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Recap: "I did not. I just simply shoved you in a locker..I don't hear freshman complaining about it,why you" Gaara said. Sakura looked at him.

"You put my FELLOW people in lockers?!?" she said to him. Gaara smirked and gave her a kiss "ok you are forgiven dear sir-"

"Will you STOP acting as if I'm NOT here" Sasuke shouted at the couple. Sakura and Gaara stared at him.

Chapter 7:Another Detention...

" gonna be good.." Anko whispered to Kakashi as they got cafeteria chairs and sat down. Neji was too busy getting to know Ten-Ten that he didn't noticed Sasuke shout? weirdo :D

"I mean, I understand you both like each other and all..but..don't do this to me now Sakura-it's too early for me.." Sasuke pleaded to his friend. Sakura was going to take a step forward but Gaara squeezed her hand gently. She looked at him as if saying it's alright.

"Sasuke.." Sakura said letting go of Gaara and going to him. Sasuke looked up from the floor to green pastel eyes.Anko began to get teary and Kakashi was reading his Icha Icha book. Ten-Ten and Neji were...where?!?!


With TT and N


Neji had Ten-Ten pinned to a locker as he kissed her neck.



"...I just can't see you with another guy...understand me...I'm trying to understand you" Sasuke said raising his hand cautiously to Sakura's cheek. She smiled at him.

"Okay Sasuke...just know that…you're my best friend and I love you..."she said giving him a hug. Sasuke closed his eyes and embraced her as if it was the last time, in a way, it was. Sakura was with Gaara and both liked each other. Sasuke and Sakura twitched when Anko began to bawl.

"That's so sad!! Sasuke! Be a man and fight Sabaku!! Win the girl" Anko shouted. If Gaara had eyebrows he would of raised one, and he looked at Sasuke

"Kakashi you're missing your marathon..."Sasuke said. Kakashi's head shot up from his book. Anko stared at him.

"NO FERNANDO!!!"Kakashi shouted running to the room.Anko's jaw dropped.

"You mean the 'Ocean Passion' marathon?!? IT WAS ON TODAY!!" Anko ran following Kakashi.

"Oh wait…" Kakashi said re-entering the room "You three..." he said to Gaara, Sakura, and Sasuke, "can go now...detention is over" Sakura had a smile "but be back tomorrow...since you ditched "her smile disappeared.

Kakshi and Anko vanished and the three stood there.

"This sucks!" Sakura shouted she turned and saw Gaara and Sasuke glaring at one another. Gaara giving him a protective one and Sasuke giving him a somewhat defeated one. Sasuke looked at Sakura and she noticed his eyebrow give a small twitch

"Tell your mother I'm sorry I couldn't walk you home today..."he said, and with that he turned and started walking through the main doors. She stared at the doors even after he left.

"Sakura..."Gaara said wrapping his arm around her waist "..are you..are you...(damn)"

Yes. Sabaku No Gaara has trouble asking 'are you okay'.

Sakura looked at him and gave a smile "I'm fine Gaara...just…Sasuke is my best friend.." Gaara turned her around and gave her a deeper embrace. Sakura couldn't help but blush and she tried her best to not laugh since Gaara's breath tickled her neck.

"Why don't you come meet mom...I have to leave..."Sakura said.

Gaara's POV.

Did she just say mother. I have to meet her mother. My. This is going to be entertai-Gaara!! you freaking weakling!! it's just her MOM...Don't call me a weakling you pathetic excuse for a demon. Ooh that hurts. That hurts...I'll let you know when I actually care.

"Sure"I said as I parted from her and looked at her brilliant eyes.Something about them-no.About her sent shivers down my spine.Not fear..that's all I I fear no one.

"GAARA!!!OMFGAKSGJNP,OSAGHXSAO THAT'S SO CUTE!!"I twitched at the sound of that voice.That voice that I wish would just die...hmm..Shukaku I might be in need of your services..NO! you INSULTED me!!and it HURT...once again...I'll let you know when I actually care,and that wasn't a question.I demand it.

Temari,my obnoxious sister came and stared at us.Do you have any idea how uncomfortable that is..especially when she gives you that grin.That grin that says 'OMFGAHEGFMEWOIXJKUW THAT'S SO CUTE' .I don't want my sister dead...I..I just don't want her to be alive?In other words dead?yea...

