And...tada! My first pathetic attempt at a Sailor Moon Fic! Yay! Haha, anyways, this fic takes place sometime between the second and third season, and it's AU in the biggest way, but try to enjoy it anyway, and review if you like it!

Chapter 1- Normal Behavior

"Oh give me a break!" Rei said furiously as she slammed her room door, "Serena!"
"What?" Serena looked up from the comic book she was reading and gave Rei a completely innocent look, "What'd I do?"
"I thought you came over to borrow some comics!"

"Oh well yea, about that…"
"You two fighting already?" an amused looking Lita stepped into the room, "How long has she been here Rei?"
"She was only suppose to be here long enough to grab some comics", Rei said pointedly.

"So what?" Serena said, "I figured seeing as how we were having a meeting I'd just…stay"

"Thanks for letting me know", Rei said sarcastically. She'd been on edge for awhile lately, and Serena was a bit like an outlet for her.

"Give me break", Serena said, putting the comic book down, "What's with you lately Rei, you've been completely, well…off. What's with you?"

"Nothing", Rei said snippily, "Just drop it, would you?"

"Fine", Serena said quickly, "Okay, sure"

Lita rolled her eyes and sat down. Rei knew her and Serena constantly fighting got on the others nerves, but what could she do? Serena annoyed her so much sometimes. The others didn't get it though.

"We're he-ere", Mina chirped as she, Artemis, Luna, and Amy slipped in.

"What are you two fighting about?" Amy added as she took a seat.

"We're not fighting!" Rei and Serena said at the same time.

"Whatever you say", Amy said with flourish as she sat down, "So, Luna, Artemis, what exactly is this meeting about?"
"Yea", Serena jumped in quickly, "No more bad guys, no more trouble, no more Sailor Scouts, right?"

"What, we can't just want to have a little get together?" Artemis asked innocently. Mina grinned and hit him softly over the head with one of Rei's pillows.

"Get real Artemis", she said, "Come on, what's the reason?"
"Well, we were thinking…" Artemis said lightly, "You guys deserve a break"

"Well duh!" Serena cut in.

"So here's what we're going to do", Luna chimed up, "Artemis and I have something we have to take care, so you girls are going to be on your own for a few days. Can you--"
"You're leaving?.!" Serena screeched, jumping up, "You're leaving?.! For a few days?.!"

"If you can't handle it—"
"Are you kidding?.!" Serena yelled, "Of course we can handle it! You guys go, we'll be fine! Make sure to send a postcard! Have fun!"

"Gee thanks Serena, glad to hear you'll miss us", Artemis grumbled, "What about the rest of you?"
"We'll be fine", Mina said, "Just one question: what are you guys doing that's so important?"

"You'll see when we get back", Luna assured , "We don't want to get you worked up if it's nothing. You're sure you'll be okay girls?"
"Of course", Lita said with a nod, "Don't you two worry about us, we'll be fine"

"Okay", Artemis said with a nod, "I told you they'd be okay Luna"
Luna nodded, "Right. As long as you promise not to get into too much trouble"

"Oh why would we?" Serena asked.

"I feel assured", Luna muttered.

"Yahoo!" Serena bounced around on her bed happily, "Luna's gone! Who knows how long I get to go without hearing-" she imitated Luna, "Really Serena, can't you take more responsibility for yourself? YES!"

"Serena!" her brother threw the door open, "What in the world are you yelling about?"
"Ever heard of knocking?" Serena asked idly, jumping off the bed, "Get out!"

"Mom sent me up", he said as though it were final, "So what were you yelling about?"
"None of your business", she said, "Get lost!"
"Hey…" Sammy said suddenly, looking around, "Where's Luna?"
Serena froze, "Uh…out for a walk?"
"What?" Sammy asked, "Yea right. What'd you do, throw her out? Or did she run away? I wouldn't blame her if she did"

"Out!" Serena repeated. The boy finally listened and left. I forgot, Serena thought, flopping down on her bed, How am I supposed to explain Luna's disappearance? My family thinks she's just a house cat, I can't exactly say she went on a secret mission, can I?

"I'll come up with an explanation later", she said out loud, "Until then…no more Luna!" She resumed jumping on her bed.


"Aw man", she jumped down and grabbed the phone, "Yea?"
"Luna leave yet?" Mina asked, "Artemis left about half an hour ago"
"Yea, Luna's gone", Serena confirmed, "Yes!"
"I see you miss her", Mina said snickering.

"Isn't it obvious?"

"Anyways, there was something else I wanted to talk to you about", Mina said.

"What?" Serena asked curiously.

"What about her?" Serena questioned.

"Am I the only one who thinks she's been acting strange?" Mina questioned.

