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Usagi bounced down the driveway towards Minako's waiting convertible Sebring. The first day of school always had that happy feeling about it. You get to see how everyone changed over the summer and hear about the exciting love adventures they had. And there was never homework due. Rei opened the door and Usagi hopped in the back with Ami and Makoto.

"Hiya everyone! I can't believe we are starting a new school year! Isn't it so exciting!" Usagi gushed.

"To bad you aren't this excited the rest of the year." Rei grumbled as Minako pulled away from the curb.

"Plus! We are no longer at the bottom of the food chain! Good-bye first year! Hello second year! " Usagi squealed.

"Usagi, only you and Ami were at the bottom of the food chain last year. The rest of us are now third years." Makoto reminded. Usagi just shrugged and kept smiling.

"Oh come on guys! It's a new school! No more Juban High! That means there are new guys!" Minako squealed as she slammed on the brake at a stop sign. Everyone fell forward.

Rei's forehead slammed into the dashboard. "I'm driving tomorrow." She muttered rubbing her forehead. Minako just laughed and slammed on the gas throwing everyone back.

Usagi clung to the seat belt. "For once I agree with Rei." She mumbled.

"Hey Minako! How'd you get your license when you drive like this?" Makoto hollered.

"Are you supposed to have your license to drive?" Minako asked while turning a corner too tight.

"YES!" Four cries greeted her.

"Oopsy! Oh well!" Minako shrugged with an evil smirk. She really did have her license, but scaring her friends? Priceless.


"RANMA! What did you say about my cooking?" Akane screeched as she ran after the pig-tailed boy.

"Easy Akane! I simply said Shampoo makes good ramen." Ranma shouted as Akane ran after him with a pail of cold water.

"Husband like wife's cooking!" Shampoo cried as she also ran after Ranma.

"Ranma! You know that Akane cooks the best! You dishonor her!" A voice shouted from above.

Ranma rolled his eyes. "Ryouga, you aren't lost?" Ranma pretended to be shocked.

"Haha, very funny Ranma." Ryouga cried as he joined in the chase waving his heavy yellow umbrella.

"Can't I just have a normal first day of school?" Ranma asked himself. He thought getting away from Furikan High would be a good thing, no more Kuno or Kodachi and no more old lady throwing water on the street as he ran to school. Then he found out Shampoo enrolled so she could be closer to her 'husband', Soun Tendo then forced Akane to enroll so she could be closer to Ranma. Then Ryoga tells him he enrolled so he could end their fight once and for all.

Ranma sighed in relief as he saw his new school coming into view.


"Ah come on Jim, why do we have to go to school? We were fine with out school." Gene complained as he and Jim drove to school in one of Jim's cruisers.

"Because no one wants to do business with an uneducated idiot." Jim yelled for the umpteenth time.

"Why doesn't Melfina have to come?" Gene whined.

"She's the smartest being in the universe Baka!" Jim was losing his patients fast with the older boy.

"All right, if YOU think it'll help our business, I'll go to school." Gene grumbled and slouched in his seat.

"Don't worry, this is a new type of school! It isn't your ordinary Japanese high school; it's run like an American high school. That means you don't stay with the same kids in all your classes, or the same classroom. The kids switch instead of the teachers. And the grade levels mix too. We'll have lots of fun." Jim told Gene.

"Oh great." Gene muttered.


"Why do we have to go to school? It isn't even a mission." Duo complained in Quatre's limo.

"Haven't you ever wanted a normal life? Normal kids our age go to school." Quatre reminded.

"Yeah, yeah." Duo sighed sinking further into the leather seat.

"Don't worry Maxwell, there will be plenty of weak women for you to drool over." Wufei spoke up.

"Really? No Relena either?"

"She doesn't know where we are for now." Trowa spoke up.

"Yes! No psycho chic! What do you have to say about that Heero?" Duo nudged the stoic piolet.

"I knew you would be just as excited!" Duo cried. Heero rolled his eyes and continued staring out the window.


"Hey Trunks, don't you think we look a little suspicious flying to school?" Gohan asked his older friend, who was actually younger than him, but this Trunks was from the desolate future.

"How else are we supposed to get there?" Trunks asked over his shoulder.

"Your Mom owns Capsule Corp. They invented the hover car. Think about it." He tapped his head for emphasis.

Trunks rolled his eyes. "All right, tomorrow we'll go to school in a hover car but today we are flying."

Gohan shrugged. "I was just suggesting."


"So... tell me again why are we going to school?" Van asked while pulling at his tight tie. Hitomi's mother had tightened it extra tight to 'make a good impression', but Van didn't understand why suffocating him made a good impression.

Hitomi sighed. "Van, it would do you good if you have some Earth education.It'll help you become a better king."

"He's already a great king." Merle purred from Van's side. Hitomi rolled her eyes.

"I see why I should go to school, but, why do we walk? And we wear uniforms?" Van pointed to his black pants, white shirt with a red tie and the school's initials on the pocket of the shirt.

"We walk because I can't afford a car, nor am I old enough, plus it isn't so far. We wear uniforms because it's required. They aren't too bad." Hitomi lookeddown at her dark gray skirt, white shirt and red floppy bow.

"Why do these socks go up to my knees? They are itchy." Merle complained.
"You didn't have to come Merle. You will look odd since you are half cat." Hitomi reminded. Merle just stuck her tongue out at Hitomi.


"Am I really going to school?" Hotaru jumped up and down as she, Haruka and Michiru walked to Haruka's silver car.

"Yes, since you appear to have stopped growing." Michiru told her.

"And the same school as Usagi-hime?" Hotaru asked.

"Uh-huh. The same school as Koneko-chan." Haruka told her as they got into their car.

"And will I be able to see her?" Hotaru asked hopefully.

"Yes, you will." Michiru answered.

"SUGOI! This will be SO great!" Hotaru bounced in the back seat. Michiru just giggled.

"But, you can't call us papa and mama." Haruka reminded.

"I know, I know." Hotaru sighed. She could wait to see the other Senshi and the princess again.


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