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"He knows," Sasuke muttered against the dim shadows of his apartment, his fist going into a cycle of clenching and unclenching. But what does Itachi know, exactly? Is Itachi that damn good that he has already figured out what is Sasuke staying for—even before Sasuke managed to grasp it?

Sasuke didn't have any concrete idea as to why he refused to go abroad. There is just that feeling of terrible loss—an feeling of immense sadness that accompanied the thoughts of leaving Japan. Sasuke knew that if he left, he wouldn't be able to return to this place in a long time.

The young Uchiha collapsed against the nearby sofa, sinking into its pliant cushions. His body suddenly felt too heavy, the fun he had today draining away from him like sand trickling out of a pair of cupped hands.

Itachi has always been an independent person—doing everything he needed alone, doing everything he wanted alone. He shaped his destiny with persistent fingers, he got what he wanted in a blink of an eye, he trudged down his path before anyone can even protest—leaving his colleagues to be manipulated by his hands, leaving his opponents with a feeling of defeat, leaving Sasuke to be unable of doing anything but follow his footsteps.

It was a very tiring life for Sasuke, and he wanted out of the cycle that is Itachi. Every time he thought he would be able to stretch out his hands and grasp even just the back of Itachi's shirt, Itachi would prove to be way ahead of him, leaving Sasuke to only look on with helpless frustration.

"I'll send you off to MIT in 2 days' time." That's what Itachi had said.

Two days.

And the hands of time started to creak against its rusty hinges, moving slowly forward.

Please, Teacher!

Chapter Three

"You can't stay here forever. We can't stay here forever."

Itachi's face, like always, betrayed no emotion whatsoever. Despite his calm façade, however, his eyes' intensity betrayed an unspoken urgency. Itachi's nimble fingers shook slightly, as though he was controlling an urge to shake his younger brother to make him realize things.

Sasuke is thankful that he managed to reach Itachi before he boarded his private plane. It seemed that Itachi planned on flying to States by today—but. Itachi still seemed to possess that slightly-obsessive characteristic of always agreeing to Sasuke's demands to see him, no matter where he was, no matter what he was occupied with.

Sasuke wanted to hope that maybe, just maybe, Itachi would still show him that almost-tender favoritism he was showered with all those years ago.

"Not forever," Sasuke agreed, because even if he didn't want to leave Japan, he knew he couldn't stay here forever. And it wasn't just because he needed to compete with his brother. There was a deeper reason, something that haunted him but was always pushed into the back of his mind.

If Sasuke was feeling reasonable, he would have thought that Itachi's decision to send him off to States to be the best choice at the moment. But there was that aching pang in his chest again, and he disliked leaving puzzles unsolved.

Puzzles like this situation

Puzzles like Naruto—

Puzzles like them

"The only reason we returned to this place is because—" Itachi stopped short, his eyes glaring at his secretary who then hurriedly scampered away. Sasuke glared at him too, because didn't they already instruct their employees to not be within hearing distance when the Uchiha brothers are talking to each other?

"I know," Sasuke snapped, fingers digging into his palm, forming crimson crescents against his skin, "but just…! Just until the end of the school year. It's only a few more months."

Sasuke chanced a glance at his older brother, but Itachi still looked nonplussed. "I'll help out more in the investigations," He bargained, but winced when he realizes it was the wrong offer.

"I told you I'll handle this by myself," Itachi said steely, eyes narrowed menacingly, before it softened into a stern glare, "You don't have to get too involved."

Sasuke huffed, a rush of air escaping his lips. He felt his mind racing, thinking of possible reasons he can say to sway Itachi's decision, thinking of the things he can say to shift Itachi's judgment.

"Is it that important?" Itachi asked softly, hands warm and heavy against Sasuke's shoulders. "Is he that important?"

The younger man still felt unsure of the exact reasons why he wanted to remain in Japan, for as long as possible. But his answer had a ring of certainty, even as he looked slightly surprised at his admittance.

"Yes." Sasuke said and shivered when Itachi's fingers shook in its grip on his shoulders, "It's very important to me."

There was a pause, before Itachi sighed, lifting one hand and gesturing at his private plane that was probably meant to cancel his flight for now.

"I can't let you do any more stupid things," Despite his alleged maturity, Sasuke snorted at Itachi's offhanded insult, "foolish little brother."

"I want to tell him—"
"You don't even know what you want to tell him."

"You can't be so sure—"
"There is nothing you should tell him."

"I won't give away vital information—"
"Then what else would you say?"

