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Sakura:14,crazy with friends but quiet near her mother,9th grade, and with divorced parent

Gaara:15,psychotic as usual,10th grade and lives with siblings

Sasuke:14,has a crush on Sakura, 9th grade,lives with no one

Naruto:14, 9th grade, and also lives with no one.

Hinata:14, 9th grade,and lives with parents.

Ino:15, 10th grade,

Neji:15, 10th grade , and mooches off Hinata lol :D

TenTen:14,9th grade, and I have no idea who she lives with...xD

Temari:16, 11th grade, and lives with siblings.

Kankuro:16, 11 grade, and lives with siblings.


((Out Of Character))

Summary:What happens when a random freshman,Sakura,has detention on her first day of school.What she doesn't know is that she has to share it with the most feared kid of Sandy Hills Highschool(located in Sungurake),Gaara.Oh and her friend that likes her and will kill Gaara if he gets near her,Sasuke.

Disclaimer:I don't own Naruto..STOP REMINDING ME ;-; or Jessica Alba..

New Friends


Sakura groaned under her blankets and searched for her alarm clock without even bothering to open her eyes.

"that thing must die.."Sakura muttered half awake,followed by a yawn.

She blinked her eyes a few more times waitng for the blur to disappear and saw on her clock:


Her eyes opened wide and she was fully awake now.

"AH!"She jumped out of her bed and scattered around her room for her clothes.

"Honey?"Sakura's mother,Hana,said.She walked in her daughter's room and saw clothes thrown on the floor.

"Mom you didn't wake me up for my first day?-!"Sakura said quietly to her mother as she took out grey jeans.

"I'm sorry,I forgot-"

"You forgot that...and..my birthday..and feeding my cat-which is dead"Sakura said glaring at her mother for the painful memory.

"...Ok I forget a lot of things,I'm sorry"Hana said glaring back at her daughter but sighed softly.

"Whatever..can't wait to go back with dad"Sakura whispered as she went to the bathroom.

Hana sighed and rubbed her forehead.

"Giving you a hard time"Hana squeaked and turned around and saw Naruto.

"Naruto..what are you doi-"

"-You forgot to wake her up again huh?...that..and her birthday..and her poor cat Mr.Fluf-"

"-DAMN THAT CAT!"Hana shouted going to the kitchen.

"Old ladies are creepier in pms time..."Naruto said with a shudder.

"Hey Naruto.."Sakura said with her pink hair in a bun with her bangs covering her green eyes.

"Wow."he whispered with a blush as he stared at his friend.He cleared his throat and tried to look away.He couldnt'.

Sakura wore a tight black shirt that is long sleeved yet slit at the elbow.With her grey pants and let's not forget the cool black eyeliner.

"...are you ok..."Sakura asked with an arched eyebrow and a smile on her lips.

"Ye-yea!um..uh..look it's Sasuke!"Naruto said twitching as he looked past his shoulder.To his surprise,Sasuke was there.Hmm,Naruto thought,"and Jessica Alba is right behind Sasuke!"he whispered to himself but sadly,no Jessica.damn...he thought with a frown but shrugged his shoulders.

Sakura turned around and saw Sasuke standing behind Naruto with a cool expression on his face.(he's in the black outfit that he wore when he fought Gaara :3)

"...Let's just go"Sakura said grabbing onto Naruto's and Sasuke's arms and led them down the stairs.

"Bye Forgetful Mother!"Sakura shouted with a smile.

"BYE MY EMO CHILD!"Hana said with a smirk.

"..So this is High School.."Naruto said in awe standing infront of the building.

Sasuke looked at it like he looks at everything 'not cool enough for me' while Sakura was busy with the 'do I give a shit' look.

"OMG OMG OMG OMG NEJI!"shouted a group of girls chasing...a boy?-!

"Dude..is that a guy with long hair...or a chick.."Naruto said squinting his eyes.

Sasuke laughed."It's a guy.idiot"

"How can you tell?..ooo..he has shiny hair...I like shiny"Sakura said smiling and beginning with her random stuff.

The bell rang.

