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It's Just Skin

Sam had rarely felt the kind of terror that was flooding through his senses now. For a few agonizing moments he was sixteen again and the person he trusted most in this world was his biggest threat. He had been nothing but confused and scared then, but as his bearings started returning Sam remembered that it was six years later and this thing wasn't Dean. This wasn't a cursed brother, but a shape shifter. And Sam didn't have to worry about hurting a shape shifter.

Sam waited. He made sure reason overrode the fear, and he just waited. He was complacent, not struggling as the Dean look-a-like dragged him from in front of the chair to the side of the pool table. He stayed still and observant, remembering everything his father and brother taught him, just waiting for his time to strike.

The time came when the shape shifter did something Dean would consider amateur and wouldn't be caught dead doing. One of the first rules of survival: never leave a weapon near your enemy. Sam took the opportunity, wasting no time in evening the odds. Even with his wrists unbound, though, the youngest Winchester had trouble taking on the shape shifter. While it wasn't his brother, it sure did fight like him. He just couldn't get the upper hand.

Falling into the shelves had hurt, but not as much as the shape shifter's words.

Even when we were kids, I always kicked your ass.

It was true. Dean had always had four years on him, and he was bigger. It was when Sam thought about the time Dean hadn't been in control that the words hit home. His big brother, his protector, had definitely kicked his ass then.

Sam shouldn't have let it get the best of him, but he couldn't help it. It brought on too many painful memories and he couldn't help but be distracted. He put up a futile fight which ended with the shape shifter's hands around Sam's throat. Or was it Dean's hands? Sam couldn't tell anymore. He thought Dean had killed him by asphyxia once when he was a teenager and know he was sure Dean was going to succeed this time. Or was it the shape shifter?

It wasn't until he felt Rebecca's warm hand supporting his neck that he realized it was over. Over in a good way. Dean was crouching by the dead shape shifter, his charm necklace twined between his fingers. The look in his eyes assured Sam that it was over.

In the nights to follow Sam would dream. He would wake gasping with the panic that clutched his heart. When Dean would inquire about the nightmares, Sam would lie. He would blame it on seeing his friends from college, saying that it made him remember Jess, and Dean would accept it. Jessica was a tricky subject between the two. A subject that Dean would only tread into when absolutely necessary. Dreams weren't usually a threat to his little brother's life, so Sam could handle it on his own.

The youngest Winchester was perfectly fine with that. The less Dean probed, the less Sam would lie. He hated lying to his brother, but would if he had to. Dean would never find out that his brother's dreams were about him. Sam had worked to hard to let a shape shifter ruin it.

The End

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