You know the end of a movie, well here is mine for my fanfic ;)

Girl do you know what you mean to me?
Or where you come in, in my one-two-threes?
Can you tell what I think when it's you that I see
Or how I might feel?
Isn't there everything I want in you?
An angel, the one that I hold on to
Don't I believe that this feeling is true?
Something real

A reflection of you and me

Dedicated to my favorite episode
99: Trembling on the brink

Stevie Hall
Alex Ryan
Dave Brewer
Kate Manfredi
Jodi Fountain
Tess McLeod-Ryan
Nick Ryan
Meg Fountain
Jasmine McLeod
Terry Dodge
Harry Ryan
And in lovely memory of Claire McLeod

The Corrs – Angel
Dixie Chicks – Cowboy take me away
Rebecca Lavelle – Did I tell you?
The Corrs – Breathless
Declan O'Rourke – No brakes
The Corrs – No more cry
The Corrs – One night
Keith Urban – You look good in my shirt

Isn't there everything I want in you?
An angel, the one that I hold on to
Isn't it you girl I'm trying to move?
Just to prove that I need you

Uncomfortable Kate was standing in the living room at Killarney's cottage. She had no idea what would happen tonight. They both have won the bet, did it meant they both wouldn't do a thing, or ... 'So ...', Dave said, 'what we gonna do? I can't dance so be glad you don't have to watch me'. Kate was thinking the opposite, she would have loved it, though it would have been weird she figured.

Dave saw the look on Kate's face. It showed insecurity and he smiled softly at her to take it away. 'Shall we just end this whole bet thing, it's stupid anyway.' 'Uhm yeah', she said somehow a bit relieved cause this was all too weird. But when see saw him move closer that feeling went away immediately. What was he about to do? 'Maybe we make it all too hard on ourselves', he said softly and his thumb had touched her face. It made Kate freeze, like she couldn't move one muscle in her whole body, well at least her heart was still working ... overtime.

He stared at her and moved closer to kiss her. It was short, but sweet and when she opened her eyes again and saw his comforting smile she kissed him back passionately. 'Wow', Dave uttered. He hadn't expected this from 'sweet Kate'. She looked at him amused and flirtatious. 'Thinking of it maybe you should give it a try with a strip act'. Dave was perplexed but a second later he realized he liked it. 'Don't dare to laugh!' He started to pull of his shirt ...

You're driving my heart girl
You got no brakes

And with this lovely sight I end this fic. I hope you liked it. It has been a pleasure writing this as my first fanfic. Thanks for all your support. I hope to see you at my new fanfic 'Is it any wonder?'