During the middle of March Rin gave birth to a set of twins. A son was born first followed by his sister. Menomaru named their son Kozue and Rin named their daughter Kikuko.

Kouga had moved Ayame's stuff out of the apartment and into his place. Not long afterwards he took her as his mate.

Sango and Miroku finally made up well enough for them to get married, but he still flirts with cute women that he comes across both at work and at the stores that he goes with Sango to.

Inuyasha and Kikyou never had any children. Inuyasha has been spending more and more time at the estate as Kikyou has been spending more and more time away at work.

Souta and his girlfriend became engaged.

Hojo had finished night classes and had became a teacher at a school where he lived and had gotten married. He and his wife became parents to a little girl.

As far as Emi, Ayumi, Yuka go, they are still looking and playing the field with men.


Japanese Names Meanings

Kozue - Tree Branches

Kikuko - Chrysanthemum Branch Child