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Chapter 35: Part 2: The Last Man Standing.

From the moment Malik opened the door Milly was the only one to greet him when he entered. The golden retriever wagged her tail and barked dashing about Malik's legs excitedly almost tripping him over. "Easy girl," Malik laughed, closing the door and snapped the locks into place and dropped his bag. "You want a treat?" Malik raced the dog to the kitchen.

"Don't run in the house." Marik was at the sink, holding papers in one hand and a coffee in the other.

"Dad!" Malik looked for a fast escape before his black eye could be spotted and while Marik had his back turned, Malik backed out of the room.

"Hold it Mr." Marik ordered in such a tone that Malik froze on the spot. "Nice shiner boy." Malik bit his lip as Marik approached him still dressed for work, black pants, white shirt, jacket, badge, cuffs and gun. "Your Teacher called me said you were fighting with that Takashi kid."

"He started it," Malik defended himself.

"From what Ryou told me, that kid won't be bothering you again." Marik said lifting Malik's chin up turning his face towards the light to see the swelling and banged up lip.

"Ryou kind of went overboard with the situation." Marik let go of his chin and placed an ice-pack in his hand.

"When doesn't Ryou go over board?" Marik raised an eyebrow and his cell chimed, "I've got to get back to work," Marik muttered and headed for the front door; Malik followed.

"You're not angry?" Malik really didn't want his dad to be disappointed in him.

"Why would I be?" Marik grabbed Malik by the shoulders and pulled him in for a tight hug. "I'm not angry about the fight, just as long as you're ok?" Malik nodded his head and wrapped his arms about the other enjoying the comfort. "I'll be making sure tomorrow that this Takashi kid won't be laying a finger on you again."

Malik smiled and pulled back. "Ryou handled him rather well, so I think he'll back off." Marik nodded in his silent thoughtful way giving Malik that look, like he wanted to say more but didn't. "You'll be late," Malik grabbed his Dad's thick jacket and helped him into it.

"I'll be out late tonight. There's money on the kitchen counter order dinner when Bakura and Ryou get home." Marik zipped up his jacket kissed Malik on the head and walked out the door.

"Dad," Malik followed stopping at the edge of the porch, "did you go and see..."

Marik stopped walking and turned about knowing just what Malik was asking, "I was there and watched the whole thing from start to finish, Majed is dead and the state is taking care of the body." Tears filled Malik's eyes more out of relief than anything else; it was like a weight had been lifted off him. "You alright?" Marik asked making an approach; Malik wiped the few tears away with his hands and smiled.

"Yeah," Malik nodded, "But you're going to be late." Marik was reluctant to leave but Malik insisted that he would be fine and they could talk more when he returned.

He waited on the porch watching Marik leave before he turned and walked inside locking the front door and set the alarm.

Malik made himself comfortable on the couch and found an old movie. Milly curled up at his feet and Ra was sound asleep by the fire. Soon his headache got the better of him and Malik ended up drifting off to sleep.

Milly's bark woke Malik from his sound sleep, rubbing at one eye. He pushed himself up, "What's the matter?" The house was in complete darkness. He must have been out of it for a while. He raised his wrist and focused on his watch; it was well past seven, confused as someone should have been home by now and woken him for dinner.

The sound of the alarm beeping got his attention. "Bakura is that you?" Malik rose to his feet and stretched his arms and back as he walked over and poked his head out of the living room and flicked on the hallway light. No one was there. Malik approached the door glancing at the alarm to see that it was active and checked the front door that it was locked, which it was.

The kitchen light suddenly switched on. Malik frowned headed towards it. "Ryou, Dad gave us money to order out, so don't fill yourself up on..." Malik stopped in the kitchen's threshold, "this isn't funny anymore," Malik stood still looking the empty room over for a moment, before he briskly walked over to the sliding door and found it ajar. "Hello?" Malik stuck his head out the door and glanced about the dark backyard, no one was there.

