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Summary: Fifth year, the Dark Lord still hides and waits, the ministry still deny the re-birth of Voldemort and Harry reveals a secret he didn´t want to reveal and Snape gets involved. FemaleHarry, Father/Daughter fic.


Chapter One, Potion mess-up and a new Prophecy.

"Longbottom you incompetent fool, if you add those pixie-wings you will be serving detention in the forbidden forrest until you graduate" professor Severus Snape snarled at Gryffindor´s number one potion mess-up, Neville Longbottom. Neville, who had been about to add said wings into the already ruined revalo-potion, jumped at the potion master´s snarl and dropped the wings into the potion anyway.

"GET DOWN!" Snape shouted, and the Gryffindors and Slytherins quickly dived under the working-tables that were designed for this kind of situations. The mud-brown potion, (that were supposed to be lemon colored.) hissed and sputtered and then it exploded. All tables fell over and cauldrons smashed on the floor and spilt it´s boiling contents, many students fell unconscious because of the explosion and were now lying on the floor in spilt fluid. Snape quickly banished the potion from the floor and summoned several stretchers which were hoovering in the air while he hurriedly levitated all the unconscious students on them.

"Don´t touch anything and follow me." Snape ordered the few students who was still on their feet. Snape lead the way to the hospital wing with thirteen stretchers hoovering behind him and three students walking behind them.

"Potion accident!" he called out when he entered the wing and Poppy Pomfrey hurried out from her office. Since this was a whole class, Snape had to stay and help much to his dismay.

"I won´t stand for this, this was the last time Neville Longbottom stepped one foot into my classroom." Snape muttered under his breath as he stopped Draco Malfoy´s nosebleed and rubbed some burn-paste onto the left side of his face and and his left hand. Then he moved over to the next bed and fixed Hermione Granger´s dislocated shoulder, nosebleed, a cut on her leg and a bleeding from her ears. Hopefully she won´t loose her hearing.

"Talk to the headmaster about it later, but first help me treat these students." madam Pomfrey said while she was busy rubbing the burn-paste over almost all of Neville´s body.

Snape then moved over to the students who had escaped the explosion without any major damage. He saw to it that they changed out of the clothes that was full of fumes from the explosion, saw to their burns and scratches, with very much malice to the only Gryffindor still awake, namely the bane of his existence Harry Potter. Harry had not only been quick to drag himself and his best friend Ron under the table as soon as Snape gave the order, but had also cast a shield around Ron and himself. But the reason to that Ron was now unconscious with the others was because he had slipped on some of the potion and hit his head on the stone floor.

"Only a Gryffindor could make that potion explode. There is only one combination of those ingredients that would make that explosion, only one, and of course that dunderhead Longbottom had to figure out that exact combination." Snape sneered as he wrapped a green bandage, soaked in a disinfection-sollution, around Harry´s knee that had been cut by flying pieces of table and cauldrons. When Neville´s cauldron had exploded, the shield had worked but a moment later it broke and Harry and Ron was thrown across the floor.

"He didn´t do it on purpose." Harry muttered. Snape leaned closer to Harry´s face so that their noses almost touched. "It doesn´t matter if he did it on purpose or not, do you realize how serious this is? Mr Goyle could have lost his right hand, miss Parkinson could have lost an eye." Harry didn´t show much sympathy, he disliked them and they, well, didn´t loose their limbs. "Your little friend miss Granger might have lost part of, or she might even have lost all of her hearing, if she´s lucky there won´t be any long lasting damage but because of this she might be deaf when she wakes up." Snape hissed at Harry who had become very pale, he broke eye-contact with the potion master to look over at his friend.

"Always the Gryffindor courage." Snape sneered at Harry as he finished wrapping a bandage around his elbow too. Harry glared at him. "At least I didn´t flee out the classroom like those three." he mumbled, talking about Millicent Bullstrode, Vincent Crabbe and Theodore Nott, the other three that had escaped the explosion.

"Ten points from Gryffindor Potter." was all the professor said before handing him a sleeping draught, the other three was also given one which they took. Harry didn´t take his, he only watched Hermione who lay there on the bed, a bit pale. What if she really lost her hearing?

"Potter! Take the potion, no one is getting out of here before dinner at the earliest." Snape barked. He groaned, potions was the first class of the day, and being wednesday would mean that they would miss double DADA, which was accually fun this year. Professor Carl Benjamin was a really good teacher and he liked to vary his classes. Today they would have duelled. He swallowed the potion in one go and gaged at the taste. He layed down and fell asleep.


