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Chapter 5, Chaos

When Alex woke up the next morning she checked the time and groaned, not one sane human being would be up at this time. She rose from the warm and soft bed and streched her whole body, those nightmares really did make her tense. She walked towards the bathroom but stopped when she heared voices outside her door. alex snuck closer to the door as quietly that she could. She peaked through the door and saw Dumbledore with his back turned towards her.

"...listen to me Severus, I think it is for the best if she goes back there," Alex almost gasped, did Dumbledore want to send her back to the Dursleys?

"Well, at least you know what I´ve said in the matter, I won´t argue with you on this headmaster," "What do you mean you won´t argue with him on this? I thought tha...Merlin, he´s just like yesterday, he´s so two-faced that git. Alex turned around and opened her drawers and took out some clothes and got dressed, then she packed her trunk with everything that she had owned as Harry Potter as well as some of her new clothes and school uniforms. She also packed a backpack with some things if she would have to leave the trunk behind. She placed the trunk by her door and peaked through the door again, Dumbledore and Snape were nowhere to be seen. "That overgrown bat is only confusing me, I´m not going to stay here for any longer, I´m leaving. Maybe Sirius could let me stay with him for awhile before I have to return."

She cast a levitating charm on her trunk and left Snape´s quarters, but when she walked through the wall, it vibrated violently and gave out a buzzing sound. Seconds later she heard Snape´s voice from within the rooms.

"Potter get back here."

"Oh shit." Alex ran as fast as she could to the nearest shortcut she knew, one behind a set of armor, that took her to the rose bushes outside, this was a newly discovered shortcut, that none of them had used yet since it was down in the dungeons. "Oh geez it´s cold out here." She continued towards the whomping willow and when she reached it, she used a long branch to reach the lump that frose the tree for a moment.

"Potter you stop this instant! Alexandra, I mean it, stop." Alex turned around and saw Snape running towards her, it was a strange sight seeing him run, but she didn´t have time to stop, so she hurried though the entrance and begun to run as well, which was very difficult with a trunk to levitate at the same time. As soon as she reached the Shrieking shack she closed the old, crocked door behind her and took out her wand. This house had five doors out for some strange reason, and if Snape was still after her then seh had to come up with somehting so she took five pieces of broken wood and transfigured them to pineapples, it was even easier to do then to transfigure those balls of yarn that they had advanced to in class. Then she put them on the floor and did the charm to make them tap-dance, and they started to tap-dance in the directions of the doors. She then hurried upstairs to hide when she heard Snape comming closer.

Bang The door crashed opened and Snape ran inside and looked around, he was breathing heavily. Then he heard the footsteps of the pineapples and ran off towards them, believing it was Alex.

When Alex no longer couldn´t hear him, she stood beside a window with her firebolt ready and her trunk tied to it, and her invisibillity cloak tightly wrapped around her and she placed a disillution-charm over the trunk, but she had to hurry because the charm won´t last forever and Snape will soon notice that he´s chasing after fruits. She opened the window and stood on the windowsill and looked down, it was a pretty long fall, she just had to go to the window over the cliff?

"What am I doing? I can´t run away from Hogwarts." she thought as she looked down. Suddenly she heard footsteps in the stairs. "Yes I can run away. I´m not staying with him." She fumbled with her cloak and broom as she hurried to get out of there. The door flew open and a very pissed Snape stalked towards her. Alex fumbled with the broom and her cloak so much that she lost her balance and fell out the window.

"Aahh." Snape's eyes widned as he rushed forward to grab her but he missed.

When she fell out her legs got tangled in the invisibillity cloak so she couldn´t grab hold of the broom with her legs which made her loose controll over it. The trunk was dangeling from the back of the broom making it even more unstable.

"ACCIO!!" Snape yelled from the window. The charm caught her cloak and ripped it from her body and it flew up to Snape, now when her legs were free she could grab the broomstick properly but she still had a hard time getting controll over it thanks to her trunk. She screamed as she came closer and closer to the ground, Snape cast a levitating charm on her but it only slowed her down a little. If she hit ground in this speed she would still get seriously wounded if not even die. The branches cut her face and body as she fell threw them.

"CUT OFF THE TRUNK!" Snape yelled from the window. Alex grabbed her wand, why hadn´t she thought of that? She cut of the trunk and just a couple of foot from the ground she regained enough controll of her broomstick to slow down before she hit the ground, hard. Alex laid on the ground trying to catch her breath. The cuts stung and her left arm felt broken. She stared up at the sky, it was almost dawn now and the birds had begun to sing. She managed to stand up and when she had found her broom she sat on it and flew away heading south.


To say that Snape was pissed was an understatement, why did the girl have to grow a brain now of all times? But he had to admit that it was clever to use those pineapples. He used the point-me charm to locate Alex and when he knew, he hurried upstairs and slammed the door open. When he saw her sitting on the windowsill his anger grew.

"She have to learn limits some bloody time, she´s going to far. Damnit I am personally going to strangle her when I get my hands on her"

But when he saw her fumble and then fall his heart stopped, he hurried towards her but he was too late she was already falling towards the ground. Her legs were tangled in that bloody cloak. "and I´m going to burn that ruddy piece of cloth. Accio won´t work on her, maybe..."

"ACCIO!!" He caught the cloak and threw it behind him."Yes it worked, come on now girl, show me that you are the greatest flyer at Hogwarts." But the trunk still complicated everything greatly. Snape heard Alex scream of fright and threw a levitating-charm on her, but that kind of spell isn´t supposed to be used on things heavier then 100 pounds, and with that trunk hanging there it made it harder for Snape to keep the spell up.

"CUT OFF THE TRUNK!" Seconds later Snape saw Alex crash to the ground, but she was moving much to his realief, he didn´t spare another second looking at her, he ran outside and towards her location.

"There isn´t even one excuse, not one, to pull a stunt like this. When I get my hands on her she isn´t going to be able to sit for a week, if not more..." While thinking up possible punishments, and a few not so very possible ones, he got closer to where Alex had landed. He stepped into the small glade that she had crashed down in he only saw her trunk and in the treebranches above him he saw pieces of fabric from her clothes and small bloodstains on the ground.



Lucius Malfoy had the bracelet within reach, now all he had to do was wait, the barrier was the most fragile when someone from inside was stepping out. The Smiths couldn´t stay inside the house forever.


Ron woke up, sweating and panting. He had woken up from a nightmare, but he couldn´t exactly remember what it was about, but he remembered seeing Harry and Snape´s kid. He suddenly remembered the troll from first year on Halloween, the giant chess set and Harry laying in the hospital bed afterwards, for three days not waking up. He leaned back against his pillow and remembered the first time he had meet his friends. First Harry on Kings Cross, not knowing where he should go, and then on the train they had meet Hermione, they had both thought that she was a stuck-up know-it-all, of course they still thought so but now she had eased up.

Ron sighed, he missed his friend, and chuckled at the picture of first-year-Harry, but they couldn´t have been as small as the current firsties, but Harry was pretty small back then, and shy-looking, and girlish. Girlish? Ron sat up so quickly that he almost flew forward.

"HERMIONE!" he screamed and ran out from the dormitory, waking Neville, Dean and Seamus in the process.

"What´s up with him?" Seamus asked.

"Probably just realized that he have a crush on Hermione. You owe me three galleons Seamus, I told you he would figure it out before christmas." Dean answered.

Neville yawned and stuck his face deeper into his soft pillow. "Both of you guys owe me five each, I said before Halloween."


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QUESTION:Is Alex possesed or otherwise controlled by someone? And if so, by who?

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