"Temari..."I said giving her a glare.Is it me or are people not fearing me?Temari is still standing infront of me.With a grin.I think I'm getting rusty.Sakura on the other hand laughed and looked at me and gave me a kiss.Ah,that made me feel way better.until.

"EWWWWWW GO GET A ROOM YOU BUNCH OF HORMONE RAGED KIDS!"Temari shouted once more...She is definately not going to wake up tomorrow.Sakura laughed and leaned on my chest.I was not amused,but I hugged her.

Normal POV-...I think I like Gaara's POV..hmm-

Kankuro stood next to Temari,stupefied"WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA-"

"KANKURO SHUT UP!"Temari shouted at her brother.Kankuro still had his jawdropped.

"...Gaara is...Gaara is going out with..with-"

"Yes Sakura-"

"A FRESHMAN!!WHHHHAAAT???!?!?!!? impossible!!I will not allow-"

"Allow.What."Gaara said giving his brother the glare of a thousand deaths or a million.Depends how sadistic you want Gaara to be.Kankuro backed down and hid behind Temari.

"I will NOT allow that-that..that..(er...) I love you..."Kankuro said rather out of words.(yea...well more like me..but..yea..)Gaara,Temari,and Sakura only stared at him until he ran out of the cafeteria.

"...INCEST!!"Temari shouted"IS GROSS!plus I knew Kankuro was Gay...I mean..all that make-up!!come on!DEAD GIVE AWAY! but but INCES-"

"Temari shut up..."Gaara said as he still couldn't believe he was related to those people.Sakura on the other hand was twitching.


((I'm sorry for the burned my eyes too))

"I don't wear make-up.This is all natural."Gaara said looking at her with his jade colored eyes.Sakura gave him a grin.Temari was quiet and started laughing uncontollably.

Okay.Gaara .SakuraO.o.

"It's like Gaara's gonna say'this is all-natural baby!'"She said kneeling on the floor.One arm swung across her stomach and the other hand on the floor as if supporting herself NOT to go on the ground.Sakura started laughing and Gaara stood there.Not amused.

"SHE SAID LIKE!!"Sakura said laughing like Temari.Gaara stared at his girlfriend.' is surprising...lmfao she said like..Shukaku be aren't amusing in anyway''YES I am..''No you-''WHO'S the one who planted the images of Sakura in a bathing suit for you...excatly'Gaara blushed at the thought and after a few more minutes of pointless laughing. They went to Sakura's house.


Gaara noticed that Sakura was acting differently.The moment she stepped into her house,she wasn't shouting,she wasn't laughing,and she wasn't smiling.Gaara came in after her and saw her mother and a man in the kitchen that was across from them,the appeared to be arguing?Her mother quickly looked at the door and gave a reluctant face once Sakura's glare was given to both of the adults.

"Sakura-"Hana got cut off once her daughter ran upstairs with her boyfriend.She leaned on the door of the kitchen and gave aguilty glare at ther ex husband.

"I told you not to come..."she said to him.He has silver hair and midnight blue eyes.He wore glasses,tall man,thin despite his age.He looked at Hana.

"Who was that boy.."he said rather overprotective.Hana gave a laugh and gave him a cold look.

"What does it matter to you...please get ou-"

"I want to talk to Sakura."He said.Hana looked at him and studied the look he gave her and sighed.She placed her hand on her forehead.


Sakura's Room

"Saku-"before Gaara couldn't even finish her name she turned and embrace him.Her head was burried in his chest and she gave a small cry.

"I'm sorry..."She said.Gaara placed his hand on her chin and gave her asoft kiss.Trust me,Gaara didn't want it soft,but he couldn't do anything more with her situation like this.Much to Gaara's surprise she deepened it,Gaara responded by also doing so.Their perfect moment was ruined when a knock came.

"Sakura?it's me dad.I need to talk to you"She heard her father's voice say.Sakura looked at Gaara and gave him a week smile and opened the door.Her father looked at Gaara suspisiosly.

"No sex"He said.Gaara and Sakura turned beet red.

"WHHHAAA-"Sakura shouted twitching.Her father gave Gaara a laugh.

