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Summary: An abused child with a great secret, he runs away from home one night, but who can help him escape, read to find out.

Warnings: M, swearing, child abuse, CHILD ABUSE! Read this and take note of the warning, I'm not holding back in this one. If this type of thing offends you then DO NOT READ! Flames will be laughed at and used to toast my marshmallows, and all you'll get is 'I told you so' :p That's all I can think of right now.

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Prologue: On The Run

Hi welcome, take a seat and relax. But you're asking. 'Why I'm I here? Who are you?' Well give me a second to ramble on and tell you, it won't take long. What I have to tell you is a story. It's about a boy around the age of five. No demon or a dragon, fairy, angel or even a vampire in this tail, maybe in the next story. But this one is something different. This tale isn't for the faint of heart. I see now that I just may have your interest, but you want to know more, right? Well I'll tell you that too, so grab a coffee, tea or a hot chocolate. I'll wait… Okay are you ready? My story starts out, in a town called Domino City on a rainy night… Don't roll your eyes at me, and say 'how cliché is that.'

Well then we'll make it… a white night and a month before Christmas.

In a dead end street was a house at the end, it looked abandoned and run down, but what made it creepy was the fact that it looked like it was hiding from the world, the trees saw to that and it sat back, further back than any other house in the street. Dead bushes and a few trees creaked in the wind nothing was green in the garden, a true house for the perfect horror flick, but it was what was on the inside that mattered.

Grunting, squeaking and groaning came from upstairs in one of the bedrooms. A small child about the age of four or five sat in the living room down stairs trying not to hear what was going on. He had his tanned hands over his ears as he rocked back and fourth with his light lavender eyes shut tightly.

He took his hands off his ears very slowly, and looked up as the noises stopped. He started to shake, he knew what was to come and he hated it more than anything. Thudding came, he closed his eyes, as the thudding didn't miss the steps, hitting each one on the way down, the last thud the heaviest one yet, it echoed through out the house.

But he was just about to open his eyes when something landed on his lap. He gasped locking eyes with glazed over brown ones. He pushed himself back but he couldn't, the wall stopped him. He couldn't take his eyes from those big brown ones.

A woman lay lifelessly and naked before him, not a mark on her but for the bruising around her neck, her lips though bright red with lipstick had the faded blue color to them, and a white paste was on her chin, lips and cheek. His eyes moved down to find more on her chest. He shut his eyes again not wanting her to see him looking at her. He opened his eyes again, and found himself looking right into her eyes again.

Her long brown hair that was damp with sweat clung to her face. "Oh they're only good for a short time." A tall man said: Black short hair and fair skin, with blue eyes. Kneeling down on the other side of the body. The child pushed the arm that had fallen on his lap off, it fell to the carpeted ground.

The boy almost screamed out as his chin was grabbed and jerked upwards, staring into blue eyes. "Did you say something?" He asked, as if talking to someone in the street, polite almost. The boy shook his head vigorously, his gaze wandered back to the woman and tears filled his eyes.

"You say anything, anything about this Malik." He pulled out a knife and held it to his son's cheek. "And I'll cut that tongue right out." He chuckled. "And you'll be like her." He pulled the knife away and patted the woman on the forehead with his hand. "Remember." He lent closer. "Silence is golden, it keeps the monsters away." Malik nodded his head, his father licked up the boys cheek and got up.

"I'm taking her out on the town." He bent down and grabbed her left ankle and held it at hip height. "You behave." He headed for the door, picking up a plastic bag that the boy had missed seeing. Malik looked up to make sure that he was alone, but saw the woman's red handbag sitting in the chair.

Malik jumped up and grabbed it and ran after his father, if it was left behind and seen later on by his father, then he would end up… He shook his head and pulled on his father's jacket and held up the bag. "What the hell?" Malik was backhanded; sending him across the hallway floor the red bag flew out of his hands. "I told you to never touch me!" He yelled at the boy and advanced on him.

Malik lay there silently sobbing into the dirty carpet. "I'm not done with you." He spat on the boy. "I'll deal with you when I get home, and clean this shit hole up!" He turned and left, the boy lay there for what seemed like hours, as thoughts ran through his mind of what was to come, and pain that was running through his body, he didn't think that he could take another beating, but yet he always survived them every time.

He pushed himself up and slowly got to his feet, he was about to head upstairs but stopped at seeing the front door ajar, which had never happened before. He approached it as if it would bite him at any given minute. He reached out slowly and opened it. The wind blew in quickly and bit into his cuts making him hiss. He opened it a little more but it swung open the rest of the way on its own.

Malik took a step forward; surely this was some kind of trick? His father loved playing them, he would do something that was out of the ordinary, and then when Malik gave in thinking it was okay, his father would be there and beat him for it. So why was the door open? Malik gasped as he heard his father's rusted ute start up and reversed out the driveway.