Dad must have forgotten to lock it when he let Milly out. It wasn't like Marik to forget something as simple as locking a door. His father went to the extent and took away all the spare keys he had hidden outside... deeming it not safe.

Malik turned about closing the door and snapping it closed and set the alarm. He stood for a moment looking over the backyard, just to be sure. Nothing moved but for the falling snow. If this was some game Ryou was playing to get his attention; Malik was going to ring his neck when he got his hands on him.

Malik left the kitchen flicking out the light and froze as the darkness washed over him. He quickly flicked the light back on. Malik didn't recall turning the hallway light off... or had he? The headache made itself known, maybe he was still tired and making a big deal out of nothing.

Malik leaving the kitchen light on. He headed back to the living room to turn the TV off. He had to get something for his headache, the idea of taking a long hot shower had never sounded so good and by then someone would be home, he hoped.

Malik entered the living room and turned the TV off and headed up the stairs, stopping half way at hearing the dog bark, "Milly?" Malik called out walking back down the stairs and wandered through the living room and towards the kitchen, "here girl!" Malik called again, flicking on the light, his heart ceasing in his chest. Malik knew that he left the kitchen light on and the barking was coming from Milly, who was locked outside.

Milly barked savagely, growling and pawing at the door wanting to get in. He hadn't let her out and Malik had never seen her like this. He rushed for the door ripping it open. Milly charged into the house growling and vanished from sight. Malik picked up the phone and started to dial. Milly's growling ended with a yelp. "Milly!" Malik yelled unable to move from where he stood.


"Dad, someone's in the house," Malik waited for a moment and got no reply. "Dad? Dad?!" Malik hung up and called the same number again, this time the line was dead, did Marik hear him?

"Look at you all grown up." Malik froze on the spot and a horrifying chill run up his spine at the sound of the voice behind him. Malik had no time to react as he was thrown to the ground hard; the phone flew from his hand and skittered across the floor out of his reach.

Malik pushed himself up to his feet and made a run for the front door. He didn't even make it to the kitchen's threshold, when he was grabbed by his shirt and hair and slammed into the wall. Hitting his head, before he was pulled away and thrown over the island counter; hitting the fridge on the other side landing in a heap on the floor with utensils and kitchen items cluttering down on top of him.

Malik groaned touching a hand to his forehead smudging blood that started to pool and dribble down the side of his head. His vision blurred for a moment. He pushed himself up on his hands and knees and picked up a small knife and slid it up his sleeve and started to crawl away, hearing the intruder coming up behind him. "Didn't you grow up well," there was a lustful tone in his voice, Malik knew he was behind him, could feel his eyes on him.

Malik crawled out from behind the kitchen bench, and his side exploded with pain as he was kicked hard enough to throw him onto his back. "Majed is dead now because of you." Malik gasped and coughed for air, gritting his teeth against the pain as he looked at his attacker. Honda stood over him. He looked so much older, thin and worn like he spent the years at the bottom of every bottle. His hair was longer, scraggy and greying, wrinkled stubble face with bags under his eyes, clothes were old, too worn and so many holes, and the smell of alcohol was strong like he had bathed in it and got his liquid-courage to come back and finish him off. Honda had to be desperate and drunk not only on alcohol but revenge as well. "He was my best student," Honda paused as he knelt down beside Malik, a saddened longing look consumed his face as he whispered. "I loved him. He was perfection in every aspect as a man and a killer, never met anyone like him, he never looked at me like I was a monster and where is he now?"

"Majed rots in hell where he belongs," Malik rasped venomously finding it hard to breathe, "I'll see to it that you'll join him." Honda's expression darkened, which quickly changed to shock, as Malik slashed a knife at him, cutting only the clothes that covered his chest. Honda fell backwards with a surprised cry. Malik scrambled to his feet and ran, getting only a step when his foot was grabbed and pulled and he fell face first to the floor.

Malik growled as he brought his leg back and used his full force and kicked Honda in the face, breaking his nose, "you fucker!" Honda yelled letting him go in favour of holding his face.

