I am so sorry that I haven't updated. It is just that I am doing stuff right now. Thanks for all the people who reviewed and put me on their favorites. The problem is that the fic plot line is unbalance. I need to fix everything. When I made this fic I was going alot of people OOC, but I have no intetion of doing so. This is why everything is messed up. It may not show right know, but when the story goes on it is going to mess it up. So I am so sorry

But I am so sorry to say, No I am not discontinuing this fic, that right now I am going to start something new. Right now I am taking a break from righting Naruto fics. I am going to help out for the Bleach section. So if anybody watches Bleach they could read the new fic I just put out!

Sorry but i forgot to put a disclamer. Well everybody knows that I don't own Naruto, but I do own the Ocs and more stuff that you will know later on the fic!