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Okay, they did live in the Tornado Alley area, so this idea is not absolutely stupid. Right? This chapter takes place in 1989 when Sam is 6 and Dean is 10.


"Dean, why are the walls rattling," a six-year-old Sam asked.

Their dad had just dropped them off at a hotel and journeyed on to battle some demon about ten minutes away – but not before salting the windows and doors. The boys were to stay inside until their father returned.

"I don't know Sammy," Dean said, obviously a little scared himself, "But we have to be brave right?"

Sam nodded, "For Daddy."

Sam sat on the bed in the one-story hotel, while Dean clicked on the TV and turned it to the local channel which was blaring, "Tornado alert! For North Texas – White, Jackson, and El Toro counties! Get below ground!"

"Dean," Sam asked as he looked from the TV to his ten-year-old big brother who looked rather dumb-founded.

Just then a pounding on the door was heard, followed by, "Get out! Get in the cellar!"

Dean threw open the door and grabbed Sammy's hand. They ran outside, following all the other motel guests into the cellar. Over the screams and voices of the crowd, Sam's voice was not drowned out.

"Dean! Dean what's happening?"

"Come on Sammy!"

Dean led his little brother down the stairs. They were of the last people to get to safety. The motel owner slammed the door behind the group and locked it before walking the rest of the stairs to the congregation of people.

"Calm down everyone! There is a tornado in the area! Please, calm down," the motel owner shouted above the frantic voices of the group.

"Dean, what's going on," Sam begged.

"Its okay, Sammy. We'll be okay," Dean said as he wrapped his arms around his baby brother.

The brothers were crouched down, holding on to each other for dear life, when the tornado struck. First came the heavy hail and rain. Then the tornado struck. It sounded horrible. Sam cried, Dean comforted. The winds pulled on the door to the world above threatening to expose them. Sam shut his eyes and cried, Dean soothed. Then all was calm.

Several people stood up, including Sammy before they were pulled down by loved ones or the manager told them to sit. It wasn't over yet.

The winds picked up and the rain and hail returned. Sammy yelped, Dean quieted. Sixteen minutes later, the whole thing was over.

Sammy cried and whined, shivered and shook. Dean calmed and comforted, soothed and held.

And it all ended. The world was right again. The boys were alive and together.