An alarm clock went off signaling that it was time for it's owner to wake up; but in the bed next to the table with the alarm clock, the owner had a pillow pulled down around her head blocking all the sound out that she could. So she did not hear another person come into her room and over to her bed.

"Kagome wake up dear, your going to be late for your classes." The voice said shaking Kagome. The person watched as Kagome unburied herself.

"Mom, I don't have classes today. All of us who are graduating from college in two days just have to show up to get our cap and gowns and the rest of the day is free, but I have to go to work. I have to fill in for someone plus do my work so I might be late again tonight."

"My little girl is all grown up and graduating from college and will soon move away."

"Mom I won't move that far away. I will be close so if you need me I will be here." Kagome got out of bed and walked to her closet and pulled out something to wear and walked into the bathroom shutting the door.

"Does that Bankotsu still come to the college? Are you still going out with him?" Her mother asked.

"Yes he comes to the college and waits around then takes me out sometimes for lunch, but lately I have not seen him on campus."

"I don't want to say this, but as a mother I feel the need to come out and tell you that I have a bad feeling about him when he is around. Why don't you try to patch up the friendship between you and Hojo."

"Because when I turned him down at becoming his intended at the beginning of college. He transferred to a college out of town somewhere." Kagome said as she came walking out of the bathroom. She walked over and got her purse and walked over to her door and walked out heading downstairs.

"Are you going to eat anything before you go?"

"I'll catch a bite to eat on the go."

"Before you go your grandfather and I would like to give you something. We were going to wait until the day of your graduation, but this would be as good as any to give it to you." Her mother reached into her pocket and pulled out a pair of keys and handed them to Kagome. "Follow us and see." They walked out of the house and past the sacred tree and down the long flight of stairs to the road. Once down there they saw a midnight blue Mitsubishi 3000 GT.

"This is for me!" Kagome voiced with tear in her eyes. "Oh thank you mom and thank you grandpa." She gave them both hugs and a kiss on the cheek.

"Now listen here young lady just because you have a car does not mean you can push your safely. Always drive with safety in mind. No exceeding the speed limit. Always drive for the safety of yourself and others." As her grandfather was finishing his speech Kagome opened the car door and got in shutting the door. She rolled down the window and turned on the engine.

"See you later." She waved as she drove off.

"Young people these days not listening to what their elders have to say." Her grandfather ranted.

"Come on dad, I'll help you up the long flight of steps." Kagome and Souta's mother said as she and her father walked over to the steps leading to the shrine and their home. As they were heading up the steps Souta came running down them.

"See ya mom, grandpa."

Meanwhile as Kagome was driving down the road that she knew one of her friends were waiting for the bus. She pulled up along side her friend and rolled down the window.

"Hey Ayame! Care to have a ride?" Kagome leaned forward a bit. She watched as Ayame walked over and looked in the window of the car.


"Yep it's me. Would you like a ride or not?"

"Sure." Ayame reached out and opened the car door and got in and closed the door and Kagome drove off while Ayame put on the seat belt. "So where did you get this car?"

"My mother and grandfather surprised me with it this morning. They were going to give it to me after graduation, but they decided to give it to me this morning instead. My mom had tears in her eyes because I'm graduating from college."

"Ya I know about that tear thing. I mean my mother started last week with the tears. Whenever she would look at pictures of me as a little girl. Also when she brings those pictures out when family and friends come over. Talk about embarrassing."

"So what are you doing after getting your cap and gown and that boring speech?"

"I have to work at 3:00 pm and I have to cover my shift as well as some else's shift. The person I have to do their shift for loves to miss work, but hey I can't complain. At least I get paid for it. What about you? What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to help another friend move into her apartment. Then after that not much."

"Sounds like loads of fun."

"She is really a sweet person. I think you and her would hit it off and become fast friends if you were to meet. Maybe this weekend we could all go and do something together."

"That sounds like fun. Well we have arrived. Let us go forth and get our graduation stuff and listen to that speech." Kagome turned off the engine and got out of the car locking the door. "Lock the door please Ayame."

"So is your boyfriend going to come to the graduation?"

"I'm not sure. I have not seen him in a few days. I've left messages on his answering machine, but he has not returned the calls."Kagome answered.

They walked through the doors of the college and walked down the hall until they came to the room to pick up their cap and gowns. They then were told to head to the auditorium. Once everyone was seated the collage director walked up to the stage and spoke. Then when he was done speaking the director called out the students names alphabetically and went boy then girl and since both Kagome and Ayame's last names started with the letter 'H' they were not that far apart of being called from each other. The speech started after the director had them sit in the order that he put them in. When the speech was finally over Kagome and Ayame headed towards her car.

"Let's see it is 1:00 o'clock right now so what would you like to do?"

"Let's go get something to eat. I am starving." They both agreed on getting something for lunch. They headed to a place that served really good hamburgers and parked then walked in and ordered. "I'll be right back. I going to call Sango and tell her where I'm at."

"Alright. I will get the order and find a place for us to sit." Kagome watched as Ayame walked away. Seeing as there was a long line of people waiting for their orders Kagome walked over and filled her cup with the drink she wanted and got some napkins and walked over to a nice looking place to sit down. But as she was about to sit the things down her number was called. So she placed her drink down with the napkins and went up to get the order. As she picked up the food and headed to the table Ayame came up behind Kagome.

"I see that my return was timed great." Ayame said as they sat down.

"It seems so. Let's dig in." Kagome picked up her hamburger and started eating it then picked up a few fries and ate them.

"Sango was not there so I left a message. She probably took a load over to the place she is moving into. So when you drop me off if she is not there I will wait for her." Ayame took a bite of her food. When they finished Kagome drove to the place Ayame needed to go and dropped her off then headed to her place of work.

