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Uzumaki Naruto
yawned widely, the action almost splitting his face into half. Walking alongside him are his friends (more like fellow outcasts, actually): Nara Shikamaru (the lazy-ass genius with an IQ greater than the majority of the population's IQ totaled), Akimichi Chouji (the chubby dude that did nothing but eat his potato chips), Aburame Shino (the creepy silent guy that prefers to wear sunglasses even while inside the classroom) and Inuzuka Kiba (the rowdy guy that brings a puppy to school, despite the teachers' and classmates' heavy protests). The five of them are the most… outcast of all outcasts.

Konoha High School is like the caste system of India: the outcasts are at the lowest level of course; the nerds come in next; the middle-class men (a better term for people that simply don't belong to any category); at the top are the socialites (the pretty, the handsome, the popular, the rich, you name them).

During his junior high years, Naruto has been a weakling that let bullies… well, bully him around. Everything changed when he reached high school though… he's determined to not let anybody step on him, even with his low "status".

Studying is more like a deadly (as in, death by boredom) chore to him. All teachers are hypocrites, one way or the other. That fact is enough to discourage him; alongside is the fact that he never really liked attending class. At first, he's eager to attend classes to stare at Haruno Sakura, the most sought-after girl on the whole school. After humiliating him in front of the class though (and generally making him a laughingstock), he stopped looking at her like some form of divinity.

Without any motivation or reason to attend class, Naruto's grades and attendance plummeted downwards. And, without any parent or guardian, Naruto's free to do as he wished.

Shikamaru nudged him painfully on his ribs, causing the sleeping blond to forcefully wake up. "Oi Naruto, I heard that we're going to have a new teacher."

"And I heard, from theblabbering students from class 1-D that this teacher is hot." Chouji adds, in-between his teeth's crunching of potato chips.

Naruto stares at the front disinterestedly, knowing that it's probably a push-over pretty boy or girl. Ch, typical.

The classroom door bangs open, surprising all the students. Everybody rushed to their respective seats, hushed murmurs and squeals rippling through the student crowd. Even Naruto raised an eyebrow at the flashy entrance.

A young man, probably only four or five years older than him, comes in, striding inside with a confident gait. Chin held up high in a superior stance, the dark-haired man sneers down at the bunch of students gawking at him. Black eyes glitter coldly, and his voice is just as dark as his black blazer and his obsidian-colored eyes.

"I'm Uchiha Sasuke and I'll be teaching all of you Advanced Biology and Genetics." His tone is freezing and commanding, but it doesn't deter the hormonal teenage females from swooning at the sound. Kiba chokes on his laughter, and the teacher's black eyes stare coolly at Naruto's friend.

"I abhor working with idiots, clingy females—and that means all of you." He distastefully states, his sneer not fading at the slightest bit. Sakura, who's seated at the front row, looks like she's going to faint.

"You're not going to make any sound as I lecture, and you're definitely not allowed to do anything unless you're excused. Understood?"

And that's the first time Uzumaki Naruto saw Uchiha Sasuke. Despite the arrogant and cold actions, Naruto can't help but feel his heartbeat race at the prospect of Sasuke being their new teacher.

His high school life is definitely going to be interesting.

To Be Continued

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