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It was a peaceful night as Zelda and Roy sat on the mansion rooftop. The two royals observed the many twinkling stars and the ever so bright moon.

"I love nights like this," Zelda said, as she began forming a constellation with her hand. "Look, it's Bowser."

"Huh…yeah, I see it," Roy said, tracing the same stars Zelda did. "And over there, is that Mario?" He traced another constellation.

"Oh! I see it!" Zelda said. "Hmm…is that Master Hand?" She traced another constellation.

"Nah, it's Crazy Hand," Roy said. "Master Hand's right handed."

"True…" Zelda muttered. "So, what do you think the others are up to inside?"

"Probably bombarding MH with questions," Roy suggested. "'You're a demon?' 'Do you have horns and a tail like other devils?' 'What kind of weapons do you use?' 'Do demons also have jobs?' Stuff like that."

"Probably," Zelda agreed.

"Master Hand! You're a demon?" Pichu asked as he, the other twenty one smashers, and the giant glove all sat in the meeting room.

"Yes," Master Hand replied. "I was afraid to let you all know at first, for I feared you'd fear for your lives. It was when we were at the Library that I knew you guys wouldn't blindly think I, and Crazy, were evil merely because we were demons."

"Is that why you said what you did?" Luigi asked. "You said there aren't enough."

"That's because there are only five noble demon families, and a few scattered on the side," Master Hand replied. "My family is one of the oldest, for my ancestors created a special object."

"Special object?" Yoshi asked. "What would that be?"

"I would rather not talk about that," Master Hand replied.

"Do you have horns and a tail, like other demons?" Falco asked.

"Indeed I do," Master Hand replied. "But I've gotten so used to this mutated "body" that I'm not ready to change back to normal yet. But Jeremy's been itching to; ask him later and he'll show you."

"What kind of weapons do you demons use?" Falcon asked.

"We have most of the weapons that the angels have: swords, spears, bows, guns, axes, books, the list goes on," Master Hand replied. "However, we have a unique weapon that the angels do not have, while the angels have a weapon we demons do not."

"What weapons are those?" Fox asked.

"I believe the angels have rods, for only the Seraphim used those," Master Hand replied. "As for the demons, we have staves, which only a certain chosen few can use."

"Staves…" Link muttered. "So, no angel can use a staff, like no demon can use a rod?"

"Exactly," Master Hand said.

"Do demons also have jobs?" Mewtwo asked. "Like, do they also live lives of servitude?"

"Yes to both questions," Master Hand replied. "We demons are no different power-wise than the angels; we just represent different ideals and live in different realms. I'm what is known as an Underworld Guide, which means what it says; I guide people through the Underworld. But unlike the angels, our jobs don't come with a set weapon."

"What weapon do you use then?" Mario asked.

"A gun; why else can I fire golden bullets?" Master Hand asked. Mario gave a small "Duh!" as he smacked himself on the forehead. "Now, enough about me! I'll tell you more another day! Let's move to other matters!"

"Did you hear about the new tournament?" Roy asked, turning to Zelda. The Hylian princess shook her head.

"No; what new tournament?"

"Master Hand's planning on a new three-against-three tournament," Roy said. "Teams of three; a bold leader, a swift planner, and a dumb decoy. Two teams using each color."

"Sounds like fun," Zelda said. "Although the dumb decoy…"

"Unlike the other tournaments, the handicap settings are also to be used," Roy said. "The decoy gets the most handicap, which means he/she dies the least."

"While the leader and planner have the lowest/lower handicap," Zelda stated. The lord nodded. "Very interesting! How do you know that?"

"Crazy," Roy said, shrugging. Zelda giggled. "So, you think everything's back to normal?"

"I'm sure of it," Zelda said. She focused on the stars. "Look, I can see Popo and Nana!"

"Sure enough, side by side," Roy muttered. "It was really nice of the astronomers, you know."

"Well, our tournaments are the most famous," Zelda said. "And don't forget the viewing public believe the smashers saved the world."

"But not all of us were there," Roy said. "Why honor everyone?"

"What the public doesn't know doesn't hurt them," Zelda said, with a mischievous smile.

"Terrible," Roy said, grinning.

"I'm glad things are back to normal," Zelda said. "It's almost hard to believe all of this happened. And the murders…it's hard to believe I was once dead."

"Same here," Roy said. "I never though I'd be able to see everyone again, and yet I did; we did."

"Mewtwo's back to normal, newer and better wireframes are being created, Giga Bowser's dead, and the Demon King's spirit is finally gone…" Zelda summarized. "We've been through so much; a nice tournament would be a big welcome."

"I was thinking of being a team leader for the new tournament, actually," Roy began, his face starting to red. "I…was wondering if you would join me…"

"Of course, as long as I'm not the decoy," Zelda said.

"So much for also having my brother on the team…" Roy muttered. Zelda laughed. "Nah, it's cool. I plan on being one of the two red teams."

"No trouble there," Zelda said. "And look; I found you."

Roy followed Zelda's finger and spotted his own constellation.

"And let's not forget you," Roy said, finding and showing Zelda her own constellation. The two turned to face each other, staring into the other's eyes.

"Bet I can find Link before you can find Marth," The princess boldly proclaimed.

"You're so on!" Roy shouted, and the two turned their eyes to the stars.

"The new tournament will begin in two months; teams will be formed over the next few days, and you may begin your training anytime," Master Hand finished. "Any questions?"

"What if the two same colored teams fight each other?" Ness asked.

"One of the teams may choose a different color," Master Hand said. Most of the smashers looked dubious. "Yes, I know three-on-three tourneys are wild, but that's why the crowds love them. We can pull it off; I have faith in all of you. Any other questions?"

Upon being met with shaking heads, he "nodded".

"Dismissed," Master Hand said. "You all earned a well-deserved break. The arenas will open after teams are formed."

The smashers all cheered and exited the room; the last to leave being the angel Marth.

As he reached the doorway, he could hear a faint voice…laughing? Puzzled, he observed the room; no one was there…

Shrugging it off, he left, making sure to close the door.

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