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. Summary .

Valentine's day is here! And Natsume makes Mikan his girlfriend? What is going on? Has the bug called l.o.v.e. finally caught up with our dashing enigma? Or is there something darker at work here? Expect OOCness


The most unexpected things we do for love,

And the most unexpected things love does for us.


. L.O.V.E. Dictionary .

yes (yěs)

adv. It is so; as you say or ask. Used to express affirmation, agreement, positive confirmation, or consent.

n. pl. yes·es

An affirmative or consenting reply. An affirmative vote or voter.

tr.v. yessed, yes·sing, yes·es
To give an affirmative reply to.

interj. Used to express great satisfaction, approval, or happiness.


Chaputa Shichi: Yes

He used me, he used me not, he used me, he used me not…

The little chant worked its way into the brunette's head as she plucked off the bright yellow petals of the sunflower she was twirling in her hand one by one.

Lazily, the shorn petals drifted their way to land around where the brunette was seated, the bright yellow startling against the dark red of her skirt.

He used met, he used me not…

There it continued, the little routine that went on for a few minutes, until things finally came to a head.

She looked down desolately at the single petal left attached to the flower.

Slowly, she reached down to pluck it off.

He used me.

He USED me




"Natsume BAKKKKAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Talk about a complete change in mood.


Mikan was still fuming about a certain ebony-haired boy as she turned a corner around the white corridors of the hospital, the bouquet of sunflowers (cousins to the one she demolished earlier) and a box of Howalons clutched in her fist.

Stupid Natsume! How dare he use her?

She'll keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll him when she sees him! Hmph!!!!

Stomp. Stomp. Stomp.

It was in this manner that Mikan made her way to the hospital's room 64, her mouth in a tight line that spoke of displeasure and tortures to come in the near future.

But before she could reach for the handle of the door that led to Hotaru's hospital room, the door burst open, giving her a glimpse of her best friend's stoic face before the view was obstructed by pink and purple.

Out came Anna and Nonoko, their faces holding identical grins that simply widened as they saw Mikan.

"Mikan-chan!" They chorused out together, "Ikkuyo!"

"Eh? Eh? Nani? Demo Hotaru-"

Without any preamble, each hooked an arm under Mikan's underarms and dragged her away.

The last thing she saw was Hotaru giving her a little wave and the scary smirk on her face before the door slammed shut.



Inside the hospital room, a certain violet eyed female stuck out a hand to a visibly sweating Yuu.

"That will be one hundred and twenty-five rabbits." She got out calmly, eyeing the olive-haired male serenely.

"Eh?" A horrified look etched onto Yuu's face.

"That was for the box of Howalons I saw Mikan holding. Since your plans deprived me of it, I demand monetary compensation." She smiled pleasantly as Yuu dug into his wallet unhappily before handing over the gold pennies into Hotaru's outstretched hand.

Suddenly, the pleasant smile was replaced by a serious look and a hand reached out to grip his arm gently.

"Don't let him hurt her." She stated softly.

Yuu nodded, knowing that despite her uncaring attitude towards the brunette, Hotaru really cared for Mikan.

"Or," She whipped out the gleaming Baka Cannon and caressed it, "Die by this."

Frantic nodding ensued.

With that problem assured of, Hotaru leaned back into the soft fluffy pillows she had specified for her well-being during her stay.

"Ruka," She called out sweetly to the blonde who had been quietly sitting at the side of the room. "Get me Howalons from Central Town."

Yuu, watching from the sidelines, could only sweat drop and pity the blonde who had chosen Imai Hotaru of all people as his girlfriend.

She offered the two gold coins mutely to the long-suffering blonde, the pleasant smile, the kind that would send shivers down one's spine, back in place.

"Remember whose fault it was I ended up here." She added on for good measure.

"Hai." He sighed out resignedly before trudging out of the hospital room.

After all, what was a boyfriend for if not for manual labour?


Meanwhile, in the heart of central town, our erstwhile protagonist was blazing a trail literally through the shops in his last minute shopping trip.

"Ties." A certain crimson-eyed flame-caster snapped out impatiently from where he was lounging on a very comfortable leather sofa.

Almost immediately, the manager of Lasile's Boutique for Men produced an array of silk ties on a black velvet tray ranging from bright neon orange to a glistening black-blue.

"Your choice sir?" The manager, a primp looking balding guy in his forties asked deferentially, his posture at a rigid sixty degree bent as he waited for the famed Black Cat to make his choice.

