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Knives' Reformation Project

"Okay, my first tip of survival is you have to apologize to this Usagi girl. She's obviously the Queen Bee around here. If she likes you, everyone likes you." Harry advised.

Harry, Draco, Justin and Terry were huddling in one of the locker bays after school before they went back to the Ryokan they were staying at for the duration of their visit.

Justin nodded. "It's true, I heard from Minako that Usagi's boyfriend, Squall, was hated by everyone until Usagi started to date him. Then everyone loved him. They follow her like... like the Death Eaters follow ... You-Know-Who." He whispered the last part as if He could hear them all the way from England. Harry sighed and shook his head.

Draco snorted at his use of simile. "Please, Malfoys don't apologize." He stuck his nose up in contempt.

Harry rolled his eyes at his childish behavior. "Yeah, well this Malfoy apologizes if he wants to survive the month we're here. Got it?"

Draco heaved a huge sigh. "Fine. I'll do it." He sounded as if Harry was making him take the NEWTs a year too early.

"Really Malfoy, she's not bad. Usagi is very nice." Terry attempted to cheer him up. "She's like ... Professor Sprout or something."

"Except a hell of a lot cuter," Harry mumbled.

"She's a muggle. She doesn't know anything," Malfoy muttered and huffed.

Harry rolled his eyes. This would be harder than he thought.


"Hey Usagi, does Squall know you're Sailor Moon?"

Usagi paused in taking a bite of cookie that Makoto made for her. "Aah. . .no." it was after school and most of the girls were outside on the lawn enjoying one of the last pleasant-weathered days. Most of the senshi were there, along with Hitomi, Shampoo, Akane, and Ed (who was typing furiously on her keyboard with her toes).

"Wow, really? That's crazy!" Hitomi mused. "We know something about you that your boyfriend, your love of your life, doesn't know about you. You know this will come back to haunt you. It does all the time in the movies."

"Sheesh, when you put it that way..." Usagi glared at her track friend.

"Lying and tricking Airen no work. Trust Shampoo, she know!" Shampoo agreed with Hitomi.

"It's true. The longer you wait to tell him, the more havoc it will wreak on your relationship," Rei advised.

"Says she who was furious when everyone else found out," Ami pointed out.

"Well, it's not like we need to transform anymore. There hasn't been a peep in the longest time from any possible enemy!" Rei argued sensibly.

"Speaking of transforming... has anyone heard from Setsuna?" Minako asked. "She's been gone an awfully long time."

"She calls Haruka and I regularly to let us know nothing has happened to her, but she refuses to say what she is doing." Michiru frowned.

"I guess we'll find out when she gets back. On to other topics, Ami, fess up on the Kamui story!" Makoto grinned at the petite blue haired girl.

Ami flushed a bright red. "Well, he has my phone number and he called me last night and we talked for a hour."

"Woo! Ami!" Usagi laughed.

"Hey now, if we're getting into relationship topics, how are you and Hiko doing? How's the May-December relationship going?" Rei turned to the tall brunette girl.

Now it was Makoto's turn to blush bright red. "We're good, we hang out often."

"Do you guys have a hard time finding things in common? Since he's so much older?" Akane asked curiously. She fondly remembered her own crush on an older man, Dr. Tofu, but he was in love with her oldest sister, Kasumi.

"Um, well, we both love fighting, and we both love racing... and well, to be perfectly honest, we don't really talk that much," Makoto declared with an impish grin.

"You slut!" Minako teased. "How far have you two gotten?"

"Nothing serious, you pervert. We always keep our clothes on."

"I don't know, Makoto. I know quite a few things that you can do and not take off any clothes." Rei wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

"Now there's a relationship I want to dig more into! After all, we know that Rei has seen Trunks naked." Hitomi giggled.

"And how would you know that?" Rei demanded.

"The first day you two got together, remember Trunks naked with only a piece of paper?" Akane reminded.

"Oh yeah, that time." Rei laughed.

"Wait just a second here. That time? Rei Hino!" Minako gasped. She pulled out The Notebook and was poised to take notes.

Usagi saved Rei from having to answer any of their questions by her loud squeal as a familiar sleek black car pulled up against the curb. Squall didn't have time to brace himself as he stepped out of his car before Usagi leaped on him. Squall fell back against the car with his arms full of Usagi and kissed her soundly.

"You'd never know that yesterday was the worst day that their relationship has ever seen," Rei commented dryly.