"WE'RE GONNA DIE!"Naruto shouted.Everyone stopped in their tracks to look at him.

Sakura twitched while Sasuke stared at him with a pathetic look.

"I mean-..we..we're gonna be late to class"Naruto whispered and they started walking in the school past the taller kids.

"..It's just the first day of High School-"Sakura got interrupted.

"WHAT IF THEY TRASH ME!"-Naruto said with anime tears.

"Stop shouting or I will throw you in the trash can"Sasuke threatened glaring at him as they walked through a hall.

"Sasuke don't be mean"Sakura said nudging him with a smirk.

"Ow...fine.."Sasuke said looking away not to blush or anything.He looked infront and saw a kid with an odd outfit,but a very cool hoodie.Next to him was a vicious looking blond that had a dangerous smirk on her face and he tried to look past them.It seemed someone else was there?

"CLEAR THE HALL PEOPLE!"Kankuro shouted.

Sakura,Naruto,and Sasuke kept walking and not caring.

"HEY YOU THREE?-!" Kankuro pointed at them."DO YOU KNOW WHO IS GOING TO PASS THROUGH!"he said with many hand gestures.

"No and we don't ca-"Sakura stopped talking and shut her mouth when she laid eyes on him.

"I am" said a red head with his eyes closed as he past Temari and Kankuro. He kept walking and stopped infront of the three(sakura in the middle) and finally opened his eyes.

"Wow...cool eyes"Sakura said in a monotone voice with a smirk.

"Wow..weird hair"Gaara said as he smirked and walk by them.

"That is ten dollars for having a conversation with THE Gaara-"

"Kankuro stop it"Temari said as she smacked his head.

The bell rang and everyone(mostly) was late for homeroom.

Sakura entered her first class.

Math with Kakashi.

"I am,Kakashi."he said running his hand through his silver hair."Make any trouble in my class and you will have a kunai thrown at you"

Students stared at him in fear.

"I'm just kidding."the kids let our their air they held onto"it'll be a shuriken"

Kids twitched.

"Kakashi person"Sakura said raising her hand.

"Yes Ms.Haruno"

"I need to use the bathroom,excuse me"Sakura got up and walked away.

"...when did I say she COULD go"Kakashi said with a sweatdrop as she left.

Sakura walked in the hallway with her eyes closed.If she was near anything or anyone she would know.She would feel it.Ha...yea right.Sakura opened her eyes and met with lighter green eyes,followed by a thud.

"Ow..."Sakura said rubing her forehead.

"You.."Gaara twitched.His clean face had a red spot on his forehead thanks to Sakura.Next thing you know Sakura is wrapped in sand.


"Don't talk.Be quiet."Gaara said as he made her come closer."Wait..What's your name?"he asked trying to hide the curiosity in his voice.

"Sakura...or...the almighty ruler of the 2 idiots"She said then she moved her head to look to her right and saw Sasuke.

"Let her go"Sasuke said leaning on a locker.

"Who says?"Gaara said in a harsh tone, letting his eyes fall upon him.

"Me"Sasuke said with a psychotic smile as he stared at Gaara with wide onyx eyes.

"HI SASUKE!"Sakura shouted with a big grin.

"...hi"He said ' and she just ruined the whole scene'he thought.

Gaara stared at her confused. '...does she have a double personality or something?-!''Nah I think she's just weird''Shukaku you may be right'

"Hey Sasuke...can you get me out of here..."Sakura said staring at the sand as she poked it with her nose.

Gaara and Sasuke stared at her even more confused.

"...uh..yea.."Sasuke took out many kunai and glared at Gaara.

"Ok who are you?"Gaara asked now a bit irritated.

"Uchiha,Sasuke"Sasuke said with a grin.

"Sabaku, Gaara"Gaara said with a blink and a slight smirk.

"Haruno, Sakura"Sakura said in a deep voice.Gaara and Sasuke looked at her."...I thought it'd be cool..."she explained.

"THE THREE OF YOU!"Sakura,Gaara,and Sasuke froze.

Me:idk I just wanted to make something like this where Gaara and Sasuke will beat each other up!of course I would make Gaara win...so that would be unfair :x


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