Having suffered numerous burns in the past when he accidentally annoyed the volatile crimson-eyed, he-who-wishes-to-live-longer-than-die-an-inconspicuous-death-by-being-barbequed has put all of his will power into making sure that he gave Hyuuga Natsume, star principal student of the Alice Academy the best service he has to offer.

On the other hand, Natsume, having gone through the tortures of shopping for the last hour, was feeling exactly as a male forced to undertake shopping: grumpy.

Faced with ties printed with hearts, bunnies, piyos and such, our beloved hero was filled with a sudden urge to burn something.


Faced with silence and an extremely black look on his customer's part, the manager quickly summoned up a bright smile and swapped a new box full of ties.

"How about this?"

This tray held the more classic ties, and of course, the more expensive ones.

Crimson eyes scrapped a look through the selection before he lifted a hand and languidly lifted a tie done in solid, beautiful deep amber that shimmered in the soft white lighting.

It was a shade of amber one could drown in, a color the exact shade of her eyes.

"I'll take this."


For now, let us take a step away from out intriguing hero and move onto our heroine, who was feeling very confused and under attack at the same time.

After being dragged manually by the two usually gentle girls to a room, Mikan found herself inside none other than … Shouda Sumire's room.


The brunette quaked and squawked in protest as the lovely olive-haired female appeared, a terrifying look on her face.

Coupled with the gleaming scissors held in her hand as she towered over the brunette, Sumire formed a lovely counterpart to Jack the Ripper.

"Don't kill me! Onegai! I am too young to die!" Cowering, Mikan cried out as she squeezed her eyes shut desperately.

"Nani?" Sumire's derisive snort had the brunette peering out cautiously from the shelter of her arms. "Who wants to kill you?"

"Eh? You are not going to kill me?" She ventured tentatively.

"No." One hand lifted to flick back olive strands as Sumire struck a pose, "I am going to give you a make-over."

Somehow, that sounded more terrifying than being killed.


A piercing shriek ripped through the academy, turning heads throughout the campus towards the source: The Elementary branch dormitory.

Meanwhile, eavesdropping outside the very door all the noise was coming out from, Koko and Kitsuneme were laughing and wincing at the same time to the sounds emitted within.

"Itai! My hair!" Laugh.

"Stop moving!" Thwack. Wince.

"Nooooooo!" Crash. Bam. Wince.

"Put it on before I kill you!" Something shattered. Laugh.

"Why am I being forced to do thissssssssssssssssssssss!!!!????" Crash. Wince.

"Because!" Crack Wince.

"ITAI!" Laugh.

Koko straightened with a sigh together with Kitsuneme, identical grins on their faces.

"Let's go see how Natsume is doing!"


"Mikan, stop struggling!" Anna pleaded as she tried to get the brunette to cooperate by sitting still while they did her hair.

Sumire had already trimmed the wavy locks and brushed it until it had a deep shine.

But that was exactly the problem.

She wanted to tie her hair.

"Wahhhhh! Let me tie my hair! I feel weird not tying my hair!" She wailed out as she tried to grope for the twin rubber bands held just out of her reach by a very annoyed Sumire.

"NO!" Sumire growled out.

Her mouth trembled in the classic I-am-going-to-cry-soon expression as she turned watery eyes onto the three girls, two of which she had thought to be her good friends.

"It is no use trying to look at us that way, "Sumire snapped out, raising the paper fan that came out of no where and whacked the brunette soundly in the head.

Two minutes worth of more puppy eye looks later, Sumire finally caved in.

"All right all right! You can tie your stupid hair!" She snapped out, thrusting a gold rubber band at Mikan.

Happily, Mikan reached for the band, prepared to scoop up her hair into its customary buns when Sumire stopped her cold, "But NOT in ponytails."

A pair of shocked amber eyes clashed with glinting olive green ones.


How could she NOT tie her hair in ponytails?

What OTHER hairstyles are there in this dismal world?

Oh, what would the world be if she was never to tie her hair in her ponytails again?

The sun will never shine! Spring will never come! The plants will slowly die away-


"ITAI!" The brunette howled out in protest as the blunt end of the hair-dryer Sumire held in her hand connected with her head.

"Stop being melodramatic!" The olive-eyed female snapped out before she moved to attack Mikan's hair herself.

Then Mikan remembered something.

She hadn't spoken out her thoughts.

So…why would Permy know about what she was thinking about?

Unless she was…

Her mouth forming a little 'o' of awe that was reflected in the vanity mirror, she looked up with new-found respect at the girl who was currently twisting the honey-brown locks into a decent hairstyle.

"Permy, are you psychic?"

"No." The object of her admiration said shortly, "You are just too obvious."