"Was that only yesterday? That seems like months ago!" Minako marveled.

"Years even," Hitomi agreed.

"Well, I guess I don't have to ask who Usagi is." A voice cut through Squall and Usagi's embrace. The girls sitting on the lawn all gaped at the well muscled, blue eyed, spiky haired blonde god.

Usagi blushed and eased out of Squall's arms. "Sorry, it's just I missed you today at school. It's not the same without you." Usagi looked up at Squall through her lashes and a coy smile graced her lips.

Squall, who couldn't resist that look even if he ever tried, kissed her again, but before he could get carried away, Cloud cleared his throat.

"Oh! You must be Cloud!" Usagi pulled away from Squall again and straightened her skirt.

"Yes, and you must be Usagi." Cloud held out his hand to be shook but Usagi hugged him instead. Cloud was surprised by her friendliness.

"Squall talks about you all the time," Usagi gushed. "It's good to finally meet one of the illustrious cousins!"

"Squall has more cousins?" Makoto whispered in the background. "Are they as good looking as these two?"

"You know who his other cousin is, you're a huge blitzball fan." Minako answered with a roll of her eyes. How did these girls survive without a weekly subscription to Tokyo Girl Magazine?

"Wait... Tidus? It's Tidus isn't it? Of the Zankarkand Abes? Oh Zeus, we've just found the perfect strand of human DNA, and it's Squall's family." Makoto praised the heavens.

"Isn't Tidus still missing?" Ami asked curiously. She still remembered the day of the game that seemed eons ago.

Minako and Makoto sobered up. "Yes..." Minako sighed.

"... So I'll catch you guys later?" Usagi turned to face her friends, who snapped to attention.

"Oh yeah, see ya tomorrow bright and early. I'll pick you up." Rei waved.

"Thanks Rei!" Usagi smiled before climbing into Squall's car with Squall and Cloud.

"Don't think you're off the hook, missy." Minako turned on Rei the second she finished waving. "What all have you done with Trunks?"

Rei flushed, but the girls couldn't tell if it was in anger or embarrassment. "I'm not telling Miss Gossip anything about my relationship!" she declared fiercely.

"That's wise." Haruka nodded. Minako stuck her tongue out at her.

"Rei!" The girls turned to see Trunks walking towards them. Rei stood up, with one last glare at Minako, and jogged over to her boyfriend.

"Maybe we should spy–"

"NO!" Every girl there yelled before Minako could finish her sentence.


Usagi flopped on her bed with the cordless phone. She had spent an hour with Squall and Cloud at the park just talking and getting to know Cloud. It seemed as if he'd be around for awhile. Usagi knew that Squall was insanely excited to have his cousin stay for more than a few days, even if he didn't express it. After the hour was up, Squall had dropped her off at work where she spent the next four hours filling in Maeve and Seresute about her and Squall's fight and all the aftermath. Maeve commented on how her life was more exciting than Sammie's on Days of our Lives.

And now here she was, laying on her bed staring up at the ceiling and dreading calling Gohan. Would he be mad at her? Would he want to talk to her? Did he still consider her his best friend?

She sighed and rolled over to stare at Luna, who was curled up on her favorite pillow. "Luna, why does everything have to be complicated?" She sighed.

"Because life wouldn't be exciting if it wasn't." She answered without lifting her head or opening an eye.

"Blah." Usagi sighed once more and picked up the phone. She dialed Trunk's house and waited for someone to answer. "Briefs Residence!"

"Hey Trunks! Is Gohan still there?" Usagi greeted after hearing the familiar voice.

"Hey Usagi, yeah he is, hold on." Usagi heard muffled voices on the other end that talked for a while before finally Gohan's voice came onto the line.

"Hey Usagi." Gohan greeted.

"Hey Gohan, how are you feeling?" Usagi asked carefully.

"I'm alright... did you hear about my fight with my mother?" Gohan asked in a guarded tone.

"Yeah, do you want to meet up and talk?"

There was a long pause before Gohan answered."Sure. I'll meet you outside your building in about ten minutes."

"Deal." Usagi agreed. She hung up the phone and glanced over at her clock. 8:00. She grabbed her track hoodie and headed out of her room. Shingo (playing video games) and her mom (reading trashy romance novels and day dreaming about a certain demon) didn't even notice her leave.

"Well, what do we have here? Usagi isn't sneaking out of the house now, is she?"

Usagi turned to face Seifer and stuck out her tongue. "It's only eight, I'm not sneaking anywhere."