"I just want—"
"What—for him to wait? For him to understand? Will you tell half-truths or half-lies? Anything half is cruel, Sasuke. You should realize that if you're going to tell him, you will have no choice but to tell all truths or all lies. You will only destroy the balance if you force only to show the things you think he needs to know."

"But I can't just—"
"…There is no such choice for us, little brother."

"I really don't appreciate idiots drooling during my class," Sasuke remarked with distaste as he knocked sharply on the table of one unfortunate girl, ignoring the stars in her eyes with practiced grace.

Students whispered to one another as to how Sasuke-sensei appeared to be stricter and meaner and ohsocoolandsexy today. Sasuke ignored those furious mumblings as well, his voice used for more important things like imparting his knowledge about the hormones linked with the anterior and posterior pituitary glands.

He made his speech rate slightly faster; he suppressed a mocking smirk when the students ceased their gossiping and put on more effort into catching the important patches of his lesson. Punishments didn't always have to be about detentions and surprise quizzes, after all.

He spotted a familiar mop of golden hair from the back of the class. Surprisingly, even Naruto looked serious in listening to the lesson. His tanned face is focused on his lecture pad and his hasty handwriting, nodding along at various intervals and scrunching his nose at parts where he was lost.

Sasuke disliked leaving his desk whenever he's doing his lectures, but it wouldn't hurt to catch the possible delinquents, would it? If he walked while doing the lesson, he would catch those brats who like to play note-passing, he would catch the kids who like to fiddle with their cellphones during class. If he walked towards the back, he would see Naruto and his messy handwriting and his intriguing facial expressions.

With those thoughts in mind, he walked along the classroom's aisles, adjusting the volume of his voice to make sure that everyone could still hear him.

He was approaching the more boring part of his topic, and even Naruto's eyes looked sleepy. He was about to knock on the blond's table to retain his attention, when his cellphone vibrated insistently inside the confines of his pocket. He ignored it for a moment, but the caller was annoyingly relentless. He gave a mental sigh and figured that giving his students a ten-minute early dismissal wouldn't be so bad.

"You're dismissed," Sasuke finished the lecture and the students gaped blankly at him, knowing fully well that he disliked doing anything that could be perceived as kindness to his class.

Sasuke cursed the insistent caller in the privacy of his mind, lamenting the loss of seeing the way Naruto would react when he's startled during lessons. The young teacher glanced at the display on his phone, fully prepared to answer to inflict his exponentially-increasing temper.

'ITACHI CALLING' blinked at him, and Sasuke felt an oncoming headache.

He glared at the doorway, with force enough to melt the half-opened sliding door.

If it wasn't so irritating and more-than-plain-weird, Sasuke would have been touched at Itachi's sentiments on following him around. As it was, it only served to painfully remind Sasuke of the countdown to his remaining days in this school.

"Missed chance," Sasuke muttered to himself, busying his hands in arranging his papers and lecture notes.

From his spot beside the classroom's doorway, Uchiha Itachi pocketed his cellphone, an understanding twinkle look in his eyes and a grim smile on his face.

"You know you don't have to read all those reading materials I posted," Sasuke remarked lightly as he passed the furiously-studying blond on the library. It's a Friday night and while Sasuke didn't indulge in those mindless parties and crowded functions, he couldn't see Naruto as the type who'd be slaving away over books on a 'weekend night'.

"If it's not needed then why put it up?" Naruto retorted childishly, the walls separating the two of them into student and teacher crumbling down in an instant. Sasuke suddenly was aware of how the two of them are alone in this library, of how nobody would come here even if—

"There's such a thing as selecting only the important things," Sasuke replied with an arrogant sneer, feeling like he's twelve again and that he had to prove his superiority over the person in front of him, "dead-last."

Naruto's blue eyes sparked with angered ferocity, "I'm NOT a dead-last!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes, but he shifted closer to the studying blond. He pulled out an unused chair and sat beside his student; his cool gaze dismissed the chicken-scrawl handwriting and the messy arrangement of the study materials. "Your exam scores beg to differ."

The blond flushed a healthy pink, darkening his skin tone even more, making the whisker-lines on his cheeks seem more pronounced. "J-j-jerk!"

"Best insult you can come up with?" Sasuke knew he was baiting his student, but it felt good, to be able to bicker with someone who felt so close to him, to be able to talk without seeing shadows of secrets lurking behind each word.

Naruto almost shouted a comeback, but he seemed to remind himself that Sasuke, no matter how infuriating his smirk might be, is still his teacher. And teachers could hand out detentions and make his life hell.

