Ginny pulled her cloak more tightly around her as the wind picked up speed. 'What on earth was I thinking coming here tonight.' she thought. 'Oh yeah…'


It was the last day of Ginny's fourth year and the train ride seemed as if it would go on forever. Ginny had finally found an empty compartment and decided to take a nap. Shortly after she fell asleep someone else slipped into her compartment and locked the door careful enough to not even stir the littlest Weasley. He took a seat across from her and began reading a very old book. He had been reading for about an hour when Ginny started to wake up. Noticing someone else in her compartment she sat up a little too fast and became dizzy falling rather nosily out of her seat. Still not noticing who it was she allowed him to help her up. Finally looking at the person she shrieked. "What in the hell are you doing here Malfoy." Ginny spoke in a angered tone.
"Well my compartment was loud and I wanted a quiet place to read if you must know Weasley. I tried not to wake you." Draco looked at her and for the first time noticed how much she had changed. The once little girl had developed curves. And nice ones at that. Her freckles had almost completely vanished and her once mousy orange hair was now a more deep blood red that fell in long soft curls. "What are you staring at Ferret?" Ginny asked glaring at him "Filth." He answered in a bored voice.
"If I'm filth then find another compartment"
"Now see I would but the rest are rather full and I like this one. So why don't you find another compartment"
Ginny continued to glare at him then said slowly "I was here first Malfoy"
"Do I look like I care." Malfoy said blankly. 'Damn she looks good when she mad.. Wait I did not just think that'
"Fine. I'm not leaving so I guess your gonna have to deal with me in here"
"You don't give up easily do you Ginny?" Draco said her name slowly.
"No I don't Malfoy. Wait did you just call me by my name"
"It would seem so wouldn't it"
"Why?" Ginny asked "Because, Ginny, you intrigue me. Any other person would have left as soon as they saw I was in here. But not you. Now why is that"
"Because, Draco, you don't scare me like you do everyone else." Draco started to say something else when they heard someone yelling for Ginny. "That's Ron"
"So…" Before he could finish his sentence They heard Ron trying to open the locked door. "Ginny I know your in there now open this door immediately." Ron said through the door. Ginny remained seated just staring at the door handle.
Slowly a smirk spread across her face very similar to the one that was almost permanent on Draco's. "Do you want to have a little bit of fun Draco?" she whispered "What are you talking about"
"Well Ron is gonna be barging in here in a few moments and how would he like it if his baby sister was messing around with his worst enemy?" Draco smirked evilly. "Ok. Let's have some fun"
Ginny smiled then walked over and sat on Draco's lap. Just as she was bending down to kiss his neck sure enough Ron busted through the door with Harry and Hermione in tow. "What in the hell is going on here?" Ron said obviously fuming "Get your dirty death eater hands off my sister Malfoy." Ron bellowed. "What if I like his dirty death eater hands on me Ronald." Ginny glared at her oaf of a brother.
"Then you must not know what you want." Ron glared right back.
"Oh I think I know what she wants. And I think she's going to get it as soon as you leave." Draco smirked as Ron started to jump at him only to be held back by Harry and Hermione. "Let go of me now." Ron bellowed at his friends.
"Their not worth it Ron." Hermione cooed in his ear.
"So your fucking him to now. I thought it was only Harry you nasty little mudblood." Ginny sneered. Hermione glared at her as she let go of Ron.
"Ginny that was uncalled for." Harry said "Who are you to tell me what's uncalled for and what isn't. When are you going to go ahead and die Potter"
Draco just sat back watching the scene unfold in front of him.
"Ginny what has gotten into you?" Harry said trying to stay calm.
"Nothing has gotten in to me. Potter I'm just tired of you and you stuck up friends." Harry walked out of the compartment at that. "Why don't you two be good little tagalongs and follow him." Ron glared then slowly followed Hermione and Harry out of the compartment.
"That was brilliant Red. When did you stop listening to every word your muggle-loving brother says"
"When I grew a backbone"
"I honestly don't know why I'm asking you this but have you ever heard of a place called Darkest Desire"
-End Flashback-

Ginny smiled at the memory. She still didn't know why she was going to Darkest Desires. But she was.
As she walked up to the door at the back of the dark alley she started to get nervous. "We don't know cookies little girl. Why don't you run along home now." Said a guy, that was bigger then Crabbe and Goyle put together, standing in front of the door.
"Silence Dante." Draco said as he walked out of the shadows and up too Ginny. "Let me see your outfit Red." Ginny pulled her cloak open revealing a short black mini skirt with fishnets and a tight emerald tank top that had silver in it. Draco smirked "It'll do for tonight but tomorrow you'll need something a little more revealing"
"I don't have anything more revealing." Ginny said a little embarrassed. "And who's to say I'm even coming tomorrow"
"You'll come. Now Hurry up and stay close to me these people would love to get you in a corner somewhere no one would hear you scream." With that Draco started to walk in the door. Ginny however remained where she was. Turning around Draco said "Don't be scared. You'll be fine as long as your with me." So Ginny took another chance and followed him into the dimly lit building. Once they were in Draco turned to her again and said "Give me your cloak." She did as she was told and handed him her raggedy cloak. Draco handed the cloaks to a girl who looked only a couple years older then Ginny. "These don't get lost or raided through." Draco said handing the girl a couple of galleons. The girl nodded and took them to a back room. Draco started to walk down a hall with lots of doors.
"Draco what's in these doors?" Ginny asked in a naïve innocent way.
"Rooms. Never go into one with anybody but me cause you probably wouldn't be happy with the outcome." Draco looked into her eyes. "Look this place can be very dangerous. There are a lot of people here that would love to hurt you so its important that you listen to me when I tell you to do something. Till we get to my room don't ask questions and stay right by my side." He started walking again and this time Ginny was by his side.
At the other end of the hall was a large room that was packed full of people and had loud music with lots of strobe lights. Draco grabbed Ginny's hand as they began to make there way through the crowd. Once they were through the crowd Draco let go of her hand. Ginny looked into a corner and saw a man holding a girl and biting into her neck with blood pouring down her. Ginny let out a shriek and grabbed onto Draco.
"Draco…" But she was cut off by him giving her a death glare. She nodded understanding. They walked a little ways down another hall and went into a nice size room with a huge bed and sofa in it.
"First off," Draco began closing the door as she came in, "Yes that was a vampire you saw back there. Now were going to go back out there and have some fun. Your going to stay with me the whole time no questions asked right"
"Right." Ginny smiled. "So let's go have fun"
They walked back out into the room and started dancing. A couple of hours and a few too many shots later Draco noticed Ginny begin to slump a little and he thought it would be best if he got her out of there. "Come on let's go home." Draco yelled over the music. "Ginny looked at him completely dumbfounded and asked "Why"
"It's getting late and I still gotta take you home before I go home so let's go." He grabbed her hand and started leading back to where they had originally came from when a group of people started a mosh pit that dragged Ginny to one side and Draco to the other. "GINNY!!" Draco yelled trying to get back through to her.
As soon as Draco disappeared guy dressed in complete black walked up to her and stared into her eyes leading her off the dance floor and into a corner. Ginny didn't know what she was doing. Draco had warned her about this but she just couldn't look away from this guys eyes. Only when she blinked did she realize what she was doing and she began to panic. The mystery guy through her into the wall and before Ginny had time to even scream he sank his teeth into her neck.