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It has been four months since Mewtwo's death…four months since the commotion over the Blood Links.

Things certainly had calmed down, and Master Hand was proud of how the smashers, especially those who had been hurt four months ago, were taking things. Certainly things wouldn't go back to normal, but by overcoming, they were able to create their own new sense of normal.

Suffice to say, things seemed to be almost too normal…which allowed one of them to plot…to plan…

Giga Bowser's release was so close…the little clone cursed Mewtwo for being so impatient and trying to kill Luigi or Dr. Mario while they were with the others. Certainly he was easy to manipulate…getting him to think family ties would kill him…it made the heartless thing laugh. Take her, for example; she was partnered with one who had a sister, but lost her to a disease…

Nana had watched Dr. Mario quite keenly as he exited the room four months ago. He was the one who had to die; he was the one who had to be sacrificed to release her lord and master. How anyone could think she and the wireframes captured under his command could listen to him; it was ridiculous. Only one person would be hers and the wireframe's lord, and that was the one sealed away.

Of course, she had done her research too; the Angels' Door…and the one to open it. It was a pleasant surprise for her to find out that the angel was a smasher, and that he was certain prey. She knew that not even Master Hand knew his secret; that he was one of the angels, that he lived with the gods and goddesses above, and that his story was a lie…how anyone could think that he was what he really said! That also made her laugh…

But when was the perfect time to remove the final link? Four months…was that enough biding time? She could already hear his voice; he giving her commands, telling her what to do. The wireframe prisoners could also hear him; they grew rebellious. It now took D.K., Ganondorf, AND Bowser to herd them back into their prison.

But then it came to her; it came to her in a dream; her killing Dr. Mario, everyone gasping and asking why, and her lord's release. She would be rewarded; she would be honored; she would get one of her wishes granted…

…And the door would open too. The door will open…and the world will be shaped the way it's supposed to be…with Giga Bowser as king of it all…

"What a fantastic battle! Success goes to Link, and he shall face the winner of our next battle, Young Link vs. Pichu!"

Young Link, who was itching a mosquito bite, jumped up and armed himself. Giving Peach a nod and saying "Nice try!" as she passed by, he headed into the teleportation area. Positioned in the player one spot was Pichu, who gave Young Link a wide smile. Young Link took his place in the player two spot and the two were transported to a random arena. Just to Young Link's luck, it was Great Bay.

Young Link hated Great Bay, ever since Roy's death four, maybe five months ago. Back then, no one cared about keeping record of when the victims died. No one cared; Mewtwo was still undetected at the time, and confusion, pandemonium, and apprehension ran rampant. But even though things were calm, they didn't want to keep record anyway. The kid glanced backwards at where the turtle was; he could still see the cloaked Mewtwo keeping Roy under the water…the struggling fading…and Roy's life vanishing…until it was gone. Taking advantage of Young Link's reminiscing, Pichu jumped into attack.

Pichu was the eventual winner of the fight. Link and Pichu squared off at the Mushroom Kingdom, and Pichu claimed victory there too. It seemed as if the little mouse was going to win the tournament, when he was defeated by the Ice Climbers. The finals were about to begin; the Ice Climbers vs. Dr. Mario.

"What a turn of events!" Ganondorf proclaimed from his place in the audience.

"How so?" Bowser asked. "It's just the Doc versus the Climbers, right?"

"I don't know about that…" Ganondorf muttered. "I just have this bad feeling something's going to happen…something bad; something REAL bad."

"Me too," Ness said, frowning. "I couldn't focus on my battles."

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! IT'S TIME FOR THE FINALS! With all the ups and downs, two have finally successfully reached the end! Or should I say three? That's right; the final showdown of the tournament is between DR. MARIO AND THE ICE CLIMBERS!" The audience, and viewing smashers, cheered and clapped as the announcer does what he does best: announce.

Dr. Mario and the Ice Climbers teleported to their stage: Princess Peach's Castle. The battle was actually taking place at the castle itself, but there were plenty of cameras shooting all the action. Near the castle's teleportation area, the two semifinalists, Pichu and Marth, were stationed, just in case something went wrong.

