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"Brianna, honey," Casey kneeled down on the floor next to her scribbling daughter. "There's someone special I want you to meet."

Brianna's wide dark eyes looked up at her mother and her eyes drifted curiously over at the strange man standing nervously at the doorway. "Hi," Brianna smiled in her upbeat, childish way, a shy smile on her small lips.

Derek could only stare at the perfect little girl. His and Casey's creation.

Seeing that Derek couldn't respond, Casey gave her daughter a careful smile, brushing one tiny pigtail behind her small ear. "Brianna, baby, remember how I've always told you about your daddy?"

"Daddy wuvs me," Brianna nodded solemnly.

Derek felt his lip wobble at that. He wasn't going to cry. He refused to cry.

"Yes," Casey felt tears prick her eyes, "your daddy does love you a whole bunch." She looked up at Derek then, and their eyes met. Derek gave an almost-imperceptible nod, his throat too dry to be able to speak, giving Casey the okay. He was ready.

"Sweetie, your daddy's here right now," Casey told her daughter gently. "He came to see you."

Brianna immediately turned back to Derek, her eyes getting big and hopeful. "Daddy?" she asked tentatively.

Derek nodded slowly, a faint smile sprouting on his face. "I'm your daddy, sweetheart," he said gently, his voice thick with emotion.

Giving a happy shout of glee, Brianna raced over to Derek and he immediately scooped her up into his arms. Her little arms wrapped around his neck tightly Derek finally gave in, letting the tears fall.

"Oh God," Derek let out a shuttered breath as he held his own daughter in his arms, instantly falling in love with the little tyke. He closed his eyes in thanks and when he opened them, he met Casey's leaking blue eyes. "Thank you," he mouthed to her.

All she could do was nod, watching her daughter embrace her father for the first time.

Even Kylie was teary-eyed.

"Wuv Daddy," Brianna told him as she hugged him.

"Daddy loves you too," Derek whispered weakly against Brianna soft brown hair, and he pressed a kiss to the crown of her beautiful little head, not letting her go. "So so much."

Brianna giggled and pulled her face away to look at her father. "Why crying?"

"Because I'm happy," Derek gave her a grin, kissing the tip of her tiny nose. A miniature Casey nose.

Kylie wiped the tears off of her face. "I'm gonna go and let you three enjoy this beautiful moment," she sniffled, sitting up with her sleeping son. "I'll talk to you later, Casey. It was nice to meet you, Derek."

"You too," Derek said absently, still too caught up in the feeling of having his own daughter in his arms.

She left, and Casey walked over to Derek and their daughter. Derek immediately wrapped one arm around her, pulling her in for a family hug. She saw Brianna's eyes droop where she had her head resting on Derek's shoulder, and gave a soft smile. "Looks like someone's up way past her bedtime."

"Daddy gonna stay?" Brianna asked sleepily.

Casey's eyes met Derek's. It was his choice if he wanted to stay the night.

"Daddy's gonna stay," Derek confirmed, kissing Brianna's hair again. She smelled so sweet, just like Casey. "Where's her room?" he looked over at Casey.

"We share," Casey's cheeks pinked. She didn't want Derek to know how broke she actually was. As if he couldn't tell from the state of her run-down apartment.

But Derek just nodded, and followed Casey over to the bedroom. Placing Brianna down on the bed, he tucked her in and pressed a kiss to the sleepy girl's forehead. He still couldn't believe that she was really his.

"I love you, Princess," he told her honestly, brushing her hair off of her face lovingly.

Casey bit her lip to stop herself from crying again at how tender Derek was with Brianna.

"Wuv you," Brianna answered tiredly, her eyes fluttering shut.

Derek gave her a gentle smile and reluctantly left the room to let her sleep. Casey followed, telling Brianna she loved her too before shutting the light off and closing the door behind her.

She found Derek sitting on the ratty old couch, his whole face looking dazed.

"It must be a lot to take in," she said quietly.

"You have no idea," he agreed, looking up at her. "Case, I want to stay with Brianna. With you," he said after a moment of silence, coming to a decision.

Casey gaped at him. "Derek… you can't. You have to finish school… you're almost finished! And what about Amy? You two have an apartment together. And then there's—"

Derek stopped her by standing up and pressing a finger against her moving lips. "None of that matters to me," he said quietly. "You and Brianna are the only things that matter now."