Before Mikan could defend herself to that very unfair statement (not), Sumire interrupted.

"There. Isn't this better?"

There, in place of the customary ponytails, was a sleek chignon that gleamed in the light of the setting sun.

"You are beautiful, Mikan-chan!" Nonoko and Anna chorused out happily as they rushed over to hug the brunette, who was too busy gaping at the 'new' her. "Sumire-chan you are so brilliant!"

"Of course." The self-assured answer was accompanied by a flick of her olive hair.

Mikan, at that very moment, remember something extremely important.

"Ano…why are we doing all this?"

Her innocent question was rewarded with three different reactions.

One incredulous look from Sumire.

Two guilty looks from Anna and Nonoko.

Three loud squawks as the hairdryer made friends with the brunette's head permanently, forming three throbbing, lovely bumps on the brunette's head.

"We are doing this for you and Natsume!" Sumire announced loudly above the din Mikan was making as she moaned over the new bruises formed just a second ago.

"So Mikan-chan will be happy!" Anna and Nonoko smiled as they clapped their hands together in glee.

"Me and … Natsume?" The words stuttered out as Mikan blinked disbelievingly.

"Yup, so now all we have to do is to get this dress," She pulled out a beautiful sky-blue gown from a box, the long skirt of the dress pooling in folds as Nonoko held it up towards the light for inspection. "On you."

"But..but it isn't mine." Mikan whispered out in awe as she reached out to touch the shimmery fabric.

It was smooth to touch, the silk flowing through her fingers like sleek tendrils of water.

"It was Hotaru's but since she isn't able to attend the ball, she requested that you take it because she knew you wouldn't be prepared for the ball tonight."

"Demo-"Before Mikan could protest, Sumire took the dress from Nonoko and shoved it into Mikan's hands.

"Just put it on! We have only an hour left to the ball!"

"Hurry Mikan-chan! Just imagine how Natsume will react when he sees you!"

If she knows that Natsume is just using her as a shield against those maniac fan girls, she would be so hurt.

"Natsume wouldn't care." She mumbled out softly under her breathe, her amber eyes trained on the ground.

Silence fell as Sumire, Anna and Nonoko exchanged worried looks.

"What are you talking about?" Anna asked gently, a hand reaching out for Mikan's shoulder.

"He wouldn't care because he never cared about me."

"Don't talk nonsense! How would you-"

"I heard you all talking. Back in the classroom." Horrified looks met each other across the room as hurt amber eyes lifted and looked accusingly at them.

Anna and Nonoko looked at each other miserably.

"Is that all?" Sumire 'hmmph'ed.

Startled, Mikan turned to the girl who had proclaimed herself as Natsume's devoted fan girl for so long.

"The Sakura Mikan I knew wouldn't be put down by such a small thing!" She proclaimed, her green eyes flashing.

Mikan felt a small smile tug at her lips.

Permy was right. Why should she, Sakura Mikan, be put down by such a heartless person?

"Arigatou Permy!" Beaming, she flung herself onto the olive-haired female, causing her to stumble back a few steps with a yelp.

"Get off me Sakura! And my name is NOT Permy!"

"Hai Permy!"

Yosh! She will confront Natsume later! Do not underestimate the power of Sakuras!

"Sakura! Change! Now!"

"Hai Permy!"

"And it is NOT PERMY!"


The sun was setting, casting a deep orange glow across the pristine white pillars of the academy.

The lamps lining the way to the reception hall where the ball was held lit up almost magically, the fire balls within emitting a soft orange glow, replacing the fading light from the sun.

Sakura blossoms flirted in the wind, pale pink against orange, as students milled into the hall, ball gowns and tuxedos aplenty.

It was a night for romance, a night of confessions, a night made solely for couples in the academy to enjoy and for bachelors and bachelorettes to find their one true love.

Candles charmed to float midair around the hall illuminated the hall, decorated with hearts charmed to blow kisses at those passing by and cupids to serve as waiters and to shoot arrows at the love struck ones.

Pink silk cloths decorated the hall, forming curtains at the sides of the hall and strips of it were woven across the ceiling.

In short, it was haven for the girls and hell for the guys.

For Mikan, she was barely taking in all the sights.

The dress was wonderful, giving her shapeless figure all the flattery and boosting it needed. Off-shoulder, the silk of the gown felt wonderful on her skin.

For this night, Sakura Mikan shone.

And she was not the only one who felt it.

Standing by herself without the scary Hyuuga and intimidating Imai flanking her, Mikan found herself surrounded in by guys she never knew asking her for a dance.