Unable to see his foes, Dr. Mario muttered a quick prayer and jumped to the center of the arena. A few seconds after he jumped, Popo and Nana were copying him; also jumping to the center of the stage. The battle began…

Popo and Nana swung their hammers in an arc. Dr. Mario hung in the air; the hammers swinging a millimeter away from his stomach. The doc landed on the rooftop, jumped, and did his Dr. Tornado attack.

He kept a good stream of offensive attacks, successfully knocking away two of the Climbers' five stock before losing two of his own. Ganondorf and Ness stood up and walked to where he knew Marth and Pichu were. After a few seconds, Bowser also stood up and followed.

Dr. Mario seemed to be holding his own after he got lost his second stock. In no time, the Ice Climbers were only one stock away from defeat. The two kids vanished onto the other side of the castle roof, away from Dr. Mario's P.O.V. At first, the doc thought that they were getting an item, but then he heard the sound of hammer on skull, and the sound of collapsing. The doc immediately jumped over, only to find Nana gone and Popo unconscious.

"Popo?" Dr. Mario went to the knocked out kid's side and checked him over.

"He'll wake," The doc heard Nana say. "I didn't kill him. You, however, are a different case."

"Wait…what does that mean?" Dr. Mario asked, standing up and taking a fighting stance.

"It means my master will be free and you will die," Nana said. With non-natural strength, she ran over and tied the doc up. Holding him over the edge, she said, "Goodbye. Tell that fool Mewtwo he's a failure." She then threw the doc off the roof.

"Damn it! We're too late!" Nana turned around; it was Bowser talking. Ganondorf and Marth had their blades out, the former with an angry glare and the latter with a look of anger and regret. Bowser jumped at the clone. "You're going down!"

"My master is now released," Nana said. "I must go greet him." She vanished with a puff of smoke.

"Oh shit…her master…GIGA BOWSER! We have to get Master Hand!" Bowser shouted, realization hitting him hard. He immediately teleported off the rooftop.

"Let's go!" Ganondorf shouted. Marth shook his head.

"Go ahead, I'll catch up," he said. Ganondorf nodded and teleported away. Marth walked over to the roof edge and peered below. He ignored the sobbing Peach and frantic Luigi behind him as they headed into the castle to reach the ground, and ignored Pichu and Ness helping the recently conscious Popo off his back. He shook his head, gently punching the ground and muttering a curse.

Meanwhile, Master Hand and Crazy Hand were both floating towards Giga Bowser's sealed room. A loud explosion and the blaring alarms told them that it was too late. Eventually, Bowser, Ganondorf, Link, and Kirby were also running with them. They barged into the room.

One of the walls was destroyed, leading to the mansion grounds, and that was where the unsealed Giga Bowser, as well as Nana and the ten used to be imprisoned wireframes were waiting.

"Ah, Jeffery and Jeremy Hand!" Giga Bowser proclaimed, his voice a darker and deeper Bowser's. "So good to see your hard work failed!"

"Genes…" Master Hand muttered the name. "You have no right to be freed. Why did you plan all of this?"

"Oh, I know that, Jeffery," Giga Bowser said. "At first, I just wanted to get revenge on you guys, but then my servant here" Here he indicated Nana. "just reported everything she researched to me about the Angels' Door."

"The Angels' Door?" Crazy Hand shouted. "There is no such thing!" Saying this he "glanced" over at the smashers now looking confused.

"Oh but of course there is Jeremy!" Giga Bowser said. "I know everything about the door…and the key. I suggest you go talk to that young man at Peach's Castle; he'll tell you everything that I know."

"You're lying!" Crazy Hand shouted again.

"You better go talk to him, before I get him," Giga Bowser said. Then, taking Nana and the wireframes with him, he vanished. Crazy Hand cursed.

"What was he talking about?" Kirby asked. "What's the Angels' Door? And who was he talking about? What's the key? And who are Genes, Jeffery, and Jeremy?"

"Genes Koopa is Giga Bowser's true name," Master Hand replied. "Jeffery Hand is my true name; Jeremy Hand is Crazy's true name. As for the Angels' Door, the Door of the Angels, and your other questions, gather all the smashers. Any male smasher that's there, besides Popo, is to sit near the podium. Is that understood?" The four smashers nodded and left. Crazy Hand and Master Hand both "looked" at each other before following the four.

So much for a new normal…looks like another adventure was to begin after all…

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