Summary: Haru and Momiji are taking a walk one night, and Haru gets Momiji talking about his family. Little do they know, Momiji's Mom, Dad, and sister are just around the corner, listening to every word said. Hatsuharu x Momiji. First story ever written, be nice.

On with the story…

---Last Time---

Once the sobs turned to hic-ups, Haru laid Momiji down on the bed, pulled Momiji close to him, and waited for Momiji to fall asleep. Soon Momiji fell into a dreamless sleep, and soon after Haru did as well.


Momiji POV

Two weeks have passed since I found out about Tsunada, my ex-Papa.

Everything was looking up now. I'm not depressed about Papa, I've not tried to kill myself again, and I see Momo everyday after school. Plus I'm with Haru, we haven't gone all the way yet, I think it's too soon.

After school, I go pick Momo up from her school, and we go to the park and get Ice-cream. I've helped her play Violin, and I help her with her school work. It's nice being an older brother.

I've only had one run in with Papa, but he didn't even look at me, so I ignored him as well.

My arm is healed, and all that's left are scars, and I think they look cool, so I where short sleeves as much as I can.

I still hang out with Tohru, Kyo, and Yuki, but now they know the real me.

And me, I'm pretty happy. I think I can make it in this world. With Haru by my side, I can do anything.



…well that sucked…sorry about the short ending, but I didn't know what else to put…if you want, I can come up with a sequel, but I'll need suggestions on what to put.

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