My Kind of Guy


Chapter 1


Roxas had known since he was little that he was somewhat… different than other boys. It wasn't until he was in middle school that he realized he was different because he was gay. It wasn't until he was in high school that his sexual preference conspired with Cupid to give him a good kick in the ass by making him fall head over heels.

And the object of his obsession – Sora Leonhart.

Sora was… amazing. Dead gorgeous with his spiky chocolate brown hair, round, smooth face. His tan skin, just a shade darker than everybody else, accentuated his luminous blue eyes. But of all Sora's features, the one that always made Roxas' heart flutter was his smile. It was just like the rest of him, bright, sunny, and contagious. When Sora smiled, either with you or at you, out loud or just in his head, you knew he was laughing. Sora's smiles were simply to die for. And he was always smiling, in class, at lunch, in the halls, every time Roxas had ever seen him really. Sora was just one of those people you loved to be around. One grin and you thought him your best friend.

Sora was perfect.

And Roxas was hopelessly in love with him.

So was the rest of the world. Sora was incredibly popular.

Now, Roxas was a little better off than most people in his sort of situation in that he had a few real connections with Sora and there was actually a slight chance that Sora did know he existed (even if that chance was only half of one percent). Roxas's older brother Cloud and Sora's older brother, Leon, were rivals of sorts in the school dueling club and Cloud was going out with Aerith, Sora's cousin. Roxas had seen her a lot when she came over, but they never really spoke much other than hello as Cloud had made it VERY clear that when the girlfriend's over, little brothers are not to be seen or heard, and Roxas wasn't nearly brave enough to challenge that mandate.

See, Roxas' problem was approachability, or lack thereof. Roxas couldn't use any of his connections to get to Sora. He couldn't approach Sora during school because as Sora was way popular, he was always surrounded by people of the highest social standing, something Roxas had a distinct lack of. Cloud may have been one of the most popular seniors in the whole flippin' school, but as Roxas hadn't picked up the whole "I'm Cool But I'm Sulking So Bugger Off" attitude, most people didn't believe they were even related. Roxas was lucky enough to be in the same history class as Sora, but their psychopath of a teacher didn't assign too many interactive activities for either in or out of class, so the chance of them being partnered up for something was next to nothing. Even Jafar's assigned seating was against him. The creep had put Sora two rows back and off to the side whereas Roxas was up front and center. He couldn't talk with Sora, couldn't pass him notes (not that Tall, Dark, and Scaly would allow either), but hell, Roxas couldn't even sneak glances at him during class without making it really obvious. That last one was a constant source of frustration for the blond as he figured that if their seats had been switched, he probably could have gotten away with ogling his crush for the full 50 minutes of class. Why was God so cruel? WHY?

Roxas couldn't approach him after school either because Sora had followed in his brother's footsteps to become one of the top Underclass duelers in the entire region. Roxas wasn't bad himself, having idolized and mimicked Cloud for most of his life and training for the Struggle with Hayner, but between Cloud, Leon, Seifer, Sora, and Sora's best friend Riku (Roxas always forgot his last name), the competition to get in was fierce and closely watched by the upper legions of the social pyramid. A complete nobody like Roxas stood no chance of making the team. That and he missed the deadline for tryouts. He knew Cloud could have gotten him in no problem, but their relationship as brothers was one of non-verbal communication. They knew each other by watching each other, not by talking. So, Roxas wasn't really comfortable asking first and he doubted Cloud had ever talked about him enough for whomever to get the idea that Roxas could even fight. Cloud never really talked to or about anyone though, so Roxas didn't take it personally.

The biggest hurdles of all were that Sora was a boy, Roxas was a boy, high school society's notoriously homophobic, and the rumor mill had it that Sora was going out with Kairi Hikari, one of the hottest girls in school. This meant not only was he taken, but also Sora probably wasn't into guys.

All in all, Roxas was stumped as to what to do about his not-so-little crush on Sora. Something he constantly told his friend Olette whenever she tried to play matchmaker and get Roxas to go for it. Today, for example.

"Roxas, just talk to him for heaven's sake!" she said when she, Roxas, Hayner, and Pence had reached the sanctuary of the Usual Spot. "Go introduce yourself, pretend to bump into him in the hall, or something!"

"And say what? 'Hi, Sora, I'm Roxas, I'm gay and I like you. Wanna go out with me?' Yeah, right. He'd probably move out of state just to get away from me!" Roxas snorted, flopping himself down on the couch.

"I know what you're trying to do Olette," Hayner piped up, "But I gotta agree with Roxas on this one."

"Mmm, besides, isn't he going out with that Karlie girl?" Pence asked in between eating his ice cream.

"Yeah, he is, and only a fool would pass her up for me," Roxas added, trying not to let his disappointment show. The fact that it was true added that much more salt to the wound. Kairi was a much better catch than him any day.

"One," Olette said, her hands on her hips, "it's Kairi, not Karlie. Two, no, they're not going out. Three, Sora is gay."

"Oh, really?" Roxas challenged her, not even bothering to hide his disbelief. "And just how do you figure all that?"

"Namine," Olette replied with more than a little smugness. The boys however were unimpressed. "Who?" they all asked. Olette frowned at them.

"Namine Hikari, Kairi's twin sister, the artist, you know…"

"The blonde chick with the sketch pad?"


"And I suppose she just waltzed up and told you all that, did she?"

"No, she didn't." Olette was frowning again. "Namine is in my chemistry class and we got paired up today for this week's lab. So when we were setting up, I said, 'You're Kairi's sister, aren't you?' Then she's like, 'Yeah.' Then I asked her if Kairi and Sora were really going out and she said –and I quote!- 'No, they're just friends. Sora's into boys, anyway.' So there!" Olette finished triumphantly, poking Roxas in the chest to emphasize her point.

He hardly noticed. 'Sora's gay? Really?' The possibility made half of him want to jump for joy, do a happy dance, whoop, holler, something, ANYTHING! The other half refused to get his hopes up. 'You're still a nobody, remember?' it told him.

'Yeah, yeah, you don't have to remind me,' he thought back.

"I still have trouble believing that," Pence was saying. "I mean, if somebody as popular as Sora Leonhart was into boys, wouldn't people know about it?"

Hayner nodded. "And even if he is, Namine wouldn't just up and say it like that. Sorry Olette, but I'm not buying'."

"She did!"

"Excuse me."

Roxas whipped around to face the newcomer… and felt the bottom drop out of his stomach as none other than Sora Leonhart stepped out from behind the curtain.


A.N. Yes, my friends, yet another SoraxRoxas fic. What can I say? I love 'em! This fic's gonna be an AU (if you haven't figured that out already), but I haven't quite decided if I'm gonna make it a humor fic or a drama yet, so for right now, let's just say it's a romance. I may change the title sometime later, too. The more I planned this fic out, the more this one seemed to fit, but like my beta said, My Kind of Guy is better for like a one-shot or something. But whatever.