"Don't point that thing at me unless you're planning on using it!" Seifer leered with a grin on his face. He was in the hallway because he was fixing the hinges on his door, broken after he slammed it too hard the other day in anger (after Sesshomaru had told him to leave).

Usagi rolled her eyes. "In your dreams, you perv!" She called over her shoulder as she headed down the hallway towards the elevator.

"Every night." Seifer mumbled too quiet for Usagi to hear.


Gohan was already outside when Usagi walked out the front doors of her building. He was leaning against the wall with his hands shoved deep into his pockets. He nodded to Usagi as she approached him.

"Hey Gohan." Usagi greeted.

"Does Squall know you're talking to me?" Gohan asked with a frown.

Usagi flinched. "No, he doesn't. I'm sorry about this whole fight with Squall." Usagi frowned. "But Gohan, you are one of my best friends. You and I will always be friends, no matter what Squall does."

"I know, but lately, I feel like you've replaced me with Squall. We never hang out with just you and me anymore, like we used to." Gohan sighed.

"I know, I know. Squall has this crazy idea that you're trying to steal me away from him, which is ridiculous, you know? I know that you don't like him, but trying to steal me? He's just being paranoid, right?"

Gohan studied Usagi. She had just showered before calling him and her damp hair was pulled up in her usual hairstyle. She also was only wearing pink pajama pants and a white tank top and her black zip up track hoodie. He sighed at her words. Usagi may be one of the greatest girls in the whole world, but she wasn't very observant to matters about herself. At least not when it came to other people's feelings about her.

"You're right Usagi, I'm not trying to steal you away from Squall." He grinned slightly, and painfully, at her. "C'mon. Let's go get some ice cream."

"Woo!" Usagi cheered and the two of them started off down the sidewalk to the nearby convenience store to buy ice cream.


"Your mom blames your dad for you getting in a fight?"

"Yeah! Isn't that ridiculous? Personally, I haven't the slightest idea WHY my parents are still married. It's obvious they aren't in love... did you know my mom sort of tricked him into marrying her?"

Gohan and Usagi were sitting in a nearby park with ice cream, Gohan eating chocolate mint fudge and Usagi eating strawberry cheese cake. They were sitting on a bench sideways so they were facing each other.

"What? How?"

"When they were little kids, my mom made him promise that he'd marry her when my dad didn't even know what marriage was." Gohan sighed.

"Well, I have two reasons to be glad she did." Usagi smiled.

Gohan snorted. "My mother hates you, she threatened you with a frying pan, and you hate her. What could you like about her?"

"Well, she had you and Goten."

Gohan just stared at Usagi. She was one hundred percent honest, he could see it in her eyes. Didn't she know how she made him feel when she said things like that? Kami, he wanted to marry her right there on the spot.

"I could see me being tricked into marriage as a little kid... I think your dad and I are a lot alike." Usagi giggled. "I can also see Minako tricking someone into marrying her."

"Back then or now?" Gohan laughed.

"Both," Usagi nodded.

"Too true," Gohan agreed. "You're also the only girl I know that comes anywhere close into eating as much food as my dad."

Usagi threw him another grin. "See? We could be twins."

Gohan laughed. "Yeah, must be why I love you both then."

Usagi studied Gohan. He was still smiling and looking up at the sky. Love?... Usagi was speechless for a few minutes as she sputtered around in her own thoughts. "...It's getting late, I should probably get back before my mom notices I left." Usagi sighed.

"Probably. I'll call you tomorrow."

"Okay! Have fun out of school, you delinquent," Usagi teased as she stood and gave Gohan a quick hug before slowly making her way back to her apartment. Gohan sighed before taking off to Capsule Corp.


Another day passed at Ken High where nothing unusual happened, which is an unusual occurrence. Usagi passed another math test, but Squall had helped her study for it a few nights ago. Minako wept over the death of a cute black haired boy named Yusuke Urameshi that was featured in the newspaper. He saved a little kid that was playing in the street. Makoto pointed out that he was two years younger than her, and "ew, you can't ogle someone that much younger." And Minako was too busy mourning the boy she never met that she missed several good opportunities to prove her theory on Quatre – one involving him putting on Usagi's sparkly lip gloss, another grooming Duo's hair. The last was a comment from Hotaru about how good he looked in pink.