Sasuke almost pouted at the sudden deflated look that graced Naruto. Sometimes, Sasuke really felt that he and Naruto were of the same age, friends, rivals, maybe, because being Naruto's teacher just didn't feel right. "Just because I put it up, it doesn't mean you have the read all that."

"It's under the 'Reading Materials' section of your notes."

"Oh? So you're going to do anything your teacher tells you to do?"

Naruto frowned, looking at a loss as to what his teacher is getting at. "Students are supposed to follow teachers," Naruto said, a challenging glint in his eyes.

Sasuke felt a rush of triumph and the blush returned to his student's face. Sasuke inched closer, his voice dropping low despite the silence in the air.

"Anything? Including ki—"

"Sasuke, we need to go."

"Itachi," Sasuke ground out, pushing away from his seat near Naruto. Almost indecently near, but that was kinda the point, isn't it? Now that Sasuke has grasped at least half of his feelings of wanting to stay, he wanted to act on it immediately, before the countdown is up, but Itachi kept on disrupting his plans.

"Have a nice weekend," Naruto bit out, sounding a bit disappointed.

"Che. Fine. You too, Uzumaki." And because Sasuke hoped that he knew the reason why Naruto looked relatively depressed. "Let's go, brother."

Before completely leaving the library, Sasuke chanced a glance at his student. Indeed, Naruto looked slightly happier now.

"Trigonometry, huh?"

The unexpected voice jolted out Naruto from his studying. He glared at the person who interrupted his studying, eyes widening when he realized that it wasn't just any person—it was—


The biology teacher rolled his eyes but sat beside Naruto on the wooden bench anyway. When he was still relatively new, he kept on replying, 'It's Uchiha-sensei to you', but it seemed that Naruto's brain was too small to remember that request. Sasuke found himself enjoying the way his named sounded when it was Naruto who said it, knowing that only Itachi and Naruto called him casually by that name.

"This one is easy," Sasuke couldn't help but comment as Naruto heatedly scribbled long lines of solutions to the problem, the pencil leaving angry marks of lead against the poor piece of paper known as Naruto's answer sheet.

Twitch, twitch. "Bastard," The blond seethed but didn't stand up and challenge him to a fight like he did before.

Sasuke was a bit surprised that Naruto, the dead-last Naruto, actually ignored him for the sake of studying. It was a bit insulting and heartwarming at the same time, because finally, Naruto is showing interest in his studies.

With trained silence, Sasuke removed himself from the bench and vowed to get something for the furiously-studying blond.

When Naruto finally looked up again from his review materials, Sasuke was already gone, but in his stead, sat a can of coffee and a ham sandwich seated atop one Ichiraku Ramen coupon. There was a short note written at the back of the coupon, handwriting perfectly legible and elegant-looking: 'If you don't get at least 80 it means you're really the dumbest dobe and I'm gonna laugh at you'.

Despite the insulting nature of the note, Naruto opened the coffee can with a smile on his face.

"That arrogant bastard."

"So it seems that I'm the unlucky one to be assigned to you," Sasuke remarked with little venom in his tone.

Predictably, Naruto bristled from his spot in front of Sasuke's desk. The blond was about to retort, but Sasuke held up his hand to stop his tirade.

"I'm leaving soon."

Finally, he managed to say it without Itachi appearing or calling his phone out of nowhere. He hoped that saying it out loud would help remove the weird twinge in his chest, but it was a false hope, apparently.

Naruto looked taken aback; it took him a couple more minutes to recover, "When…?"

"At the start of the next semester," Sasuke said, sounding mechanical as he continued to give out details and instructions to Naruto for their summer tutoring session.

"You're leaving…" Naruto repeated after Sasuke said the things Naruto needed to know about the summer tutor class. Sasuke resisted the urge to tear out his hair because it meant that he just wasted his time explaining when Naruto wasn't even paying attention to what he was saying.

Sasuke's lips attempted a smile, "Let's just enjoy the field trip and the summer cram classes together."

Those words were meant to be comforting, Sasuke knew, but somehow, he didn't believe those words himself.

"You know, if Uchiha-sensei is really going away soon, it would be better if you confess your feelings now." Chouji said and it was a miracle Naruto actually understood what the other teen said, given that his words were punctuated by the crunching sounds of potato chips.