"Hey don´t worry Neville, at least you won´t have to deal with that greasy git anymore." Ron said, trying to comfort Neville who had permanent been dismissed from potions. His grandmother had been called to the school so that the decision could be made. If he still wished to learn potions, he had to do that separate with a private tutor hired by Augusta Longbottom, his gran.

They sat in their dormitory, the Gryffindor fifth year boys had all been dismissed from the hospital wing by the time dinner began, Neville, who had been closest to the exploding cauldron had suprisingly only got burns that was easily fixed with the burn-paste. Some others had to stay for observation or further treatment, among them Hermione. She had woken up with a horrible ringing in her ears that made her close to tears. They wouldn´t know for sure if it was permanent or not until tomorrow.

"But what if someone had been permanently hurt?" Neville said looking pale and scared. The rest of the boys looked at eachother, they couldn´t say anything because what if someone had been hurt? Not only would that person be suffering from some wound or another but Neville could have been in even more trouble, the verge of being expelled even if it was an accident was laying over his head right now if he ever tried to brew a potion without the supervision of Snape or another advanced potion person he would be gone from Hogwarts faster then he could say 'but..'.

"No one was, at least not this time. Just stay away from potion-brewing and focus on herbology or something." Harry said. Neville gave him a small smile and the boys went to sleep.

The next day they woke up to their alarm-clocks (Ron to a bucket of freezing water, compliments from Harry.) and went down to breakfast hoping that they would have time to visit Hemione before the day´s classes.

They entered the great hall looking around to see if Hermione had been released from Pomfrey´s clutches, but they didn´t see her so they sat down. The mail arrived and Hedwig brought him the Daily Prophet and a barn-owl delivered a letter from snuffles, aka his godfather on the run, Sirius Black. He opened the letter first.

Dear Harry,

How are you? The scar isn´t bothering you is it? Remember to tell Dumbledore and myself if it does.

Now with the godfather duty have been dealt with, what´s new? Have you played any pranks on Snivellus? And on that ferret-friend of yours? I´m sorry to say that I haven´t had any fun since everyone left, no missions, no pranks, no company, no nothing, kind of boring you know? Anyway, this place is at least much better that my parents old place that we were in for starters, I´m lucky Dumbledore didn´t think it safe enough or I would have been stuck there.

Don´t have any information for you though, just thought that I would write to you. Perhaps I should try and find something to do, so I hope to hear from you soon.

Love Snuffles,

p.s, write me a letter, or anything, please, (puppy eyes), I´m desperate for anything, Listen to me, I´m begging, what have the world come to.

Harry put the letter in his pocket and chuckled, Ron looked at him curiously.

"Snuffle is getting exremely bored." was all he said. Then he turned to the newspaper while taking a sip from his pumkin juice, nothing interesting, a little Harry trashing, a new hair-growing potion had been invented by someone in Germany, some Harry trashing, some more of those teasing-keys that mr Weasley had told him about this summer, the ones that shrunk and disappeared and confused the muggles that had bought them, and of course some more Harry trashing. Harry sighted and folded the paper so Hermione could read it later, during the school year, Harry and Hermione agreed to share the fee for the daily prophet, it was just a waste of money to have one each.

"You done eating?" Harry asked Ron who still was stuffing his mouth with toast. He nodded though and they headed to the hospital wing.

They went inside and looked around to see if Pomfrey was there, and when they didn´t see her they headed over to Hermiones bed, they stopped however when they saw Snape leaning over Hermione with a small flask in his hand. He dropped three dropps in her left ear and five drops in her right. Her ears turned bright red. Snape then turned to leave and caught sight of the two boys.

"Do you have permision from madam Pomfrey to be here?" ha asked smoothly.

"No, we didn´t see her anywhere." Ron said. Snape sneered. "Then you can leave and come back during lunch, it´s ten minutes until the bell rings and correct me if I´m wrong but aren´t you two suppose to be in the north tower for divination?" when they muttered that yes, they had divination first thing, Snape told them to leave.

"We´ll see you after lunch Hermione." Ron called to their friend, who waved to them.

When they headed to the north tower they were to busy insulting Snape to notice where they were walking, and they got stuck in one of the tricksteps. Which resulted in having to run up the last three staircases to the tower when they had freed themselfs.

