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Synopis: What happens when your best friend, not to mention the love of your life is getting married, and you're too chicken to confess your feelings? You do what Takeru does, you screw everything up! Who says happy endings are for everyone?

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon or all that is associated with it, because between you and me Digimon would have ended in a totally different manor!

On with the story!

Forever Yours

By: Takerus Lost Angel

He sighed inwardly, while running his hands through is blonde hair. Maybe if the weather wasn't as beautiful as it was he wouldn't have felt as bad about being miserable. He could not blame the weather for his disturbed mood. It was a beautiful August day, the sun shone brilliantly as couples roamed the park. 'Hm, it's my fault I'm alone, only if I had the guts to tell her.' The young blonde thought as he wandered through the park; in two days his best friend and the love of his life would be married. It felt like it was only like yesterday that she told him the horrible news.


It was a warm spring day; the trees were filled with the sweet scented Sakura blossoms. If pass Byers didn't know any better, they would have thought that the two young adults were in love. The two laughed and joked about past adventures in the digital world.

The brunette grabbed the blondes arm and pulled him towards the bench. She smiled sweetly at him. "Today's a wonderful day isn't it, T.K.?" The brunette questioned.

"Kari, if you considered being dragged around to every store in all of Odiba; then being forced to carry all the bags fun? Then you are sadly mistaken." He scoffed. Why isn't the great Iano here being your personal slave?"

She lightly hit her male companion on the arm. "Am I not allowed a simple afternoon, with my best friend?" She gave him the puppy dog eyes that could melt even the coldest of hearts.

Takeru sighed, while shutting his eyes. "I guess I could put up with you." The two sat in a comfortable silence, each enjoying one another's company. "You know Kari, we haven't done this in a while, you know just the two of us."

Hikari squirmed in her seat, while Takeru peered at her through on eye. "Takeru," She began, this caught the boy's attention, rarely did Kari ever call him by his first name. "I wanted you to be the first to know, because you're my best friend and wanted you to hear it from me and no one else. Iano and I are getting married." She looked solemnly at the boy waiting for a reaction. However, she wasn't expecting the reaction she got.

Takeru jumped from his seat beside Kari, and stared squarely at the girl. "Aren't you a little young to be getting married?"

The girl looked weirdly at the boy. "I'm twenty-two."

"Well aren't you rushing this just a little bit?"

"Iano and I have been going out for three years Takeru! What is your problem?" The young woman began to become impatient."

"I can't believe your marrying that jerk! He's…he's…umm…he is…"

Hikari snapped jumping to her feet. "He's what Takeru? He's what?" The girl inched herself closer closing the gap between them. She raised her hand as if she were going to slap the boy. "I thought you would be happy, of all people you're my best friend! I can't believe your doing this." She sobbed.

Takeru embraced the girl and held her close. 'How can I be happy for you, if it's not me your marrying?' The boy thought as he rested his head on top of the girls. "Kari, I care too much about you, to let you go without a fight." He whispered.

The girl looked at him, her ruby eyes starring quizzically at the boy. "I can't do this…" She sighed, before picking up her bags and leaving the miserable blonde by himself.

End Flashback

The blonde sighed to himself. Even to this day he could not think of one thing wrong with Iano. Just the name Iano made him sick to the stomach. The guy was a perfect gentlemen, he was smart, handsome, and treated Hikari with the utmost respect. Takeru, felt his pocket vibrate, he reached in and picked out his cell phone. He looked at the caller I.D. and furrowed his brows. It was her again. She had phoned or e-mailed at least three times a week, yet he never returned any of them. When would she get the point, he didn't want to talk to her. He clicked the phone off, and tossed it over his shoulder. Upon hearing a splash, he smirked. Finally, something was starting to look up.

The young adult tiredly trudged through the busy streets of Odiba. Only a few more blocks; and he would be home comfortably hidden from all to see his emotional scars. The adult began to fantasize about the wedding, how it would be him waiting for Kari and not Iano. He had a blissful look on his face, one that no one really had seen in quite some time. Takeru, didn't even realize that he was already outside his apartment door fiddling with his lock.

Takeru slipped into his apartment, and undid his shoes. "Oh Takeru, where have you been? I've been looking for you all day." He heard someone say, trying to ridiculously imitate a females voice.

Takeru peered around the corner to see Yamato sitting on his couch, eating his food. "Matt, don't you have your own apartment to steal food from?"

The older blonde raised a brow. "But Teeks, your food is so much tastier then mine." He whined.