Casey's lower lip trembled. "I don't want you to give up everything you have for this, Derek. You shouldn't feel obligated to--"

"Casey, I love you," Derek said insistently, as if trying to get that into her head. "I love you. And Brianna. I don't want to be away from you any more." He took a deep, shuddered breath. "I can't be away from you. Not now that I know I'm a father." He cupped her cheek gently. "Not with knowing how you feel about me."

Casey arched an eyebrow quirkily, a playful smile spreading across her face. "Oh? And how do I feel about you, Derek Venturi?" she asked teasingly, her arms sliding around him.

He gave a smug, teasing smile back. "You're absolutely crazy about me." He pulled her closer to him, and stared into her soft blue eyes as he said completely seriously, "Just like I am about you." And he captured her lips in a kiss full of love and reverence. A warmth moved over Casey like she hadn't felt in years.

"Mmm…couch…" she murmured as the kiss intensified.

Derek smiled against her lips and obediently pulled her over to the couch with him, and they collapsed onto it, her on top and him beneath her.

Casey began pulling off his shirt but Derek stopped her, breaking the kiss with sudden wide eyes.

"We can't do this here," he looked mortified.

Casey looked at him as if he was nuts. She wanted—scratch that—needed him now, dammit. "And why not?" she demanded.

"Our daughter's in the room next to us," he said easily, trying to get himself under control beneath his sexy dream girl.

Casey let out a laugh. "Derek, hun, she's the heaviest sleepier I've ever seen. Trust me, it's okay." To coax him, she leaned down and began nibbling on his neck, rubbing her body erotically against his.

Derek hesitantly gave in, knowing he could never refuse a ready-to-go Casey. He helped her take off his shirt and pants, and hers followed.

"So…" Derek began as he unclasped her bra, releasing her breasts into his hands. "You've never been with anyone but me?"

"Nobody else," Casey affirmed, closing her eyes in pleasure as Derek began teasing her breasts.

"Good," Derek smirked in satisfaction while he attached his lips to her neck.

Casey stopped him. "Wait a minute… what about you and Amy?"

Derek's cheeks reddened at the thought of her. At how after he and Casey had made love the other night, he went over to Amy's room, pissed off because he had thought Casey had a boyfriend, and had sex with Amy. "I never really loved her, Case…. I thought I did but I didn't…. I don't… not like you," he said honestly, staring into her accusing blue eyes. He felt bad at what he had done.

But Casey gave him a gentle smile. "It's okay, Derek," she told him softly. He was with her right now. Her and Brianna. And that was all that mattered.

They rid themselves of what was left of their clothing and Derek immediately pushed himself inside of Casey.

Home, he thought to himself as he cradled her tightly to him.

Casey moaned loudly and moved on top of Derek, glad that he was letting her be in control. She grabbed his shoulders and thrust her hips against his over and over again, sending him deeper and deeper into her.

"Oh GodCasey…" Derek gasped out as she moved sensually on top of him. She leaned down to slide her lips over his and suddenly he blurted, "Marry me!"

Casey completely froze on top of him. "What?"

Derek winced, painfully close to his release. "Not… not now. Just…someday," he said, looking into her shocked eyes. "Marry me."

"Derek…" Casey looked hesitant.

"Please," Derek begged hoarsely, reaching up and brushing her curtain of dark hair away. "Someday. So we can become a family. And make Brianna a baby sister or brother or two," he gave her a gentle smile as he stroked her soft hair.

Casey bit her lip. This was completely unexpected. And yet, it didn't seem that crazy. In fact, she couldn't imagine marrying anybody else. "Okay…" she breathed finally, and a huge smile spread over Derek's face. "Someday, though. Not now. We're still too young."

"Deal," Derek said happily, and pulled her head down to his to give her a long, passionate kiss. Casey was his.

"Now, let's finish what we started," he murmured huskily, flipping them over so now Casey was on her back and he was above her.

Casey giggled until she felt Derek begin thrusting deep into her and felt his hand move up to massage her left breast. Her giggling instantly dissolved and groans replaced the giggles.

"I love you, Case," Derek told her, his hand slipping down in-between them.

"I love you too," Casey gasped out as she felt Derek's fingers gently begin to stroke her and soon stars exploded behind her eyelids.

And finally, Casey MacDonald and Derek Venturi were both truly happy.

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