"Sorry that we´re late professor." they said in unison when they entered. Trelawney just sat there, in the front, her eyes closed and not moving. Harry and Ron sat down with Lavender Brown and Parvatti Patil, usually they would avoid sitting near the two girls because they were astonished by Trelawney, Harry and Ron felt the exact opposite.

"What´s happening?" Harry asked Parvatti.

"She sat like that when we came, she hasn´t moved a muscel. She must be in the beyond, I just know it. She´s visiting the future." the girls started to chat about their theories, Harry and Ron rolled their eyes.

"Has anyone checked if she´s alive?" Ron asked Harry who shrugged. Harry desided to try and wake her, which of course got protests from the two girls. Ron covered for him when he told them that they were missing valuble lesson time.

He walked up to the professor and shook her shoulder. "Professor? Professor Trelawney, wake up." he snapped his fingers in front of her face but she still didn´t move.

"Well she´s breathing, but perhaps we should go and get madam Po..." Suddenly her right hand shoot out and grabbed Harry´s left upper arm, her eyes were opened but her eyes rolled in her head so only the white of her eyes were showing. She inhaled a bit raspy. The whole class was talking now. Harry felt his heart speed up. "Not again, please not again."

"Shut up," he said to the class, when they didn´t listen, he shouted at the top of his lungs."FOR CRYING OUT LOUD SHUT UP!" stunned by Harry´s shout they turned to look at him, he was very pale and his breath was a bit faster then usual. He stared at Trelawney, waiting for her to say something.

The first prophecy was made one decade and a half ago,

foretelling about the chosen one´s birth.

"She´s making a prophecy, oh my God I can´t beli..."

"Silentio" Harry pointed his wand at Parvatti.

the second was made one year and a half ago,

predicting the re-birth of the Dark Lord, the class gasped, those who believed that Harry was lying, didn´t anymore.

"That must be the one I heard during the exams." Harry thought.

the third will tell the chosen one to think.

Before the fullmoon raises again,

she will be returned to the one, the one that she belongs with.

Before the month dies, she will once again turn into what she really is,

he will protect when she is feeling weak, he will help her with the pain.

The Dark Lord, the class gasped, will fight her, she will fight back,

the wolfs will howl at the final day.

Before the fullmoon raises again, she will know her father.

She fell forwards and snored loadly, she woke up and looked around before her eyes fell on a very, very pale looking Harry.

"Oh dear, are you ill? Do you need to see madam Pomfrey?" she asked in her floating voice. Before he had the time to answer, Lavender opened her mouth.

"Professor, you made a prophecy. Harry went over to wake you since class had began ten minutes ago and then your voice became deep and you said something about a chosen one..."

"Professor, may I be excused, I don´t feel very well." he interupted Lavender in her rant.

"Yes of course my boy, being so close when a prophecy is being made can be quite draining." Harry thanked her and went over to the table were Ron and the girls sat.

"I´ll explain later." he mouthed to Ron while he grabbed his things, he turned to leave when Parvatti grabbed his arm and pointing to her mouth.

"Oh yeah, sorry. Finite Incantatem." then he hurried towards the headmaster´s office, when he reached the gargoyle he started guessing sweets. When he reached his 89th guess he groaned.

"Isn´t there a way for you to tell him that I need to see him?" he said to the gargoyle, which jumped aside to reveal the headmaster. Dumbledore´s eyes twinkled.

"Sir, Trelawney made another prophecy." they sat down in the chairs and Harry explained everything that happened.

"So I asked to be excused." Harry said feeling very tired and anxious. Suddenly Dumbledore looked very old.

"Harry, there ir something I must tell you. Something that I have been trying to avoid, but can´t avoid any longer. The first prophecy that Sibyll mentioned, it was about you."

Harry stared at the professor.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches,

born to those who have trice defied him, born as the seventh month dies,

and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knos not,

and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives,

the one with the powerto vanquish the Dark Lord, will be born as the seventh month dies."

Dumbledore watched as the last of the color in the boy´s face drain.

"Either he kills me or I kill him?" he said in a hoarse whisper. Dumbledore nodded. "Is there any doubt that it´s me?" Dumbledore shook his head no.

"Does this new prophecy have anything to do with me?" the same voice as before.

"I don´t think so, this one is pointing to a female, but of course nothing is certain." Dumbledore sighed and leaned back. Harry almost regretted telling Dumbledore. but would have come out of not telling him, half of the fifth years saw and heard it, and if Harry hadn´t told him, then he might not have told him about the first one.