The most exciting thing happened during lunch:

Draco approached Tsukino Usagi slowly. He tossed another look over his shoulder, Harry glared at him and made a shooing motion. Draco bristled. No one made shooing motions at a Malfoy! It was undignified and way beneath him. And if they weren't stuck in a foreign country, Draco would have done something about it. But he was in a foreign country. Damn.

"Miss Usagi?" Draco began nervously. Usagi looked up from the lunch Makoto had made her.

"Hey... Draco, right?" She smiled.

Draco gulped nervously as Trunks, Makoto, and Haruka sent him glares. "Yes. I just wanted to apologize for my actions yesterday. I acted uncivilized. I'm nervous to be in a country that is so different to me. I assure you I will never repeat my actions." Draco finished with a small bow.

"Aw, Draco. Thank you. Your apology is accepted – Haruka, stop glaring at the poor guy. He's so far away from home and lonely. Come here Draco, sit next to me. Try some of this musubi, it's delicious. Makoto is the best cook in Tokyo."

Draco sat next to her eagerly. He could immediately tell everyone was looking at him nicer. "Mmm, you're right, this is delicious. The Japanese food in England can't even be compared to your exquisite skills, Miss Makoto." Draco buttered the tall brunette that he was rather terrified of.

Makoto swelled at the compliment. "Thank you! Try some of this!"

Harry, Terry, and Justin's jaws dropped as they watched Draco pulled into Usagi's midst and coddled.

"Is he eating a riceball?" Justin pouted.

"Bloody hell, I wrote that apology! Malfoy better thank me REAL good later." Terry muttered angrily.

"Damn Malfoys." Harry growled with a smile. Trust Malfoy the weasel himself in with flattery. He's such an aristocrat, Harry thought.

The next near-exciting thing was Ed downloading her giant smiley faces on to all the computers in the computer lab. Although she might have traumatized Van from ever using a computer again in his life: the damn machines made him nervous before giant yellow faces started smiling and laughing at him. Shampoo was furious, because she had finally learned how to type 15 words per minute, and the teacher didn't get her recorded. The only untouched computer was Heero's laptop. He gave Ed a superior smirk and muttered "amateur" which sounded a lot like 'hn!'.

Usagi, Duo, and Ranma (who was still sulking about his reverse transformation process) went to visit Squall after school to fill him in on the gossip and sympathize with his unfair suspension. Cloud wasn't there, as he was taking care of some paperwork for his last assignment at the military base.

They were sitting in Squall's room. Squall and Ranma were playing Gran Turismo while Duo and Usagi watched. That is, until Duo brought up an ... interesting topic.

"Usagi, since I'm a man again, I think you should let me see you transform again as sort of a 'welcome back to manhood' present." Duo grinned lecherously. Ranma snorted a 'And Akane thinks I'm a pervert' before returning to the game. Usagi choked and turned several shades of red and glared fiercely at the smirking Duo.

"Watch her transform into what?" Squall asked. He didn't like the idea of Duo watching Usagi do anything, especially when he was grinning like that. Wasn't he dating Akane? And transform? What?

"Wait, Squall doesn't know... oh. Oh shit. Heh. I'll be ... heh... moving now." Duo looked extremely embarrassed and slithered back to hide behind Ranma. He let out a 'meep'.

"Hell no, I'm not protecting you." Ranma scooted out of the way.

"...Doesn't know what?" Squall turned to his girlfriend, who looked sheepish.

"Heh, well, Squall, um... I'll tell you later... this isn't really the time or the place to talk about it." Usagi mumbled and looked at the ground.

"Well, look at the time, I need to get back before Heero tans my hide for ... for... um... I don't know yet. I'm sure he'll think of something though. Adios!" Duo slowly backed towards the door.

"Yeah, same here, except Akane will bash me with a mallet instead of Heero tanning my hide... right. Bye!" Ranma dashed out after Duo.

Squall turned to face his girlfriend after watching his two friends run from his room. "...What are they paranoid about?"

Usagi twisted the edge of her skirt in her hands and looked nervously at Squall.

"Usagi are you hiding something from me? Didn't we just promise each other to be honest to each other? Does this have anything to do with Gohan?" Squall was getting angrier by the second.

"No! No, it's nothing ... serious. It's just a minor detail that I haven't told you about because I really kinda forgot ... and I haven't needed to... do anything lately so I never really thought about it. Plus everyone else knows so I guess I just kinda assumed that you knew even though now that I think about it I know that we never talked about it for certain..."

