"You'll pay for this, 'Warp," Thundercracker muttered furiously as he pried another tiny squeaky ball from his computer workstation. He threw it with more force than absolutely necessary into the waiting trash receptical only to watch it bounce out again. "Gah!" he growled.

He'd been working at the unpleasant task of cleaning up his quarters for hours. The solvent given to him by Hook had worked well, but it had also dissolved the paint on his hands along with the adhesive Skywarp had used. This only served to make him angrier.

He sat down on his chair. It had been the only object in the room to escape Skywarp only because he'd been sitting in it when the deed had been done. He gazed at the overflowing container thoughtfully. The toys were pretty much slagged after being wrenched from their resting places so he couldn't really use them as they were intended. Most no longer even squeaked. But there were a lot of them. He didn't know how but they seemed to have spawned. He shuddered at the thought that they might be breeding.

Hmmmm, he thought.

Without further hesitation he turned to his computer and brought up Google.


Transformers can't whistle as they have no lips to purse and really no air to push through pursed lips. Decepticons certainly didn't whistle even if they could. They could, however, hum and that was the sound that Thundercracker made as he worked in the vent above Skywarp's door. Fear of discovery kept making him look down and around which only slowed him down, but he was happy despite that fear for he was working on revenge.

Quickly, he hooked up the trigger device that ran from the sensor he'd place in the floor in front of the door, closed the vent lid and jumped from the ladder to test it. He stepped lightly on the spot on the floor and the ceiling dropped open. Thundercracker grinnned.

Climbing carefully back up the ladder he, with some effort, pushed a large container of polyethylene goo into the space he'd made and rigged up the heating device to keep the goo liquid. He closed the vent, jumped down form the ladder and cleaned up all evidence of his tampering.

He rubbed his bare, metal hands together in anticipation of the carnage to come and found a place to hide and observe.


Several hours later, Thundercracker was getting a little annoyed. Where is he? he wondered. He got off-duty hours ago. Gah, this is going to be a disaster.

He was almost ready to bang his head on the wall when he heard footsteps approaching. Finally.

The footsteps grew louder, closer and, unfortunately, heavier. Definitely not Skywarp. Thundercracker's optics flared in panic when Motormaster, the huge, mean, slightly crazy stunticon leader pounded by his hiding place.

Scrap, no! was all Thundercracker thought.

He sprang out and pounded after the black Semi. Without uttering a sound he slammed his shoulder into the Stunticon, pushing him past the booby-trapped floor panel. Unfortunately, again, Thundercracker found himself standing on it.

Motormaster turned in fury at being hit from behind for absolutely no reason that could be determined in his slow-working Central Processor. "WHAT THE SLAG?" he bellowed reaching for the smaller Seeker.

Thundercracker looked up as the trap was sprung and a large container of liquid squeaky toys dumped on his head. The goo ran viscously down his head, over his wings and dripped slowly onto the floor.

Motormaster, in a display of self-protection that was amazing to behold, jumped back to avoid the mess. He narrowed his optics and stared, befuddled, at the dripping, oozing Thundercracker. Befuddlement turned to anger. "THUNDERCRACKER, YOU ARE DEAD!" he bawled.

Thundercracker could only sigh and shake his head in resignation as he watched Motormaster's fist fly towards his face.

Transformers can't whistle but that doesn't mean they don't give it a try which explained the odd noise Skywarp made as he strutted down the corridor towards his quarters. He paused momentarily as he caught sight of the mess in front of his door. Shrugging, he opened his door and entered. A moment later, he stepped out again and looked up. He stepped back into his room for an extended period of time then he stepped back out unsuccessfully suppressing a chuckle.

"Just hanging around, TC?" he managed to ask as he took in the blue Seeker stuck to the ceiling and oozing goo.

Thundercracker glowered down at him. "Don't ask. Don't even ask," he grunted.