Malik got to his feet, holding his side as he ran for the front door and got it open only to be grabbed and slammed against it and yanked back, two well placed kicks insured broken ribs. Malik couldn't breath, and his vision blurred and darkened the longer he was without air. "Oh no no no, stay with me, we have the whole night together." The hit did nothing to help Malik, "pass out on me I'll gut you right here."

Malik's body reacted on its own and air rushed in and he coughed and gasped and wheezed and felt like only half a lung was working. "My brothers will be home any second," Malik coughed, least his vision came back, his body was slower to recover from the blows.

"Think so," Honda laughed, falling to his knees and straddling Malik and pinning him down on his back. He leaned in close that Malik turned his head away with a groan of disgust from the smell and the swollen busted and bleeding nose that made Honda's features look grotesque. Malik looked however, when Honda pulled the house phone from his pocket and pressed a few buttons and placed it on speaker.

'Hey, Yugi and I are catching a movie and I'm staying at his place tonight," Ryou ended the call. Honda let the messages play through with a grin.

'I got landed with a late shift don't wait up, be home in the morning.' Honda hung up just as the messages ended and tossed the phone away. It cluttered and skittered and rolled towards the kitchen. "Like I said we have all..." They both glanced at the phone as it rang.

Malik freed his hands and punched Honda and shoved him off, scrambling for the phone. He could see his father's ID light up like a beacon; his fingers just touched the phone when he was elbowed in the side, making him gasp and cry out. The phone snatched out of his hand, and his wrist was grabbed and Malik was dragged back to the kitchen. "You're going to talk to the bastard detective, and you're going to tell him you dialled the wrong number by mistake and everything is fine. We don't want him coming home before we get to make up for lost time."

"No," Malik gasped as he was let go, the backhand reopened Malik's already cut lip and his mouth filled with blood. His head was grabbed and yanked in the direction of the pantry.

"You want to see who's behind that door?" Honda whispered and Malik's heart stopped and he was confused everyone was out for the night, could it be his uncle? Malik recalled him being here this morning having breakfast with them; Isis might have called around before work, he hoped that it wasn't his grandma. Milly, oh god, Malik teared up as he recalled her yelping and hoped it wasn't the dog. "He came home unexpectedly while you were sleeping, he ran right into me." Honda left Malik to open the pantry door, stepped in for a moment to only pull someone out, the blood stained white hair was the first thing Malik noticed.

Who was it? Bakura. Ryou... it didn't matter it was one of his brothers who was harmed, possibly dead the why they flopped to the floor like a rag doll when Honda let him go, how did Malik not hear him come home? "You bastard!" Malik seethed at him, the shrill sound of the ringing phone sounded so distant, when Honda rolled the body over with his foot Malik saw who it was. "Ryou," He whispered his heart launched into his throat and he moved towards him, he needed to see, need to check that Ryou was still alive.

"You didn't notice poor neglected Ryou bleeding to death while you walked in and out of the kitchen," Honda picked up a knife and placed it to Ryou's neck, "let's make sure his really dead." His voice deepened and the blade pressed against pale skin.

"NO!" Malik froze on his knees, his hand out stretched, "please, please don't." Honda stopped, giving Malik a victorious grin.

"Answer the phone, one wrong word and I fillet this kid," Honda tossed the phone towards Malik, who fumbled for it, his fingers were not cooperating with him, it was difficult to press a simple button. "Hurry up! Put it on speaker!" Honda barked the knife's blade pressed even more against Ryou's neck that it broke the skin and started to bleed. "Tell him what I told you too, NOW."

Malik took in a shaky breath and pressed the button, and Marik's voice filled the room, 'You called me and the line disconnected, what took you so long to answer the phone? Is everything ok?'

"Yeah, was half asleep and dialled the wrong number," Malik's voice was tight too focused on the knife and the blood, wanting nothing more than to tell his Dad what was going on.

