AN: This is going to have many short chapters. It's Coalition, I promise!

The Gatekeepers laughed, for the world was so fickle. The hatred between the two worlds they were watching was ridiculous… but would be a lot of fun to play with…

Annie reached over and pulled two over to one universe, then exchanged them with two others. Basi grinned and wiped their memories. Then, Basi and Annie, the Gatekeepers of Worlds, Time, and much more, leaned back and enjoyed the show…

"Hey. Hey!" The woman looked up at the man who was leaning over her. He looked concerned. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." She frowned. "What is this place?"

The man shrugged. "The middle of nowhere, didn't you know? How'd you end up on Tatooine, anyway?"

She gingerly pulled herself up. "I… don't know," she whispered, trying to remember. "In fact, apart from my name, I don't remember anything." She took a deep breath, hoping to still the panic that grew within her. It barely worked.

"Amnesia?" the man wondered. He sighed. "Either way, you can't just stay out in the middle of the desert. Come back with me, and we'll see what we can do." He stuck out a hand. "Luke Skywalker."

"Kira Nerys." She shook his hand, ignoring the lingering unease that still dwelled in the back of her mind. "Pleased to meet you."