This Stevie/Alex fanfic is based on the start of season 5. Kane just left in the last episode of season 4. I choose season 5 cause I simply didn't wanted Fiona in my story.It's my first fanfic ever, so I would like to know if it's worthy writing some more. I'll try to make my English the best I can, but there will always be mistakes I guess. I hope you'll enjoy it!
Disclaimer: Of course none of the characters are mine

Chapter 1: Avoiding Alex

Stevie was lying on her bed. Her face was still a bit red of all the tears that had run down her cheeks these last couple of hours. She hadn't been herself for the last few days, hardly been any productive at the farm and spending a lot of time alone. The girls just let her, though Jodi couldn't resist asking her to lend some earrings for a date she had with Luke that afternoon. Stevie could still slap herself in the head for being so stupid to think Kane would be working for Ray again, and mostly she made a fool of herself in front of everyone else, Tess ... Alex. She sighed deeply, Alex, the lines Kane had said were still circulating through her mind. That it was all about Alex. That she wasn't intending to help Kane, but Alex.

She hadn't spoken to Alex after the incident. She had been hiding whenever she knew he would visit. Not willing to face him, or hear his comments about the whole thing. She needed to get over Kane, get her life on the road, not making any stupid mistakes again and definitely not falling in love again. Love simply wasn't made for her, she concluded.

There was a knock on the door. 'It's me, Tess.' Stevie stood up, not into a hurry at all, and opened the door. 'Well there you are!' Tess said with that well-known smile of her, hoping her positive vibe would give any support to her friend, though she was going through a hard time herself too. 'Diner is ready, wanna come and eat inside?' Stevie hesitated for a moment, but came around. 'Ok.' She sighed, grapping her boots to put on.

The rest had stared a bit strangely at her during diner. It was the first time in days she ate at the diner table. Happily Jodi and Kate got into a useless talk about today's work, which lead the attention away.

Alex was getting a couple of beers out of the fridge, putting them on the table. 'Stevie was at diner today'; Nick dropped the bomb immediately and was curious about his brother's reaction. 'I haven't seen her much these last few days', Dave added. Alex didn't really know what to say, but he figured it would be normal to just get along. 'How's she doing?' Nick shook his head slightly before giving him an answer. 'I'm not sure. Tess says she's having a hard time dealing with Kane leaving again. Maybe you should talk to her?' 'It feels like she's avoiding me. I haven't seen her since that thing with Kane.' Alex took a swong of his beer, trying not to show any more emotion than normal, though it had been bugging him a bit. 'Well, than she probably doesn't want to see you', Dave said, 'and I couldn't disagree. I know how it affects me seeing your face on a daily basis.' Nick grinned. 'Tell me about it.' Alex seemed not very amused. 'You never knew better', he said dryly, looking at his brother. 'Well I know, since I'm living at Drovers.' 'Hey I'm almost visiting Drovers daily.' A second later Alex realized that wasn't the best comment to make.

Dave mumbled thoughtfully: 'Very shady, or you can't live without Nick, or there's another reason'. Dave smirked brightly at his roommate, proud of his own conclusion. 'Oh shut up, I just like seeing more faces than just yours.' 'A face belonging to a curly red head', Nick said softly, knewing it would irritate his older brother. 'Oh funny ... are you referring to Sally!' Alex knew bringing up Sally would make his brother back off. He walked to the kitchen to get some snacks, hoping that would end this discussion. He wasn't keen on these insinuations of his mates. What were they thinking at all? Of course he was worried about Stevie, she was his friend.

It was a couple of days later and Stevie was still avoiding Alex, and somewhere she was proud of the fact she had managed not seeing him at all. She threw herself into working, leaving Tess a bit worried about that. She was working on the fence in the eastern paddock and she was in a hurry cause she promised to help Kate and Jodi with moving the cattle. Totally focused she hadn't heard him approaching her from behind. 'That looks perfect.' Of course she recognized his voice immediately and she was a bit shocked to hear it. She half looked behind her, seeing him stare with a grin on his face. For one sec Alex realized how glad he was seeing her and caught himself staring. 'The fence I mean', he blurted out, hitting himself in the head in his imagination right after. Why on earth did he say that? Stevie smiled softly, saying hi and an uncertain thanks. 'Haven't seen you in a while.' 'Busy', Stevie nodded brief. Ah, so she wasn't into a talk at all. 'Good', he remarked, having an odd silence between them. 'Well', she said, 'I'm pretty much in a hurry, need to move the cattle too.' Stevie looked totally insecure, questioning herself why on earth this felt so weird for the moment. 'I see, well I won't hold you up.' They stared at each other. 'Well .. I better go than.'