'Malik you ok?'

Honda pressed the knife even more and Malik feared he'd go too far and cut into Ryou's throat, "yes, everything is fine, what would want us to order for dinner?" Malik held up his hand as an indication to Honda that he had everything under control and to stop what he was doing, Honda responded by slightly pulling the knife from Ryou's throat. Malik closed his eyes trapping in the tears and trying to control his wheezing.

'I'll eat out so order whatever you guys want...' There was a lengthy pause, 'Malik are you sure you're ok?' Malik could see Honda growing inpatient.

"Yeah, I have to go."

'Bye,' Malik pressed a button, the reassuring beep indicated the phone had been hung up and Malik held it tightly in his hand and glared at the other. "Let him go, Honda I did what you asked!" Malik's eyes stayed firmly on the blade, the older male rose to his feet and backed up.

"Don't fret he's still alive, I'll give you ten seconds with him." Malik didn't trust him as he rushed to Ryou's side checking that he was breathing and that his heart was still beating, the blood that trailed from the pantry to pool under Ryou's head made him worry.

"Ryou," Malik tapped his cheek and shook him. "He's losing too much blood. I'll go with you wherever you want me to, just call an ambulance for him," Malik begged, his brother didn't respond and tears spilled forth as Honda ripped the phone from Malik's hand.

"You won't be missing him for long, because when I'm through with you, you'll being joining him in the afterlife." Malik rested his forehead against Ryou's chest, taking a second to think of how he was getting them both out of this.

The phone beeped again drawing Honda's attention to it and his face darkened to pure anger as he realized that Malik hadn't hung up the phone and the Detective had heard everything.

"You were never too bright Honda." Malik scoffed at him, if anyone was going to be killed it would be him, if Honda was occupied with him then at least Ryou stood a chance.

Honda screamed in rage and smacked the phone across Malik's head smashing the plastic device into pieces. A deeper cut to Malik's head and he fell backwards clutching the side of his head as he scuffled back. Honda advanced, "you'll get first hand at what those women went through except it's not going to be days for you, I'll have you and then I'll carve you up in under ten and make it feel like eternity." He grinned as he advanced. "And I'll even let the brat and the Detective watch while I do you."

Honda glanced away for a second at the sound of sirens in the distance. Malik snatched up a cork screw and lunged at Honda, aiming for his chest and driving it into his shoulder instead knocking him down. Malik gasped staggered backwards on his feet forgetting that Honda had a knife of his own. Malik grit his teeth and pulled out the knife from his stomach, letting it clatter to the floor and held it to help slow the bleeding and keep his insides inside and limped his way out of the kitchen. "Where do you think you're going?"

Malik heard Honda coming after him at a slower pace. Malik went for the front door and got it open until a loud pop sound and pain exploded in his arm, he fell against the wall and saw Honda walking towards him with a gun outstretched in his hand, "no leaving the house." Honda shot again hitting the wall beside Malik's head, who cried out, ducked and went for the stairs, struggled the most with the pain in both sides, his arm now and his breathing, he was in so much pain that he found it hard to focus and wanted nothing more than to collapse; his breathing came out in gasped wheezing. "Upstairs is it, a bit of a girl if you want it in a bed, I'll tell ya I'm not one for romance." Honda taunted him.

Malik staggered into his Marik's bedroom and went right for the wardrobe. He dug about hoping to find a gun, he found the clip. "How fitting," Malik was grabbed onto and thrown to the floor, crying out when Honda landed a few more kicks before flipping him over and shot Malik in the leg and the shoulder and then straddled him and he was easily over come.

"Been looking forward to this day," Honda struck Malik hard enough that his vision doubled, dizzy, barely breathing, the room darkened and tilted and Malik welcomed the oblivion of unconsciousness that would save him from whatever Honda was about to do to him. "Stay with me I want you screaming." Malik screamed and with it the world came back to clear focus when Honda grabbed at his open wound in his shoulder and hot pain exploded everywhere.

