn't really call it my forte. I'd rather be telling it than writing it." She said. "You like to voice your thoughts and opinions too." He said with a smirk. She stuck her tongue out at him.

"Look what I have to work with. Havoc's a chain-smoker, Fuery's to smart for his own good. Falman's an even bigger pervert than you are, and Breda is lazier than anyone in the office combined. And the Elrics are hardly ever around." Riza explained. "Right, that's all very true. But you would do all that anyway. I want to know how you can be so composed and calm all the time?" he asked her, putting his head on his wrist and looking at her. "It's easy…I've had lots of training…" Riza said, not going into detail. Roy didn't push her too either.

"Your cake." The waitress said, putting to plates down and prancing away. "What is it with the servers in here?" Riza said in a low voice. "They all like to prance." She added, biting into her cake. "I don't know…I guess the owner wants them to be all peppy and chipper." Roy said, doing the same. Riza smiled. "This is really rich…" he said, taking a sip of his drink. "It's double chocolate…" Riza said, looking like she was in heaven. He loved that look on her face.

"I had a really good time tonight sir, er…Roy." Riza said as he walked her to her door. "I did too. Your company is enjoyable Riza." He said, looking into her amber eyes. She blushed. 'It's the wine…' she thought quickly. "Would you like to do this again?" he asked her slowly, his hand still on the small of her back. She felt all warm and fuzzy, even though the wind was blowing and the chill had gotten colder.

"You want the truth Mustang?" she said softly, looking right back at him. "Yeah, the truth would be nice Riza…" he said. "I would very much like to do this again…" she said. He leaned in and kissed her softly. She didn't know if it was the cake, the wine, or him making her go crazy, but she lost all her senses as she kissed him back and wrapped her arms around his neck.

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