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+Cinnamon & Vanilla+



It was like being born all over again, this new life he had with his Other; like he'd trapped in a nightmare for so long he'd forgotten what the sun looked like, only to finally wake and find it shining gently upon his face.


Glancing over at his still red in the face boyfriend, Sora grinned, the only warning Roxas got before Sora yanked him forward, capturing the startled blond by the lips and it was all Roxas could do to hang on for dear life as his mouth was lovingly assaulted by Sora's.


The age-old debate of who's hair was a bigger bird's nest, Sora's or Roxas', took an unexpected turn one day when a pigeon suddenly landed Roxas' head, but not before it had left a white, stinky, gooey present on Sora's head first.


Even as he sat there, trying to put on a brave face as he listened to the doctor explain what was happening to him, at that moment, it was painfully apparent to all present that despite his incredible courage, the great Keyblade Master was very much still just a boy.


Roxas always found it so perfect that his only link to a true existence was a boy who was life personified.


It was in the sandbox at the park where they had first met as children, and where they had shared their first kiss as teenagers, so it was entirely befitting that it should be the place where, as young adults, Sora should take Roxas by the hand, get down on one knee, and ask his lover to marry him.


Pepsi squirted out of Roxas' nose as he struggled in vain not to laugh at the sight of a costumed Sora striking a pose in full disco regalia; platform shoes, bell-bottoms, cheesy white suit, and his afro was a fricking rainbow.


His mom was gonna be pissed they'd ruined her good pillows, but the sight of his usually calm and reserved Nobody laughing himself silly on the feather covered floor was more than worth it.


Roxas, Sora thought, never looked so cute as when the blond tugged on his sleeve and pouted a little because he wanted a hug.


Sora liked to tickle Roxas mercilessly for the simple reason of being able to hold the other boy close and hear his frantic giggles.


As he watched from across the cafeteria as Riku not so casually flirt with Sora, Roxas' grip on his can of soda tightened until he crushed it.


Lying there in his old bed, in his old room, all the memories he and Sora had created together here playing like a movie across his mind's eye, Roxas knew that even if his brother had ultimately rejected him as a lover, Sora did still love him, and looking back at it all, Roxas accepted this, because even if it was Sora who broke his heart in the first place, it had only ever belonged to him, anyway.


"Sora..." Roxas sobbed, overwhelmed with fear and love and a thousand other things, and he collapsed shaking into Sora's arms, who caught him, held him close and would not let go.


Exhausted from the long flight, Sora finally stumbled through the door, but all his weariness evaporated when he saw Roxas curled up nder a blanket on the couch, having fallen asleep there while trying to wait up for him.


Neither of them understood it at first, but eventually, they both realized that, as individuals, they weren't one half of two; no, as two, they were halves of one.


Unable the stand it any longer, Roxas leaned forward and Sora met him for a deep kiss, the kind that stole not only your breath, but you very soul as well.


Sora knew he was slipping, knew he was becoming irrevocably lost in the blue eyes and locks of sunshine waiting for him each night in his dreams, until he no longer sure which world he was truly living in, until his hold on the real world became as nonexistent as the boy he was falling for.


Roxas let Sora tickle him mercilessly for the simple reason that he loved hearing his Other laugh along with him and because Sora always made it up to him with a kiss.


Held back by the Zemnas' invisible wall and his own injuries, Sora could only watch, horrified, and Roxas continued to stand defiantly between the wounded Keyblade Master and the leader of the Organization, knowing full well that his Nobody would defend him until his very last breath.


Roxas had warned Sora time and again about the dangers of the sun, often chasing after him across the beach with a bottle of sun block, but when the cinnamon-haired boy came home one day badly burned, Roxas marched him straight upstairs to the bathroom and rubbed aloe on Sora's blistering skin with nothing but gentle hands and soothing words.


The morning after the fight, Roxas awoke, still crusty eyed and stuffy headed from crying, to find his inbox flooded with poems and songs, love letters, I'm-sorry's and I-love-you's.


Kairi looked from the shattered window to the baseball lying among the shards of glass on the couch to Roxas, who was still outside, pointing at a pile of leaves with curious cinnamon-brown spikes sticking out, an abandoned bat lying innocently beside it.


Of all the things that angered Sora about all the crap Roxas had gone through before they met; being used and betrayed by the Organization, making friends with Hayner, Olette, and Pence, only to have them forget him, then being used again and dismissed by DiZ, what broke Sora's heart the most was, when tormented by dreams of the people he'd lost, Roxas couldn't understand why he always woke up crying.


It was a dangerous gamble, coming to the witch Tia Dalma and her strange magic for help, but despite Will's warnings, if it meant getting Roxas back from the purgatory of Nothingness, Sora would sell his soul to the devil himself.


Sora had always though Roxas to be the gentler of the two of them, always calm and reserved, incapable of harming a fly… until the day he stole the candy bar out of the blond's lunch bag.


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