The world seemed to stop to an almost slow-motion, sirens still seemed far away, Malik vaguely felt Honda tear at his clothing like a wild desperate animal and the barrel of the gun against his head. Malik glanced towards the window seeing the flashing blue and red lights through the gap in the curtains. His Dad would be here, seeing him naked with another man... Malik's eyes focused on the underside of the bed and there tucked into the bed springs was a gun. The world came crashing back in a sound of deafening sirens, dog barks and shouting and Honda cursing as he fought to remove the clothes from both of them.

Malik was suddenly aware of the loaded clip in his hand. He reached out with his other freeing the weapon and brought the clip and gun together. The snapping of metal against metal stopped Honda dead in his actions, the door burst open and the loud popping sounds that followed one after another and Honda's body jerked with every bullet it took.

Honda took the whole round and still he sat upon Malik confused, angry and shocked, "I said get off!" Malik raised his foot against Honda's chest as the older male tilted towards him; Malik shoved the gun into Honda's mouth so hard that it chipped his teeth. "This is for me and all the women you've hurt." Honda made a choking sound and he made an inhuman scream of rage, Malik pushed as hard as he could with his foot and pulled the trigger. "DIE!"

Honda's head jerked backwards his body followed, and slammed against the wall leaving a huge trail of blood as he slid to the floor.

"Malik," Marik rushed forward his empty gun in hand and smoking, he was followed by a dozen other officers with guns and they surrounded Honda instantly. Malik slumped to the floor dropping the gun, the room darking and tilted once more.

Marik knelt and gathered him in his arms, "Malik."

He gasped and tried to swallow the blood that filled his mouth and spoke around it. "Ryou... kitchen."

"We found Ryou already he's been taken care of," Marik turned his head and called for the paramedics and then turning his attention back to Malik. "Helps coming, hold on."

Malik coughed up more blood and smiled, "I finally got away from them." His wheezing got worse and louder.

"Try not to talk," Marik brushed Malik's hair from his face and his body shuddered in his arms, "Where are the damn medics?!" Marik yelled out over his shoulder holding onto his son.

"It... its ok Dad," Malik rasped out, "It... it doesn't hurt anymore." his eyes rolled, breathing stopped and his head lolled back and his body slumped lifelessly.

"Malik," Marik shook him, "MALIK!"

Malik slowly awoke his mind foggy and heavy with sleep; his body was warm and light. His vision dark and blurred, his limbs weighed a tone, something covered his face and an irritating beeping came from somewhere. He tried pulling off what was covering his face, only to have someone stop his hand.

"That needs to stay on," Malik tried so hard to focus on the person as the mask was readjusted and he panicked as the event whipped through his mind in a flash and he tried to get away, but he was restricted by things on his face and the back of his hand. "Malik, stop!" He screamed as he was grabbed onto and held in place. A low light was flicked on, "Malik it's me. It's me look." Malik looked at him and focused seeing Marik holding him, he moved and threw his arms about him and cried. "It's ok now, you're safe." Marik reassured.

The room filled with nurse and Doctor Tucker to inspect what all the commotion was about and Tucker insisting that Malik shouldn't be moving about so much and to be kept quiet and reluctantly left. "Ryou," Malik asked as he felt a new wave of drowsiness hit him.

"He's fine," Marik laid him back and fixed the blankets.

"Honda?" Malik asked fighting to stay awake.

"Dead," Marik said but the younger had already drifted off.

Malik's recovery was slow going; broken ribs on both sides, a punctured lung, a stab wound that missed vital organs, the shot wounds were clean. Bakura and Ryou spent all their free time at his bedside, Malik had never been happier to see Ryou who had within a few days made a full recovery and was sent home. When Ryou visited he'd made himself comfortable on the bed snuggled up to Malik and spent the afternoons watching movies, most of the time Malik slept. Bakura though took interest in wanting to master the wheelchair; twice he had been escorted from the hospital by security for racing other patients down the ward's hallway. Rishid and Isis stopped by; his uncle brought him bags of treats each time they came to see him, Isis brought balloons and a teddy to liven up the room, they lasted five seconds, Bakura upon seeing them sucked the helium from the balloons and Ryou claimed the teddy, deeming Malik too old to have one.