Takeru rolled his eyes. "That's because I buy food." The two brothers sat in silence, until the younger of the two spoke. "Matt, I meant to ask you, how did you get into my apartment?"

"Ah, young grasshopper; leaving your extra key under the doormat is a sure way to get unwanted guests." Yamato smirked.

"Talking about unwanted guests…"

"Hey, I called your apartment three times, and then called your cell phone four. Talk about being hard to reach and you're not even the famous one." The older one grinned. "So, where is your cell phone, you really should carry it with you; just to be on the safe side." It was only a matter of time until the Yamato's older brother protectiveness emerged.

"It's kind of unreachable at the moment." Takeru smiled innocently, while receiving a suspicious look from his brother.

"What do you mean unreachable?"

"It's sort of at the bottom of the lake in the park." He said nonchalantly.

"At the bottom of the lake? That's an expensive cell phone Takeru. What the hell possessed you to do that?" Yamato screamed, while scratching his head in frustration.

"You think from your expression, that you were in love with the cell phone." He teased.

"That was an expensive gift, may I remind you!" He argued. "No, seriously; why did you do that?"

"She called."

"Oh." Was all Yamato could muster. "Teeks, she called me too, today. She said you still haven't replied to the invitation she sent you. She wants you there, you're her best friend." He said softly.

"Used to be." Takeru stared at the coffee table, there lying in the middle of it was the unopened invitation.

Yamato looked at his brother lovingly. "Even if you didn't want to go to the wedding, the least you could do is call her and let her know." Yamato stood and walked towards the door. "At least think about what I said."

The boy numbly shook his head.

He sat there alone in his apartment for hours. Just sitting and staring, battling with his internal emotions. He quietly picked up the phone and dialed a familiar number. He couldn't figure out what power possessed him to pick up the phone and dial that particular number. He didn't even know what he was going to say if she even picked up the phone. However, some mysterious power inside him made him dial.

The phone rang about three times on the other end before someone picked it up. "Hello." 'She sounded so sweet on the other end. It had been months since he heard her voice. "Iano and Hikari residence, how can I help you?" Silence. "Hello? Is anyone there?" Even more silence. "Iano, if this is your idea of a prank it's not funny!" The line went dead.

"I'M SUCH AN IDIOT!" He screamed to no one in particular, as he hit his head with the phone receiver. The phone rang just as he was about to hit his head with it again. "Huh?" He the talk button. "Hello?"

"Takeru?" The voice on the other end questioned.

'Shit!' He thought to himself. 'Damn technology, and stabbing me in the back.' The other end spoke again. "I know your there."

He tried to muster his best accent. "I'm sorry but there ain't not Talkeru here. I think you got the wrong number missy." He begged that she bought that line.

"Takeru, I know it's you. You were never good at accents." She stated. He could tell by the way she said it; she had a smile on her face. Whether it was because she was remembering the time they prank called Taichi and Yamato, or if it was the fact that he called. He just didn't know.

"You got me Hikari." He sighed sadly.

She must have missed it, because she began to talk like nothing had ever happen between the two of them. "Takeru! I'm so glad you called, I thought you never would. Just when I was about to give up hope you called." She laughed at the inside joke she had just created.

"Yeah Hikari, hope." He chuckled. Why was he cheering up, he wasn't suppose to. He was supposed to stay angry. As long as he was angry he wouldn't fall in love with her again. Then again maybe he never stopped loving her.

"Oh Takeru, I didn't realize how late it was." Takeru glanced at the clock it was coming up to midnight. "Takeru promise me you'll meet me for coffee tomorrow?" She asked the sound of pleading in her voice.

Takeru could only imagine she was giving him her famous puppy dog eyes. He sighed. "O.k. Hikari, I promise."

She squealed with delight. "Great! I'll see you tomorrow! Same place as always."

"O.k., seen you then Hikari." Takeru was about to hang up when he heard a small sob on the other line. His heart began to beat faster. "What's wrong Hikari?"

She sniffled. "It's nothing Takeru, I'm just so glad you called. I thought you hated me or something. I missed talking to you. You're my best friend after all."

Takeru felt a pang of guilt squeeze at his heart. "Hikari, I could never hate you."

Man, I think I've been listening to way too many love songs! Well that's the first chapter, I hope you enjoyed it. I'm figuring that it will only be one more chapter. Well, I'm working on it right now, so I should have it posted by Monday the latest! Well until next time, keep writing!