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Transformations Part 4

Four years later...

She didn't even hear him as he crept up behind her and placed a possessive and appreciative hand on her hip, rubbing circles through her thin cotton pants. He really missed seeing her in sexy leather on a regular basis but it was just too damn hot anywhere in Central America for that. Still, he found plenty of ways to test out the delicious curves of her body without those pants he had come to love and expect over the years.

Instead of getting irritated as Dom feared, Letty smiled in delight and turned her head to meet his smoldering eyes that were completely fixed on her. They held each other's gaze for long seconds before Dom leaned in to taste the lips he had been yearning for all day. Damn, it really sucked living with a house full of people sometimes.

She felt so good against his body, like the perfect fit. He used to joke that holding her was like putting in that last piece of a puzzle you've been working on for weeks. There weren't words really to describe the satisfaction of it.

Especially when said body was 7 months pregnant with his child.

Letty was never one to be self-conscious about her body so there had never been the whole I'm-pregnant-and-fat-and-ugly bullshit that he had dreaded. If anything, she was quite aware of what seeing her carrying his child did to him and she teased him accordingly. She was pretty huge he had to admit but her body had filled out in all the right ways as far as he was concerned. And there was also a happy glow to her that he found irresistible.

Their contentment was surprising given all they had been through in the past year. The botched heist aside, they had lived stressful lives before that, trying to keep up with the scene and with each other. While things were never seriously shaky with Letty, it wasn't exactly smooth sailing either. Looking down at the woman in his arms, he thought again of how close he had come to losing it all. But Letty had been right by his side through the thick of it.

No, she definitely wasn't a little girl anymore. She had moved past all the hurt and trauma of her childhood and found something worth moving on for. She and Dom became the partners-in-crime -- sometimes literally -- that they had always hoped for. Each day brought something to be thankful for in that respect.

Even though Letty would kill him if he ever voiced it out loud, he would never stop taking care of her. It was what CJ would have wanted and more importantly, what he wanted for himself. And in return, Letty let herself find a new family and new love to fill the void left when she lost her beloved brother and the rest of her family. Truth be told, these days, they took care of each other.

Besides, they both had a new little girl to look after when she decided to make her way into the world. And their family could hardly wait to meet Christina Jesse: their own little CJ.

But back to more timely matters, Dom had to restrain himself from letting go and initiating a full-on make out session with his lady. The only thing that kept him in check was his lack of enthusiasm at hearing the team's bitching if dinner was delayed over his distractions.

"What are you doing sneaking up on me," she said with a chuckle. Dom leaned down to kiss her on the side of her neck and continued to caress her hips and stomach, now with both hands.

"Sorry, baby. I couldn't help myself." Letty snorted a little laugh but didn't move out of his embrace.

"Where have I heard that before," was her sarcastic reply, patting her protruding stomach as evidence.

"It's your fault really," Dom said with mock seriousness. "I mean, you know how much of a turn-on it is to see you getting all domestic." Letty was cutting up some vegetables for whatever it was she was preparing for their dinner. She had had a rocky pregnancy full of more anxiety and scares than either felt they could handle. So since she couldn't help out much on the work end of things, she had taken over some of Mia's role as the resident den mother. Everybody got a kick out of teasing her for it since she couldn't fight back; not for at least another couple of months anyway. But along with her rapidly rounding belly, it was another surprising fetish that Dom had developed in recent times.

"Is that right?" she said in that gorgeous husky voice of hers, her bad-ass smirk in place. "I guess I'll have to be careful then." She gently pulled out of his embrace and continued preparing the food as if she weren't standing mere inches from his very comfortable and wanting embrace. It was clear from her body language that Dom had been dismissed. He smiled slyly getting the hint and backing out of the kitchen to the boisterous team mates in the other room. She'd pay for that later.

For what seemed like the millionth time in the last 10 months, he thought back to his old life. God, he thought things then were so complicated but it was nothing compared to what they were going through now. You never appreciate the beauty of living until something drastic happens. But not all the memories were so conflicted. Some of them he holds onto every day, reflecting on what it really meant to have the good life.

Thirty minutes of hunger-induced agony came and went until Mia finally gave the word that dinner was ready, ordering everyone to sit down and shut up so they could eat. While she was lecturing everyone, Letty came out carrying huge plates of something that made his mouth water. After several trips to and from the kitchen, waving away Mia's mother hen tendencies to give her a hand, Letty finally took her seat next to Dom. As usual, he had no idea what the hell it was she was serving up but he was sure it was going to make him lick his plate at the end of the meal. Then later on he'd move on to her for dessert.

Yes, he had gambled big and he had lost big but it couldn't break down who he was. He had what remained of his family around him -- the kind that came from blood and the kind that developed from friendship and loyalty and love. They would never forget where they came from. A lot of people they loved had been lost but they moved on -- with each other.

Dom was so lost in his reflections that it took him a minute to notice that no one was making a move to eat. He looked around at their faces -- his ever-strong Mia; his trusted friends Vince and Leon; and his partner in everything, his beautiful Letty. He chuckled to himself at their traditions. Some habits really do die hard.

Dom figured for the pleasure of having everyone at the same table for the first time in a long time, he'd suck it up and say grace. After all, he had a lot to be thankful for.