Character's Name: Amaya

Character's Age: 23 yr. oldYour b-day: October 3

How the character looks: just message me and I will send you a picture

The characters skills will be in another chapter

Character's rank: ANBU lieutenant (co-captain)! The captain is on a long mission so you are taking over as Captain. You are part the Black Ops the best league there is out there. You joined the same year as Itachi.

History wille be revealed later.

Ages and Ranks:

Sakura 17- has been requested to become the head medic in any league in the ANBU but she says she will take the ANBU exam like everybody else and will take it when the time is right

Naruto 18- still a genin but with Hokages permission the is allowed to skip the jounin and chunin exams because it would be a waste of time. In result he will be taking the ANBU exams

Sasuke 18 - still missing but his rank ANBU

Hinata 17- special jounin but is going to take them next ANBU exam

Kiba 18- also taking the ANBU exams

Shino 18- taking the ANBU exams

Tenten 17- taking the Anbu exams


All the boys are 18 and the girls are 17 Temari is 2c, Itachi is 23 (ANBU) and Kankouro is 19. Oyea temari and Kankouro are ANBU already and Gaara is the kazekage.

Kakashi 31- same rank justlike the other jounin

Kurnia 31 Well I think all the jounin-sensies are the same age but maybe some are yeear older and stuff so yea.

Authors note: Well I have this story in quizilla so if you have seen it is mine. This is just a little background information om the whole story. I am re editing the first chapter and it should be out soon. I have to go my mom calling me to do the dishes LOL