"May I be excused sir?" Harry finally said

"Yes my boy," Harry flinched almost unoticable, but very little escape the great headmaster of Hogwarts, he saw it. "If you need to talk, you know where to find me." Harry nodded and left, he had transfiguration in fifteen minutes, so he walked down the stairs and past the great hall and up another staircase and turned left just as the bell rang. Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw first years walked out from the classroom and some of them stared at him and whispered. Just like everyone had done when he first arrived here.

He walked past them and sat down in his usual seat in the second row. He knew he had ten minutes until the class began but he didn´t really feel like doing or going anywhere. Suddenly, a tabby jumped up and sat down on his desk.

"Hi professor, do you mind if I sit here until the class starts?" he asked. The tabby observed him and then it transfigured to the strict witch he knew as professor McGonagall.

"Not at all mr Potter, but has something happened? You don´t look to well." she asked frowning. "And how come you´re here before everyone else?"

"Yes something happened, and I believe that will be the month´s gossip. Professor Trelawney made a real prophecy in front of the whole class, and I asked to be excused after that so I could speak with the headmaster." she looked skeptic. "No, you know that I...um...don´t share the professor´s let´s say way of seeing things, but this was a real one." she nodded.

"I heard of the other prophecy during your exams in third year. I understand why you felt the need to tell the headmaster."

"Professor, what do I have to do if I want to become an animagus?" changing the subject, but it was still something he wanted to know. He had thought about it during summer when he had seen Sirius, in the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix, transfigure back and forth from human to dog. She looked surprised at the question but pleased.

"Are you only curious or are you seriously considering becoming one?"

"A bit of both, I would like to know exactly how much work and time it will take, but if I think that it is something I really can manage I would like to try." he said sounding determined. She gave him one of her rare smiles and nodded.

"How about we set a small meeting, let´s say tomorrow at five? Then I will explain, everything and you can deside if you want to or not. You will have to do most of the work yourself, but I will be here when you get stuck." Harry thanked her just as the bell rang and the other Gryffindors minus Hermione and the Ravenclaws walked in and took their seats. The class began.


"Hurry up Ron, I want to visit Hermione before CoMC, we only have half an hour." The two friends opened the door and walked in.

"Madam Pomfrey?" Ron called out. She came out from her office and gave them twenty minutes.

"Hi Hermione, how are you?" they sat down on her bed, she didn´t answer but instead wrote something on a piece of parchment.

Hi guys, I can´t hear anything when this healing paste is inside my ears, you know that stuff you saw professor Snape pour into my ears this morning. I will be fully recovered in time for dinner.

They smiled at her and Harry wrote down something on the parchment too.

That´s great, we were worried there for a second, we thought you really had lost your hearing. By the way, at dinner we have something to tell you, but you will probably know some extended version of it on your way down. It´s too long to write down.

Hemione nodded and took the quill out of Harry´s hand and wrote something more.

You have been taking notes in transfiguration haven´t you? And homework? I can ask Ernie about acient runes, but you have to take good notes in CoMC. ok?"

They laughed and promised, their twenty minutes had gone and they had to leave for Hagrids class.

At dinner Hermione showed up and they told her all about what happened, and then they went to the dorms so that Harry could tell them what Dumbledore had told him. They talked until the other boys came in and they had to stop. Harry went to bed feeling that although he was anxious about the old prophecy, and even more so the new one, he had great friends who wouldn´t abandon him, which made him feel very guilty about not telling them the thruth. He couldn´t, if the Dursley´s ever found out, they would probably kill him.


The next day was a friday, and nothing in particular happened. At five Harry went to McGonagall´s office and they discussed the animagus training.

"I think I could do it, but this potion sounds really complicated, I could perhaps ask Hermione to help me with that. I´m sure she would be interested too."

"That sound as a good idea, but please don´t let the whole school know about it. If they want to know how to become an animagus they can figure it out themselfs that they could ask me. But many thinks that only because you have to register once you´re done, it´s something that we don´t approve of."

"Thank you for your time professor." he stood to leave.

"Thank you too mr Potter for taking the time to think about at least something you want to become." she smiled and Harry left.

The weekend went by with the first Hogsmead visit for the year, and september was coming to an end.

Before the month dies, she will once again turn into what she really is,


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