"What feelings are you talking about?!" Naruto whispered furiously, because as much as he wanted to yell, he didn't really want to attract unnecessary attention to this talk he was having with his friends. He told them about Sasuke leaving so that they could help him think of a way to stop Sasuke, not for them to suddenly talk about girly stuff!

"You know, feelings," Kiba teased with suggestively waggling eyebrows, "like: I want to have sex with you, Sasuke-sensei."

Naruto stared at his dog-loving friend, horrified, "You want to have s-s-sex with Sasuke?!"

"What? NO!" Kiba looked terribly offended.

"But you just said—"

"I was talking about your feelings, dumbass."

The sound of Shikamaru's hand hitting his face interrupted the silence that spread after Kiba's statement.

"But I don't want…" Naruto started, a blush seated high up on his cheeks.

Shino finally deigned it an important moment to move away from his constant hiding place. "I am glad you found the love of your life. I am willing to assist you in your quests to make sure you capture his heart in your hands."

Naruto smiled awkwardly, ignoring Shikamaru's comment of 'that sounds like Naruto will murder sensei', and thanks Shino for his support to whatever he was offering support to.

"Look, Naruto," Kiba interjected, "Once you finally admit you want to bone Sasuke-sensei, you'll be able to get this thing out your system, and then you can finally be normal again and forget all about this stupid infatuation."

Shikamaru frowned and he stepped forward, intent on not letting Kiba's words bring Naruto to the wrong direction. "Oi, that is not—"

"It's very stupid, yeah?" Naruto observed after a few heartbeats, "Kiba… you're probably right."

"So, so troublesome—"

Before Shikamaru could continue sharing his opinion about the matter, the group heard scrambling from the nearby bushes. Naruto immediately runs toward the source of the sound, hoping fervently that the person didn't eavesdrop on their talk.

Naruto managed to see a small glimpse of the person who ran away from the bushes.

The blond's heart stopped. Of all the people—

Chouji voiced the words that Naruto didn't want to be true.

"Eh? Isn't that Uchiha-sensei just now?"

A class field trip was something the whole school agreed upon, as a away of finishing the academic year with a bang. Each class will be allocated a pair of teachers to supervise them as they were going for some outdoor camping.

All the students eagerly waited for the list of teachers assigned to each class, and Naruto's female classmates started cheering loudly. The blond knew it could only mean one thing—Sasuke's one of the assigned teachers.

"This is your chance, blondie!" Kiba cackled, while Naruto repeatedly punched his shoulder to shut him up, because dog-boy, everyone can hear you!

The principal then asked the students to shuffle into the traditional buddy system and sounds of laughter and good cheer surrounded the students waiting to be seated at the shuttle bus.

"When you enter the bus, sit with your buddy already!"

Naruto blinked as he stared at the two rows of seats in front of him.

Shikamaru and Chouji.
Kiba and Shino.

"Eh?! I don't have a buddy?!"

Shikamaru's 'you only noticed now?!' was drowned out by Kiba's sudden moment of loud realization that yeah, there's five of them so there would be one man out.

"Aww man," Naruto complained, feeling a bit depressed already. He didn't think that the start of the field trip would be like this, with him far away from his friends and it would continue as long as they kept up the buddy system.

"Do you want to be my buddy, Naruto?" A female voice suddenly asked him and Naruto felt his jaw drop in surprise.


The pink-haired girl smiled, a friendly smile, and Naruto thought that it was such a long time ago when he stopped worshipping Sakura-chan's smiles.

"Well, Ino-pig is sitting with her precious Leo-kun, so…"

"O-Okay…" Naruto agreed without much thought, though he still looked faintly surprised with the turn of events. Shikamaru told the blond to sit in front of them; Shikamaru didn't look too happy with the way Sakura suddenly appeared in Naruto's life as though she didn't reject him way too many times before.

Well, things seemed to be looking up. He wasn't stuck with some jerk for a buddy, and he sat near his friends, and Sasuke would be there with them! It was finally shaping into a nice blowout after weeks of intensive studying for the exams.

But then, things never stay perfect, do they?

Iruka and Ebisu entered the school bus assigned for Naruto's class.

Naruto couldn't help but feel the twinge of betrayal.

"Where is Uchiha-sensei?" Sakura asked, "I thought he was our teacher-in-charge…?"

Iruka-sensei placated the students protests and turned to answer Sakura's question.

"Well you see… Uchiha-sensei messaged the school and told us he wouldn't be able to come."

The perfect blowout after exams…? Enjoy the field trip together…?

Naruto clenched his fists.

"Sasuke, you liar."

To Be Continued

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