Even though she had refused one after another, they kept coming, until Mikan was forced against one of the pillars, an uncomfortable smile on her face.

Where is Natsume when she needed him?

Just when she thought she was going to scream, the crowd parted.

And there, through the opening, was Hyuuga Natsume, resplendent in his formal attire.

He was dressed in black, as was most of the party goers, but he stood out amongst them all, a falcon amongst the peacocks.

Mikan stood there frozen, captivated by the mesmerizing crimson eyes as he neared her with sure steps.

He stopped in front of her, a fallen angel who had answered her pleas when she needed him and was just about to say something when Mikan remembered something.

So Koko, you will go to the ball disguised as Natsume. Make sure Mikan doesn't know.

So it really isn't Natsume after all.

Mikan let out a sigh before summoning up a bright smile for Koko, who was disguised as Natsume.

"You really did a wonderful job disguising as Natsume, Koko-kun." Mikan sighed as she reached out to nick a glass of fruit punch from a passing cupid.

Around them, the crowd was slowly dissipating away now that the scary Hyuuga was back, leaving the two alone.

A startled look passed Koko-Natsume's eyes.

"But you really don't have to do this." Mikan continued without giving the mind-reader a chance to cut in.

She slurped one mouthful of punch before passing out the glass to Koko.

Koko looked dubiously at the glass before raising it to his mouth for a sip.

"I know all about Natsume using me."

At this, Koko choked as he spat out the mouthful of punch in his mouth.

"Koko! Daijobu?" Mikan rushed over in shock and started thumping on Koko's back to help him.

"Really, did you have to get so agitated? I am fine…it is just that..." Mikan trailed off.

Coughing fit over, Koko straightened as he fixed a stare at the brunette who was still talking away, her amber eyes fixed on a distance away.

"At first I felt hurt, that Natsume would use me. Then..then..I don't know." Mikan sighed.

"Do you…like him?" Koko spoke up for the first time, crimson eyes sharp as they roved over the female's face.

"Whao Koko, you even sound like Natsume." Mikan took awhile to admire the latter's acting skills before she remembered his question.

"I…I…" A deep blush stained her cheek. "I guess…I do."

Then she looked up desperately at Koko. "Do you think he likes me too?"

Before he could answer though, someone bounded up to them, someone very familiar.

Someone like Kokoroyumi.

"Hey Mikan-chan! Nice dress!" Koko beamed at them before he suddenly spotted Yuu.

"Hey Yuu! Wait up!" With that he was gone into the crowd, leaving the suddenly very quiet couple behind.

Mikan was furiously working out her mind and jumbled up thoughts, because if that was the real Koko just now…and there was a Koko in front of her, it would only mean that one was fake...then the Koko-Natsume in front of her would be…

Hyuuga Natsume himself.



Mikan cringed as her face went aflame.

At that moment, all Mikan wanted to do was to borrow the Digging Alice and dig herself the deepest hole where she could hide in for the rest of her life.

She couldn't meet Natsume's eyes, which she was sure was smirking at her.

She squeezed her eyes shut and crouched down, hoping that everything will somehow go away if she did that.

She heard the little clop of Natsume's shoes against the marble floor as he moved closer and silently willed him away.

Go away. Go away.

"Will you dance with me?"

She started as a white gloved hand found its way to the front of her face.

That was definitely not what she had been expecting.

She glanced upwards almost tentatively, meeting crimson eyes that were not smirking at her, but simply looking at her, asking.

He stood there patiently, ignorant of the stares they were getting; the Hyuuga Natsume holding out a hand to the Sakura Mikan crouched like a frog on the floor.

Slowly, she reached out and placed her hand in his, allowing him to draw her up.

One hand around her waist, one clasping her hand, they stepped out onto the dance floor and begin to dance.

Mikan, still embarrassed, didn't dare to look up, instead concentrated on the floor and their moving feet as though her life depended on it.

"As for your question," Natsume's voice broke through her reverie and she jerked her eyes up to his face.

"I am pretty sure Natsume likes her too."

Because there was never a change in expression as he said it, simply that unsmiling look, it took awhile for the meaning to get in.

Mikan gaped at Natsume for a while as he twirled her once, then a smile slowly blossomed until it threatened to extend beyond her face.

"Hontoni?" She asked softly, her amber eyes searching his frantically.

"Sakura Mikan, "he looked down at her this time, a small smile on his lips, "Will you be my girlfriend?"

A burst of laughter spilled out as Mikan wrapped her arms around Natsume happily.

"Yes. YES!"


. the end .


"Oi. Baka girlfriend."


"You are stepping on my feet."



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