He jumped back in, grabbing the door and closed it, and looked out the glass window slits, and watched. The car stopped for a second, then jerked forward and sped off to the right. Malik opened the door slowly again and looked out at the snow-covered ground. He looked down at himself all he had on his pants and a blood torn shirt.

Malik bit his split lip and stepped forward, what if he ran away far enough, he could be free, as if an unseen force was pushing and urging him to run. Malik hesitated, but the urging become unheard whispers in his mind. 'Run, he'll kill you like he does them. Run, before he comes home.' Malik's heart was pounding in his chest and ears, as adrenalin raced though his body, he started to shake. 'You know that you'll end up like them sooner or later, run, Malik. That's all you have to do. Run.' He bit his lip and looked around. 'You'll never escape if you don't take this chance. Run. RUUUUUN!'

He started to run. His bare feet sunk into the snow up to his ankles, wetting the bottom of his pants. He rounded the corner going left and in the opposite way to where his father had gone, and ran down the path. He slipped on some ice and fell over landing face first in the snow, he had tried to brace himself from the fall, but his hands slipped forward as well.

Malik pushed himself up and ran, his shirt had fallen off his body in the fall. He wasn't stopping for it, the only thing in his head was, to run. And he was, as fast as he could. The cold wind numbed him to the core. As long as he was silent everything would be okay.

Now on the other side of town, at an icy intersection, where a scene of a car accident, we find the place lined with cops and ambulance vehicles. Where our guy and one of the main characters can be found.

"Miss calm down." He held up his hands.

"The bastard hit me, I just bought it too, YOU FUCK!" She yelled and lunged at the man. He rolled his dark lavender eyes, as other officers charged in to stop the fight. After a short scuffle, he cuffed her hands behind her back and shoved her into a nearby car and slammed the door. A second cop walked up to him, a female, and his partner. She was small in size, the reddest hair he had ever seen, frost green eyes and fair skin. At fist when she was assigned to him, he thought that she would be useless in a fight, but she managed to take down more men than any other female officer on the force, and she had a temper to match. Elder Hoshi.

"We have two dead." She said her green eyes looked over the other two cars across the road. One rammed into a shop window, the second was pushed right up on the passenger door. "And one child, I did a background check, she has no family but for her mother in the car." She sighed. "One of the dead, the little girl doesn't know yet." He shook his head and looked at her.

"Was that it?" He asked, thankful really, it could have been worse, it could have happened during the day while shoppers were out buying presents for family and friends. She nodded her head. "Depressing." He muttered and started to walk over, the female cop followed him, his boots crunched with hers on the road, blue and red lights flashed around them, with headlights from the vehicles, they seemed to match the cheerful decorations in the windows of the shops, blue, green, red and yellow lights and more. Christmas trees with the fat jolly Santa Claus who sang while he rang his bell cheerfully and even the streetlights had tinsel and lights. 'Fucking depressing indeed.' He thought.

He stopped and saw the little girl sitting there as she was attended to by the ambulance officers. "Hey." He said and crouched down in front of her, she buried her face into the blanket they gave her.

"Hi." Was the soft reply, he nodded his head and stood up, he was never good with kids. He let his partner take over talking to the girl. His radio went off. "Yeah?" He said.

"We have a situation at the on corner of fifth and South."

"Get some one else." He growled narrowing his eyes walking away a little, he didn't want to deal with what would be waiting for him there, and he knew what it would be.

"It's your job, don't make me put you on a suspension."

"You're the one who put me on street beat." He hissed agitated.

"Ishtar you're the one that beat the hell out of the guy. Just get down there or you can hand in your badge." The radio fell silent.

"Come on Hoshi." He called. She nodded and ran after him.

They stood outside a nightclub, a camera flashed every now and then, a woman with nothing on but for a high heel shoe on her left foot and a black stocking up to her knee. She was lying on the pile of garbage bags. "It's the prostitute killer." A male with tri-colored spiky hair stood up with a camera in hand.

"The fifth in two months." Ishtar said looking her over, her blue eyes stared upward as if she didn't see it coming, but held the last minute of shock and fear, her make-up not even smudged like all the others, and carved into her right breast was the word. 'Bitch.'

"Hey Yami." He nodded his head.

"Hey Marik." He turned and looked at the two.

"It seems that he's getting bored, or he's cold at night." Yami said.

"He should get a fucking dog and a heater." Marik frowned, the bastard had been aiming for the young ones that were new to the job and didn't know much, and they were always the pretty ones, but with a job like this nothing was safe about it, risky business.

"Well this word is new." Yami pointed out. "It's normally, whore and carved into their inner thigh."