Squall frowned at Usagi's nervous babbling. "Usagi. Stop. What are you trying to say?" He placed a hand on her shoulder.

Usagi gave Squall her cutest, you-can't-resist-me, pouty lip look. "Squall, I'm Sailor Moon."

Squall blinked.

"As in... the super hero?" He asked in disbelief.

Usagi nodded.

"Sailor Moon." Squall stated.

Usagi nodded again.

"And everyone else already knew?" Squall frowned.

"Well, do you remember the Blitzball game? The one where the stadium was attacked by... whatever the hell it was attacked by?"

Squall nodded, he was still frowning. His cousin Tidus was still missing from that fateful game. His father had half the secret service looking for clues to his whereabouts.

"Well, you see, Shingo fell, and Van rescued him, it turns out he's from another planet that the lost people of Atlantis live on, and he's got wings. And then we were attacked by those... things... and we found about about Ranma and Ryoga's transformations... and that Trunks and Gohan aren't really human either... and well, me and the girls transformed to help fight."

"...Wait, what?" Squall was overloaded with too much information too fast. "You're Sailor Moon... and the girls transform too? Are they the Senshi? And what about Van? And Gohan and Trunks?"

Usagi unhooked the broach from the front of her uniform and stood in front of Squall. "Yes, the girls are my senshi... Moon Eternal Power, Make-up!"

Squall watched in shock as his girlfriend transformed into Sailor Moon.

"And this is the transformation Duo was talking about." Usagi twirled nervously.

Squall didn't know what to say... except he really didn't want Duo to see such a revealing transformation. Ever.


That same day, Principal Knives was calling his first staff meeting...

Kaoru really didn't know what to think of the staff of Ken High. It wasn't her first staff meeting, but the peculiarity of everyone still surprised her. Weizer and Aisha Clanclan were around the same age as her, making them the three youngest teachers and all in their first year of teaching.

Kaoru also had her suspicions of the school nurse, Umeda. He looked like he was flirting with the Vice Principal, Nakago, which seemed suicidal no matter what gender. Both Nakago and the Principal scared Kaoru. They both had this demanding presence about them that sent chills down her spine, just as bad as Kenshin's battousai side did. They weren't good men, she could feel it when ever they looked at her. But neither of them had done anything to cause suspicion, besides glare at each other. Yet. But she was keeping her eye on both of them.

"Thank you, everyone, for coming to this meeting. I know I've only been here a few days, but I'm excited to be here." No one really noticed his eye twitch after that line. Him? Excited to be working with humans and surrounded by more younger humans? Talk about Hell. Oh the things we do for family. "I just wanted to talk about a few things."

"And what would that be?" Sazuka, one of the Literature teachers, spoke up.

Knives smiled pleasantly, which actually wasn't pleasant at all, at the usually quiet woman. "Well, I've noticed that Ken High has low test scores compared to the surrounding schools. How are we to attract more students if our school's reputation is so low? And with these low scores, what will our percentage of kids getting into a good university going to be? I think we need to make a few changes to right these problems."

Kaoru agreed. After all, Japan had a very competitive school system. But she noticed Weizer and Clanclan looking nervous.

"A few things I want to address have to do with the staff: I think some of you are too lenient with the children. This causes them to grow lazy. Take Miss Kamiya. Her first day here, she sent her whole class to Homeroom. This tells me that other teachers are too lax with them. So we will undergo teacher evaluations, and if you are found unsatisfactory, then you will be fired." Kaoru looked embarrassed. Weizer and Clanclan really started sweating here, and even Cid coughed nervously. He was the main football coach, so he wouldn't be fired for lousy history lessons, would he? Shit. "Another issue is casual Friday. I'm going to take away this privilege until the school's grades jump up ten percent."

Quite a few of the teachers gasped at this. Ten percent? That was an unheard of change. Dr. J did a few quick calculations in his head. Yup. pretty much impossible with this bunch of students. "Plus, we'll make students who aren't doing well visit the guidance counselor for help on improvement."

Auron looked up at that one. He had only seen two students since the beginning of the year, and both of them were looking for excuses to ditch. Normally he'd sit in his office and sharpen his weapons or polish his sunglasses. But now he actually had to see the kids? Shit!

"I will stop at nothing to see this school to be one of the best in all of Tokyo." Knives ended his speech by banging his fist on the table. The staff eyed each other nervously. Nakago eyed Knives with a tad of respect. Maybe he wouldn't try to kill him for the rest of the day.


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