A.N.: Yes, yet another SoraxRoxas fic in the same day. The obsession is getting worse, isn't it? Oh well. This is just going to be for whatever drabbles and one-shots my mind comes up with about our two favorite Keyblade Masters. Expect no real point or purpose or plot.

+Cinnamon & Vanilla+

Playing Hookey

Roxas, Sora decided, was like the clouds. He filtered the sun's glaring light into something softer, more gentle. Sure, there was the occasional storm, but most of the time, he was just gorgeous, peaceful white fluffiness.

'More like peaceful white laziness,' he amended, grinning to himself as he looked down at the blond. Then again, who was he to talk? They both ditched afternoon classes to cuddle together in the hammock in Sora's backyard. It was still really early in the semester so it wasn't like they were missing anything they couldn't make up pretty easy. Besides, there was nothing wrong with enjoying the last really summer-like weather together, was there?

At least, that's what Sora had had to tell Roxas to get him to ditch in the first place, so…

Sora had planned to use the time as a make-out session, but as fate would have it, it seemed Roxas hadn't quite kicked his summer habit of staying up until the wee hours in the morning as he had fallen asleep the moment his head hit the hammock, leaving Sora with nothing to do but play body pillow as his boyfriend nuzzled him in his sleep.

Not that Sora minded of course…