"MY MY YOUNG MAN!!your face is the color of you hair!"with that sentence Gaara's blush deepened more and he gave her father a glare.Sakura gave a smile'Even if my dad was fighting a few moments ago he can still be positive..''..yea you know.I think you got the weirdness from him..''...thanks?'Sakura hugged her dad.

"What'd you wanna say"she asked him.Her father looked at her and Gaara with a serious look.

"Listen to info that will help you in life.."he said as he gave a dramatic paused.Gaara listened closely and Sakura was impatient"Don't be silly!wrap your willy!"he said looking AND pointing at Gaara.He stood there staring at her father and Sakura laughing.Laughing realy loudly.Gaara felt as if it was the time when Kankuro and Temari gave him...the talk.


"Gaara...there is no stork.."Kankuro said to his 10 year old brother.Gaara gave him a blank stare.

"what do you mean?"he said with curiosity.Temari patted his head.

"All shall be revealed child.."

A few minutes into it

"And then you thrusstt!!!"Kankuro said.Gaara's jaw was currently dropped and he sat there staring at his older siblings.

A few more minutes more

"There is some crazy ass positions let me tell you!"Temari said laughing.Gaara did not feel good.Infact he felt as if somene told him Santa didn't exsist.

After the chat.

Gaara was pale.Too pale...ok he wasn't pale..he was madly blushing.

"And that's how you were conceived!"Kankuro shouted with glee.Temari held up a sign that said"NO FREAKING STORK"

Gaara was twitchy ever since.


Gaara gave a small twitch thanks to reminiscing. Thanks to being in his own world he forgot about her father and noticed he wasn't in the room"...where'd he go?"

"My dad left…he says.. well…you…you don't want to know.." Sakura said giving a small laugh. Sakura stopped when she was off guard and Gaara held her.

"I really don't want know…you know…" he said whispering to her ear. Sakura blushing and loved the warmth of his skin, "we were...interrupted…"Gaara said giving her a kiss.

((That's as far as I go...only kissing xD))


Sakura woke up to her alarm. She threw the damn thing to her wall, "you were manufactured by Satan..."she muttered.

"Such powerful words" she heard someone say. Sakura quickly sat up and grabbed her pillow for a...weapon?

"WHO ARE Y- Hey Gaara...aren't you sleepy?!" Gaara stared at her.'...Does she not know…''I guess not…'' that's a first'

"Demon inside me that will come out once I fall asleep ring a bell" he said straight to the point. Sakura stared at him.

"Your mother said what..." If Gaara was like any regular anime character, and not kick ass. He would have fallen back. Anime-style.

"Nothing... nothing… aren't you going to get ready?...we do have school" He said. Sakura quickly got ready and they headed down stairs.

"Sakura!!" Hana said to her daughter, "Sasuke came by," Sakura looked at her mother intensely "but… I told him you were here with your friend and he left? are you guys fighting?"

"No mom... bye, oh and this is Gaara." Sakura said pointing at her boyfriend "He's my boyfriend... and… he…kills things..."she said. Gaara looked at Sakura.

Would you really want your mother to know you're going out with a psychotic murderer? Sakura's mom does.

Hana looked at Gaara fearfully and gave him a weak smile "That's...nice..."she said waving good-bye as they left.


Kakashi looked at his math class "Okay kids!today we will learn about the woman's reproductive orga-"

"Kakashi-sensei!! This is MATH!" Naruto shouted and Neji glared. Gave him a really cold glare too, not as cold as Gaara's glare. Yet almost there.

"Stay away from Hinata you IDIOT!!" Neji said tackling him to the floor.Hinata sat in her seat stuttering.

"Neji nothing happened!! I swear!!" Naruto shouted.

"Yea right" Neji said punching Naruto but he blocked. Sakura said in her seat doodling and there was an uncomfortable silence between her and Sasuke. They sat next to each other so it was worse.

"Sasuke-kuuun!! I'll see you after school?" Ino said to him as she leaned on his shoulder. Sasuke by the corner of his eye looked at Sakura then at Ino.

"Sure..."he said in monotone.

Sakura stared at him.

"Sasuke aren't you staying after school for deten-"

"Oh. I forgot about that...I guess I can't Ino" Sasuke said with the slightest tint of glee.

Sakura smiled at him and he smiled back.

