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"Kill me." His voice was firm.

"No." She was just as adamant.

"Kill me!" More forceful.

"I can't…" Denial.

"Do it!" Begging; he didn't know how much longer he could keep control.

"Please, I can't…" Pleading; she had tears in her eyes.

"If you love me, you'll save me." Truth and urgency.

"I'm sorry." She would do it; only for him…

A single shot echoed throughout the halls of the SGC.

"In other news, a Colonel Jack O'Neill of the United States Air Force died this week in a tragic lab accident at NORAD. He has resided in Colorado for the last ten years. No further details have been released at this time about the mysterious explosion that thankfully, killed no others. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Colonel's family. More about this on the Nightly News at ten."

As the program went into commercial, Sam's mind wandered back to the day that the lab explosion that never happened killed her would-be-lover. The day she killed the man of her dreams. A single hot tear cascaded down the Major's face.

His casket was slowly lowered into the harsh earth. Daniel and Teal'c stood on either side of her, ready to lend support and comfort if necessary.

She would not cry.

Sam Carter would be the soldier that Jack O'Neill had always taken pride in. This was her last chance to do right by him. At his funeral, she would be the soldier he expected her to be; she would be the soldier that killed him.

Not a single sound was heard from the Major until later when she was in the privacy of her own home and sobs wracked her body.

Three days. That was how long it had been since she watched the love of her life returned to the earth from which he came. As she stood on the alien soil, she felt sure of her decision. Shouts came from her comrades; they couldn't hold the enemy Goa'uld's forces off for much longer. Light from her fallen flashlight flickered in the dark cave.

There had been an urgent mission. What was left of SG-1 was called upon. They found out the Goa'uld wanted revenge for the death of her beloved. She wanted Sam's blood.

The Major would not let her have the satisfaction.

The smooth metal felt cold under her warm hand. She decided it was fitting. She felt cold, numb. The gun was lifted to her head.

She fired.

The final act Sam Carter did was let herself be the woman she usually couldn't and whisper "Jack…" A single word.

At Samantha Carter's funeral, her friends and family gathered to mourn their loss and celebrate her life. Only two guests knew how she had really died. One was angry; insisted she had taken the coward's way out. One was less likely to be taken over by his emotions and understood her need for release.

The soldier would not let the Goa'uld who had taken her love away take her life away, too. The vile creature had infested O'Neill with her mate. SG-1 had barely managed to get him back to Earth.

Sam had never been too far from the man's side. In the rare moments when the Colonel was able to take control, he asked her to end his pain. She did.

The woman's guilt was unnecessary, but present. She took her own life as a final revenge for Jack. The Goa'uld would never hurt either of them again.

No one outside of the last two members of the original SG-1 would ever know that she wasn't fired at by the enemy; that she did not in fact die defending her planet. Not even General Hammond would know the reason her coffin wasn't filled with her body was to protect their story against the bullet hole in her head; that her body was left on another planet not out of necessity, but choice.

And as the attendees left the gathering, a single red rose was placed by an unknown force seemingly out of nowhere on her descending casket. She never knew he loved her back.