They kept Malik entertained and laughing when he wasn't sleeping, Bakura snagging wheelchairs and taking Malik on short strolls through the hospital gardens to give him a break from the dreary room, Ryou fussed bringing extra blankets to make sure he stayed warm.

Tucker announced that Malik could be released that weekend, it was good news, almost two weeks in a hospital was quite enough for Malik and he was ready to go home.

"Dad," Malik glanced up from playing with the take-away food Bakura had brought to him before he had to go to work that evening, deeming hospital food poison after having tried some and knowing no one could survive on it, "I want to go see him, if it's not too late."

Marik and Tucker were at the door in full conversation mode about Malik returning home, "See who?" Marik approached the end of the bed and lent on it, Tucker hovered by the door.

"Honda," Malik glanced up, he couldn't really remember much, just flashes of Ryou bleeding out on the floor and Honda on top of him in Marik's room. He had been told so many times that Honda was dead, Bakura joked that Honda's chest had enough holes in it to use it as a strainer. "I want to see his body."

"I don't think..." Marik glanced back at the light touch to his arm and Tucker stood beside him.

"I can assure you Honda is dead," Her smile was weak.

"I need to see for myself," Malik looked pleadingly at his father to understand. "I need to know for myself that he won't be coming back."

"It wouldn't hurt, would it?" Marik asked Tucker.

"Well," She bit her lip, people went to the morgue all the time, to identify bodies, to pick up items and from what she knew, Honda was in the hospital's morgue wrapped up in a court orders and open police investigations, his body wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. "I'll see what I can do."

"Before I leave, please." Malik insisted, Tucker nodded her head and left the room.

A few days passed before Tucker took both Marik and Malik to the morgue, after five in evening, knowing the staff would have cleaned up and closed down for the night with only a skeletal staff.

"Are you sure?" The mortician asked looking worried, as he peered down at Malik from over the rims of his glasses and looked at Tucker, who nodded her head.

"He needs to see this," Marik kept a good hold on Malik.

"Ok," He pulled open the door and a table slid out with a body covered in a white sheet and hesitated, "It might be a little frightening or strange." He warned, "So I'm only going to uncover his face." Malik swallowed and glanced at the man and then back at the white sheet and nodded his head.

The mortician pulled the sheet back to reveal Honda's face, "He is dead right?" Malik asked moving forward slightly.

"Son," The mortician huffed, "He took eight bullets to his chest and one through his month, in cold storage for two weeks, an autopsy and scheduled for cremation before the weekend, god couldn't bring this poor bastard back to life, that's for sure." Malik stared at Honda, it was him, cold, pale, silent and unmoving, never again would he harm a single soul and Malik hoped he'd rot in hell along with his beloved Majed.

"Thank you," Malik stepped back; he had seen enough of this man, alive or dead. The white sheet was placed over Honda's face and he was pushed back into the small fridge like locker. "Was that all?" the mortician asked, "Wait, he wasn't a relative, was he?" Marik raised an eye brow.

"No," Malik sighed looking at the man, "he was a serial killer I used to know and I'm the one who put him here." He left the mortician gaping in shock.

"Ready to go home?" Marik asked wrapping an arm about Malik for support as they left the hospital. Bakura and Ryou waited by the car with Milly on a leash, she started to bark excitedly and bounced about drawing Bakura and Ryou's attention.

Ryou gave a small laugh, called Malik's name as he ran to them.

Majed and Honda finally got what was owned to them and with the silence broken and justice served for all the victims that suffered at their hands could now rest in peace. Malik too felt that with time he'd no longer need to be looking over his shoulder and move forward with his life and his true family.

The End.

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