Marine Destiny

Chapter 1

Aarin Flynn woke up to the smell of fire; the marines must've of finished making camp. He got up from his bed and quickly putting on his armour. He also grabbed his fragger and walked out of his tent.

It was a cold and a cool breeze. The fire was lit to warmth the whole camp. One of the marines got up from the ground "Sir, everything is going well." Aarin replied "Keep it up and I want turrets up and running." He headed to the marine ship, waiting for Ben to find the base location.

Aarin Flynn was a marine for two years. His last mission was a complete failure. He was suppose to

find the Skaarj base without getting caught. When he arrived in their base in his ship, they shot his ship and he crashed landed. He lost two of his leg and an arm. Doctors replaced them with a robotic ones. A

month later, he was sent back with the marines.

Ten hours ago, the S-67 received a transmission from an abandon base, the person said he crashed landed on Na Pali and found a base that was abandoned months ago. Then he screamed and was cut off. The S-67 was able to locate to planet but not the base.

Aarin then walked out of the ship. As he got out, he heard a marine scream and a loud roar. He ran back to camp to see two Skaarj attacking the marines. Aarin grabbed his fragger and began firing

one of the Skaarj, catching it by the shoulder and spinning him around. He fired his fragger to the second Skaarj. He kept firing at them. Boom,boom,boom, determined to kill the Skaarj before it takes cover behind the large rock. As the fight was over, Aaron checked one of the dead Skaarj. "Skaarj Scouts. They must've found the camp. Every one, pack everything in the ship, now." Aarin left to the ship to see if Ben found the base. "Any luck marine?" Ben replied "Yes. The base is just 12 miles away,sir."

An hour later, the ship landed near the old base. "This base looks like a piece of shit." said one of the marines. Aarin and the marines made their way through the base. Inside the base, was the smell of blood and cold metal. As they walked in, they heard a couple of screams and roars. The marines lifted their weapons. "Don't let you're guard down marines. Let's keep going." said Aarin. As

they made their way through the corridor, they found lifeless bodies laying all over the place. As soon

as they located the transmission room,three Skaarj burst opened the door and blasted plasma bolts towards the marines. Three marines were able to dodge the plasma bolts but two were shot. Aaron grabbed his fragger and quickly reloaded. The air in the room was becoming thick and it was impossible for Aarin and marines to see the attacking Skaarj. Bullets and plasma bolts flew every in the thick air room. It was pointless for Aaron to shoot blindly through the thick smoke. "Marines, throw grenades towards to smoke and get out!" he yelled. As the marines threw the the grenades, they all ran for cover and heard explosions and the Skaarj roaring in pain. "Alright marines, set up turrets and guard this area. We need to know what happened to the lost marine."

A Skaarj walked in to a door that said "King's room.". As it walked in, he heard a loud, booming voice

"Is the plan working?" asked the Skaarj King

"The marines is falling for our plan, your majesty,"

"Good, proceed with the plan. The marines will never know what is in store for them."