"I noticed", Serena said, "Why?"

"I'm worried", Mina said, "I asked Chad about it, he said her grandfather hasn't been feeling well, do you think she's just worried?"

"Maybe", Serena said, "But she doesn't have to take it out on us, does she?"
"No", Mina said, "I hope everything will be okay though, I don't like seeing my friends upset"
"I'm sure everything will be fine", Serena wasn't sure even she believed those words though.

"Okay Grandpa, you just take it easy", Rei said as she closed the door, "Good night"

She leaned against her grandfather's bedroom door with a sigh. This was getting to her, even her friends were starting to notice, she was going to have to be more careful from now on. She didn't want them to think anything was wrong. Until she came up with an excuse for her weird behavior though, she would just have to watch herself a little more. Might as well sleep on it, she thought as she made her way to her room. I'm beat.

What in the world? Her eyes snapped open sometime later. She sat up in her bed and looked around, I don't even remember falling asleep!

"Rei?" she looked around; Chad was standing in her bedroom door.

"Chad?" she asked, "What are you doing here?"
"Come on Rei, we have to go", he said, "It's going to start"
"What?" she was completely confused, "What are you talking about?"
"Come on Rei, this isn't funny", he said, "You're supposed to give the eulogy, lets—"
"Eulogy!" Rei jumped up, "What?.!"
"Come on", he repeated, grabbing her hand, "Lets go"
"Wait a sec!" Rei tried to pull away but finally gave up and let herself be pulled out to her front yard. "What's going on?" she gasped, looking around. There was a bunch of people sitting, looking as though they were waiting. They were all facing one direction: front. They were looking at a coffin. Rei's eyes grew wide in surprise, "What in the world…"

"Get up their Rei", she felt Chad push her from behind and stumbled forward.

"What's going on?" she asked, whirling around to face him.

"Stop it Rei", Chad said. There was no sign of his usual goofy grin. He was serious.

"Tell me what's happening!" she said furiously, "Come on!"
"Get up there", he repeated. She glared at him and made her way shakily to the front of the crowd. What's going on?, she thought desperately, This doesn't make any sense—!

But then she caught sight of who was in the coffin.


A tremor ran through her body. What! She thought. She was close to tears. She could actually feel the tears welling up in her eyes. I don't get it, I just saw him, this has to be a bad dream, someone just wake me up!

Rei's eyes snapped open and she shot up in bed, breathing hard. She pushed a strand of hair out of her eyes and covered her face with her hands, shaken. She'd always been a worrywart over her grandfather, her only family, but now it was worse than ever, with him trying to recover from a bad bout of a flu. He's all I've got, she thought with a frown, If I lose him…then what?

She shook her head and threw her covers off. There was no way she was going back to bed now. She grabbed her jacket on her way out the door. Once she got out into the cool night air, she started feeling a little better. She stopped shaking as hard and her heart was starting to slow down to normal speed again. She couldn't exactly shake this off though. It'd always been a nightmare of hers, her grandfather dying. Now it just seemed worse than ever.

"Such troubling thoughts for one girl", Rei jumped a mile and looked around.

"Who's there?" she questioned furiously. She was alone the street, but she'd taught herself not to always trust her eyes. "Who's there?" she repeated. Her eyes were darting around the empty street. She was completely fed up with this game. "Come out now!"

"As you wish", a sheet of black energy shot up in front of her. She yelped and jumped backwards, taken aback by this sudden turn.

"What's going on?"

Her question was answered almost immediately. A man was stepping out of the shadow.

"Who are you?" Rei asked, her shoulders tensing, "What do you want? If I don't hear some answers you're going to be sorry!"

"Who I am is not important", he informed her idly, "It is what I want that should concern you"

"And exactly what might that be?" Rei said, narrowing her eyes.

"What?" Rei asked, looking at him in surprise, "What do you want with me?"
"You've got a dark power hidden deep inside you Rei", he said, stepping towards her, "Imagine what you could do with it—"

"How do you know my name?" Rei snapped, stepping back, "Have you been spying on me?"
"Of course not", he said, "I would never be reduced to spying. Your mind reveals all your secrets, girl"
"What?" she seemed to be getting a lot of use out of that word, "You can read my mind?"
"Your feelings, your thoughts, they are all mine", he said icily, "So why don't you make it easy on yourself, surrender to the darkness!"
"Not a chance!" Rei cried, grabbing her power stick, "Mars Star—"
"Save it", the man said, cutting her off, "Save your power for when it is really needed. You will soon see the error of your mistake though, I assure you. Don't think this is the last time we'll meet Sailor Mars"

He disappeared in a flash of black. Rei's eyes shined in the moonlight as she watched the spot where the man had stood.

Who was he?