Arriving at the restaurant that she worked at she parked the car. Looking at her watch she saw that she still had fifteen minutes until she had to be clocked in so she headed to the restroom and changed into her work clothes then she walked out of the restroom and through the restaurant towards the back where she would check in.

"Hey miss I am ready to order." Kagome stopped by the man's table.

"Let me get another girl to serve you." Kagome saw the guy take a deep breath.

"Can't a guy get served? I've been here waiting ten minutes to be served and Not One person has come to take my order. Does a person need to take their business somewhere else to be able to eat?" The guy voiced loudly. Kagome looked around and saw other customers looking towards the guy's table.

"Let me go and clock in for work and I would be glad to take your order sir." Kagome walked away from the table towards the doors that lead to the back of the restaurant were the time clock and manager's office was as well as the freezer. She hurried and put her things in a locker and then took her time card and clocked in then turned and walked back out and over to the guy's table taking out her order pad and a pen. "Okay sorry about the wait sir. What would you like to order?" She smiled as she looked at the guy. he guy gave his order. "Would you like anything else?" She did not get a answer so she walked away and walked up to the counter and handed the ticket to the cook then she walked over and picked up a plate and made a salad. When it was done she grabbed a glass and filled it then took both the salad and drink out to the guy. "Here you are sir. The rest will be done soon." She looked up to see people walk in. Another waitress lead them over to a table three places down from where she was standing.

"Order Up!" Came the voice of the cook. Kagome and the other waitress's walked over to see if it was there order or not. Seeing it was her's, Kagome picked up the order then turned and took it over to the guy.

"Here you are sir. Sorry for the wait." She placed the food in front of the guy. "Enjoy your meal." She then reached into her pocket and pulled out the ticket and laid it face down on the table. She then walked down to the new customers. "Hello my name is Kagome and I'll be your waitress today." She jotted down their order and then took it over to be cooked.

"So Kagome two more days until you graduate from college. What are you going to do after you graduate?"

"I am not really sure yet." As she was talking the guy stood up and walked over and paid for his meal then left.

"Order up." One of the other girls picked up the order. Not long after that the cook put more food up. "Here Kagome." Kagome picked up the order and took it to the customers. After serving the food Kagome walked over and cleaned the table, then set it again for the next people.

The day finally came to a close as the girls made their way over to the doors and walked out as the janitor closed the door and locked them. Kagome waved a good night to the janitor then walked towards her car. When she unlocked her door she put her clothes and purse in the passenger seat after she got in and shut the door. She was so tired so after she started her car she turned up her radio and turned the station to see what was playing. When she came to some fast music she turned up the volume and drove out of the parking lot and headed home.

The days had passed and now was the morning of the graduation which meant alot of stress. If it was not one thing it was another that seemed to happen. First it started with Kagome waking up late then it was Souta playing a trick on his sister by taking her dress that she was going to wear under her gown and hiding it. Which ended up with Kagome yelling at Souta. Now it was a little after noon and Kagome was dressed and trying to fix her hair and no matter what she did she could not get her hair right. She laid her head on her arms crying.

Knock, Knock

"Kagome dear are you almost ready? It is close to the time to leave." Her mother walked in. When she did she saw her daughter crying. "My dear what's the matter?" Her mother voiced as she came over to her daughter.

"I can't get my hair fixed right."

"Here sit up and will fix your hair." Kagome sat up and her mother took the brush and brushed her daughter's hair then pulled her hair back and put it up into a tight bun. "There you go my daughter. Turn around so I may look at you." Kagome turned to look at her mother. Her mother saw that her daughter's mascara had ran down her cheeks. Her mother wiped her cheeks off of the mascara. "You are beautiful."

"Let's get going." The grandfather yelled up the stairs. Mother and daughter came walking out of Kagome's room and down the stairs.

After arriving at the college her mother, grandfather, and brother went one way as Kagome went another. Getting to the area all the graduates were to meet, Kagome saw that the others were already in line and they looked at her when she opened the door and walked in.

"Higurashi, Kagome! Glad that you could join the rest of the graduates!" The director of the college spoke before turning back to the others. "As we wait for miss Higurashi to join the line I would like to congratulate all of your achievements." The director walked out of the room. Not long afterwards did the sound of music was heard and the doors were opened and the graduates walked out to sit in the seats that were for them. Once seated the director stepped forward. "Greetings friends and family of todays graduates and honored guests." The director spoke more then started calling up the graduates one by one.

Kagome sat there watching as one by one as her fellow graduates stood and walked up as they were called. As she watched each person walk up and in turn was getting close for her to do so as well it dawned on her what it meant. As she sat there in thought she did not hear her name being called until someone nudged her. She looked over at the person and saw him slightly point to the director. She then heard her name and her face turned slightly red.

"Higurashi, Kagome." Kagome stood up and made her way up to the front.

"Way To Go Sis!" Came the voice of herbrother as she reached the steps. There was sounds of slight chuckling heard. She hurried and did what she had to and returned to her seat. When it was over everyone gathered for the refreshments. While she and her family were talking to Ayame's family a few girls came up to Kagome.

"Kagome come with us." One of them pulled her.

"Hurry." Another said.

"Where are we going?" Kagome asked as they rounded a corner.

"Shhh. Is that not your boyfriend over there?" Kagome looked in the direction the girl named Emi pointed. She saw a guy standing in the auditorium kissing one of the girls that she had just graduated with. She watched as the guy turned and she saw that it was indeed her boyfriend. Slowly Kagome turned and walked back to the room with the refreshments were.