"So these are called the ovarians...yes...people lie in this world and call them ovaries. No my dear students...ovarians. Like a star wars name perhaps, "Kakashi said to the class.

Sakura and Sasuke sweatdropped at their teacher.

After school

Sakura and Gaara walked the halls to detention holding hands. Most people stared in awe and others just backed away from the weird couple. Sasuke was in his seat at detention before Sakura and Gaara walked in.

"Sasuke" Sakura said smiling. He smiled at her and he looked at Gaara. Both stared at each other for a while and gave themselves FRIENDLY glares. Better than 'I'm gonna kill you. Stay away' ones.

Kakashi sat in his desk "I'll be back at four... I recorded my marathon and I MUST watch it again! HYUUGA!! Watch the kids."

"What am I? A nanny?" He said sitting on Kakashi's desk as he left.

Neji grew a sly grin.

"So who wants to go to a bar?" he asked.

Sakura already was at the open window.

"Let's go guys" she said smiling.

Sasuke and Gaara walked to the window.

"No karaoke" Gaara said smiling as he walked on the edge of the room along with Sakura.

Neji nodded rapidly.

"I heard that!!" Neji said smiling as he got out a tequila bottle.

An empty one and dropped it.

"NEJI!!" someone shouted.

"SORRY TEN-TEN!!" he said twitching and avoiding the edge, thanks to her weapons.

Sasuke laughed at him and a kunai was shot in the air and cut some strands of his hair "NOT COOL!" he shouted and glared at her.

The four made it to the bar well, minor cuts thanks to Ten-Ten but other than that it was good.

"Hey Lydia...Wate-"Gaara got cut off when she placed the water in front of him.

Sakura gave a smile nod to Lydia and went on stage. People cheered((she was already popular...with the drunk people O.o;;))She smiled at Sasuke and she gave a smile to Gaara.

"I like...where we are...when we drive in your car!" She said motioning Gaara to get on stage. He did so and got a mic. Sasuke pointed and laughed at him which only got him sand in his hair.

"BASTARD!" He shouted trying to get the sand off of his precious hair ((ooc right there xD))

"Cause our lips can touch...and our cheeks can blush...our lips can touch here..."Gaara sang. SANG...and TERRIBLY! People cheered anyway, so they wouldn't get killed. Sakura twitched at the sound of his voice but gave him a smile.

((I'm skipping parts on the song okay..."here in your arms"-Hellogoodbye))

"When you are the one, the one that lies close to me whispering 'hello I've missed you quite terribly,'" Sakura said leaning in and Gaara got the mic. Sasuke stared at the two, the feeling his chest hurt but managed a smile.

"Sasuke-kuuun!!!" Ino shouted as she came in. Sasuke coughed and placed a 5-dollar bill on the counter "Bye Lydia." He said twitching as she came closer.

"Take the exit on the's much easier to get away..."Lydia said smiling. Sasuke nodded and ran off.

"NYA!" Ino said as she saw Sasuke run off.

"I fell in love, in love with you suddenly now there's no place else I can be but here in your arms..."Gaara sang giving her a kiss. The two stood there kissing even if the music kept going. Even when it was off.

" have to get off now-"sand curled over the man's leg and threw him out the window and Gaara gave an evil smirk.

"Don't interupt me.."he said to the audience as they mumbled" okay"'s and "of course not!"'s.

"Kids..Kakashi is coming.." Lydia said into a microphone. Gaara and Sakura quickly separated and ran out the exit with Kakashi following.

"DAMN KIDS!!"he shouted as Neji threw him a tequila bottle.

"WHY'D SHE LEAVE ME KAKASHI!!WHY- Ooh Hello there Ten-Ten-" Neji said, drunk of course when Ten-Ten came and hit him.

"THAT BOTTLE OF TEQUILA HIT ME HEAD NEJI!!MY HEAD!!" Neji gave her a kiss and she became quiet. He gave a smirk and she continued to kiss him. Gaara and Sakura hid in a tree and sat there watching Kakashi past by them.

"Muahaha..loser.."Sakura muttered,but her eyes got wide once she felt someone grab her shirt collar. She looked at Gaara and he had the same expression.

"Loser?...another detention Haruno-san and Sabaku-san," Kakashi said dragging them to school.


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