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Valentine's day is here! And Natsume makes Mikan his girlfriend? What is going on? Has the bug called l.o.v.e. finally caught up with our dashing enigma? Or is there something darker at work here? Expect OOCness


. L.O.V.E. Dictionary .

Val·en·tine's Day or Val·en·tines Day (See also Saint Valentine's Day.)

n : a day for the exchange of tokens of affection (syn: Valentine Day, Valentine's Day, Saint Valentine's Day, St Valentine's Day, February 14)


Chaputa ichi: Love is in the Air

"Natsume-kun! Natsume-kun!" A nauseating female voice called out his name persistently.

Natsume covered his ears in vain.

Imagine him, the Hyuuga Natsume, being forced to hide in the janitor's office because of a certain species: female humans.

The indignity of it all.

"Natsume kun! Where are you? I have got chocolates for you!"

Natsume almost snorted out loud at that.

What was he? A dog?

He could always chase her away by burning her hair, as he had done to her other counterparts, but he was still recovering from the mission last night and his flame was a tiny miserable miniature speck of light.

"Natsume!" The tone of her voice had changed to plaintive.

Natsume shuddered in disgust.

Bloody Valentine's Day.

If he could go back in time, he would eliminate the person who originated Valentine's Day.

Everytime that time of year came about, the female species go haywire. Well, during normal days they were already like that (At this time, Natsume smirked as he thought of a certain clumsy female with auburn hair) but during this day, only this day, they unravel completely, turning into man-hunting creatures of the dark.

The horror of it all.

"Natsume?" He suddenly froze as the voice came nearer. Too near in fact.

Quick, where to hide? Natsume thought frantically as he scanned the tiny, dark room cluttered with brooms, mops, buckets and every cleaning object available on the planet.

"Are you in there?"

The doorknob twisted.

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit. Natsume cursed frantically.

Then he saw it.

The door opened and a black haired female peeped in, her green eyes glittering. Oo, scary.

For a while, there was taunting silence.



"Natsume-kun! Where are you?"

A sigh of relief was heard and we see our dashing hero lift up the bucket on his head and push away all the brooms leaning on him.

Quietly, he opened the door and slipped out into the cool air awaiting.

At the corner, he leaned against the wall and shifted his head slightly to see whether were there any potential 'danger' lurking around.

Whew, no one.

He let out a sigh of relief and was about to walk into the corridor when...

"Is that Natsume!"

"Ohh!" Someone squealed in excitement.

"Where? Where?"

In the five seconds that ensued, Natsume found himself in a rather undignified position under the stairway.

I really need to do something about this. It is getting out of hand.

"But I DID see him!"

"Where is he?"

Even as the voices faded away, Natsume continued to squat under the staircase just in case.

In the past, it hadn't been that bad because Ruka was there suffering with him. And he had been able to use his flame.

But ever since Ruka (that traitor) got together with Imai Hotaru, Natsume found himself the sole receiver of the unwelcome attention from the fan girls.

Suddenly, a thought struck him.

A girlfriend! That is what I need! Why didn't I think of it before?

Smirking now, Natsume turned to the next critical question.


Slowly, he sieved through his mind the possible candidates available:

Fan girls. Definitely Out

Otonashi. Too weird. She would probably make me dance before she accepts.

Shoda and friend. No way.

Nonoko and Anna. Too ditzy.

Imai. Ruka would kill me.

Natsume was getting despaired. Was there a single decent female in this school?

Maybe I should just get Ruka to be my boyfriend. That will really scare them off. Natsume thought grumpily. But then, Imai would probably kill me.

Sighing, Natsume stood up. Squatting was definitely not a good position to be in when he wanted to think.

As he walked out into the corridor, something hit him really hard.

"Oof." The thing let out a choked sound as it bumped into him and fell backwards onto the ground.

Natsume looked down and found himself looking at a very dizzy looking Sakura Mikan.

Natsume glared down at her as he drawled out scathingly," Oi, watch where you are going, Polka dotted panties."

He watched in amusement as the dizziness immediately switched to annoyance as she glared back at him and yelled," Mou Natsume! Stop calling me that!"

As he continued to watch her struggle to her feet, a thought struck him.

He smiled.

"Oi, baka youjo." He waited until she was looking at him then," Will you be my girlfriend?"



.baka youjo: stupid little girl


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