"Do you think it could be a copycat?" Hoshi asked moving close to inspect the body.

"I'm not sure." Yami changed the film in his camera placing it into his black bag. "Everything points to the same killer." He said standing up. "He started out beating them and then leaving them afterwards. But after a few months they turn up like her, then soon after, he started to cut words into them, always the same place and the same word, like I said. He's getting bored." Yami said he snapped a shot of the word on her right breast.

"Do we have anything at all, that might point to something, that it's him, or someone else?" Hoshi asked, as her partner looked deep in thought.

"Yeah!" Yami pulled out a small note pad from his pants back pocket and opened it. "A friend of the victim said that she saw her leaving with a regular. He never gives a name, but he often takes them home with him, but she walked back in twenty minutes later and said she was going home. The guy was seen a little later but left on his own. He left this one about eight tonight. She's new in town." Yami said handing over the address.

"What else is new? I'll check it out." Marik said turning and walking away.

They soon pulled up outside a house that looked run down. They both got out Hoshi had her hand on her hip over a gun. They both walked up to the house and knocked, but by the force used the door swung open. Marik smirked and pushed it the rest of the way. "Look at that." He said.

"We can't go in!" She said.

"Why not? We're just looking. I need to borrow a t.v guide." His smirk became mischievous, and a look of anticipation as he entered the house. She shook her head.

"Just don't touch anything." She mumbled. "What if someone's home?" She was right behind him.

"We're borrowing a t.v guide, and killers don't have rights." They moved down the hallway.

"That's your theory." They came to the living room on their left, there was a beat up couch, a t.v on the floor, tan curtains with holes in them and a green sheet also, to keep out any other light, bottles of alcohol everywhere on the couch and floor.

"What a shit hole." Marik growled as he kicked a beer bottle out of his way. They walked into the kitchen, dishes lined the counter tops, and the table with food on the floor. They both moved to the second floor, the bathroom held nothing but mold, and the master bedroom smelt like sex and body odor, with a hint of sweetness like strawberries. "No ones here!" He said as he headed for the stairs.

"I need a shower." She mumbled as she walked passed him. But he stopped at a doorway and pushed it open slowly, he stepped in, nothing but a bed… if you could call it that, just a foam mattress stained with god knows what, and a few dirty sheets. He wouldn't even put a dog on it to sleep. He wrinkled his nose and looked around. The walls were a faded blue like in a nursery, though hard to tell really as it was chipped and the paint was coming off. Marik turned as nothing else was here, as he did he kicked something sending it across the room hitting Hoshi in the foot.

She bent down and picked it up looking it over, it was a wooden toy train. She frowned and looked around and saw the faded drawing of a clown on the pull down blind. "My god a child lives here with a potential serial killer." She said shocked.

"I'll run a check and find out." He said as he walked out of the room and passed her. She put the train down and followed him.

They both sat in the car out front of the house. Marik typed the address into the computer, and only one name showed up on the little screen. Majed Jihan age forty-two. "Where's the rest of the information?" He hissed.

"You have to move the screen down." She lent over. "New system… There we are."

"Well die my hair pink and call my Mary Sue, we just might catch this bastard sooner than we thought." He smirked she gave him a look. "It says that a patrol picked up a Mr. Jihan tonight at a bar."

"Lets hope that it's the psycho we're after." She sighed but smirked. "Hey Mary Sue. Where to now?" She put on her seat belt.

"Back to the station." They pulled out of the driveway and took off down the street.

"Mary Sue the station is in the other direction." She laughed.

"Shut up." He turned the corner and drove at a slow pace. She rested her arm on the window and looked out at the passing homes, Christmas trees in the windows giving each house a warm lived in feel to them and decorations all over the homes, as the car was maneuvered around corners and down streets.

"Busy night?" She glanced at him.

"What did you expect?" Marik said not taking his eyes off the road.

"I know." She looked out her side of the window again and seeing a small blur running towards the car from her side, she gasped. "STOP!" She put both hands on the dashboard to brace herself. He slammed on the brakes and the sound of a thud hitting the front of the car as it slid to a stop.

"FUCK!" He yelled and hit the steering wheel with his fist, and both of them got out.

"Oh no!" She gasped and knelt down in the snow, he was right by her side. They were looking down at a small child, his top half covered in bruises and cuts.

'He looks just like me.' Marik thought as he pulled off his jacket and wrapped it over the boy. They both checked him over finding that he was in trouble, as he could hardly breath, and half frozen from being in the snow.

"I'll call it in." She said reaching for the radio on her left shoulder. He picked up the boy in his arms.

"No time we'll take him it'll be quicker." Marik said going to the passenger side she got into the drivers side putting on the lights and siren and soon the car was heading to the hospital.


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