CH. 7

The weeks went by with partying and just hanging out and before the four knew it they were boarding hog warts express. As they passed people they heard all kinds of whispering, like, 'Is that Ginny Weasley holding hands with a Malfoy.' and 'Holy shit Weasley got hot!!' Draco ddint seem to like that too much, Ginny thought the jealous look was cute on him though so she just smiled.. Lillith was completely clueless to all the looks she was getting from guys however, Gabriel looked as if he was ready to rip the throat out of the next person he saw. Lillith noticed the look on his face and just pulled him closer giving him a quick kiss. The kiss made the face of most guys fall. When they got on the train they found an empty compartment and quickly locked the door. They had been in the compartment for what seemed like just a few minutes when the train started to move. It was only another couple of minutes when they heard a scream coming from the corridor. Curious as to who it was they all walked into the corridor. What they saw however was not suspected. One girl no one recognized had Lavender Brown held up against the wall with her wand to her throat. Ginny began to laugh and walked up to the girl wondering who the hell she was. She had never seen her before.

"Hey." Ginny said with a smile.

The girl looked at her and smiled "This really isn't a good time."

"Well your obviously new to hog warts and I wouldn't want you to get kicked out before the year even begins so why don't you come and join me and my friends in our compartment." Ginny motioned to Draco, Lillith, and Gabriel.

The girl sighed and turned to walk away with Ginny when at the last second she turned around and punched Lavender in the face. Everyone near by heard the sickening crunch that was Lavender jaw breaking. The girl shook her hand and smiled. "That felt good." She then proceeded to follow Ginny and the others back into their compartment.

Once in the compartment everyone sat down and stared at the girl. Lillith and Gabriel of course didn't know her. But neither did Draco and Ginny. They all stared at her taking in her appearance. She was rather beautiful. She had hair that was so blonde it looked as if it could be pure sunlight that hung to the lower part of her back. She had great curves and was also pale. She had bright green eyes and full naturally blood red lips.

Ginny was the first to break the silence. "So who the hell are you?"

The girl smiled and replied "I am Natalie Lynn Snape." Ginny gasped.

"No way.. Snape has no children."

Natalie thought for a second. "You mean Uncle Sev? Of course he has no kids he's a rather greasey fellow. I am his brothers only daughter." Draco and Ginny till had the same clueless look on their face. "Would you like me to start from the beginning?" They nodded.

"Well to start off with my mother is a veela. My father, Stanley Snape, is a loathsome vile little worm and I greatly enjoyed his death. He raped my mother then she was forced by her people to marry him since she was with child, as they put it. He abused her all of my life and me when he got the chance. Well when I got my letter for hogwarts he was beyond mad. See him and his twin brother Severus hated each other with a passion. Severus was in love with my mother… Well more of infatuated with her. As was she with him. The day she was forced to marry Stanley was the worst day of her life. Well one of the first. But anyways you don't need to know all of this. Severus is my uncle. Him and my father hate each other. So when my hogwarts letter came my father sent me to a school in America instead. It was near Sunnydale in California. Met some very interesting people in that town. Well when I came home this past summer I found my mother beaten to death and my father with her blood all over him. He started in on me and I fought back for the first time in my life. Let's just say he died a painful death. I got a hold of my uncle figuring if my mother loved him then he couldn't be that bad. I stayed with him over the summer and here I am. Im starting in Sixth year in case you were wondering."

The whole compartment was shocked silent. Then she continued. "Oh and I know quite a bit about you Malfoy. Since my uncle is your godfather." She smirked and let it all sink in to them.

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you Natalie." Ginny smiled. "I am Ginevra Weasley. But everyone calls me Ginny."

"Oh my god. You're her." Natalie's mouth hung open. Draco glared at her and Ginny just looked confused. Natalie caught on and laughed. "Never in I must have been confused.

Draco looked relieved and smirked at her. "So, Natalie, you're a Snape? I can't believe Uncle Sev never told me."

"Yes I am. Oh and call me Nat. I don't really care for my full name. My mother always called me Nat."

They continued to talk the rest of the way there. Nat told them about Sunnydale and all of the people there. Including a guy named Spike whom she seemed quite infatuated with.

"Oh and spike is from here. He's like you guys. You know a vampire. Although he is a different race of Vampire. You know the evil kind. But he did get his soul back for this stupid bint Buffy. She only broke his heart then almost got him killed a couple times. And now he is suppose to be in LA with Buffy's old love another vampire Angel. And she is supposed to be the slayer. I really don't care for her. Her little sister and friend were nice though. but he promised he would come visit when I told him of what happened. So that is sure to be a good time." Nat grinned.

By the time the train started to slow down at the school the Four of them had already excepted Natalie into their little group.

When they stepped off the train and found a carriage to Hogwarts Natalie, Lillith and Gabriel left to find Dumbledore and the Draco and Ginny went to the great hall.

It wasn't long before Dumbledore took the stage and everyone quieted. "Students, this year is promising to be quit the interesting year. We have three transfer students. We'll sort them first then move on to the first years." Dumbledore returned to his seat and Mcgongall took his spot.

The stool was in place and She began to read her list. "Macbeth, Gabriel 6th year."

Gabriel took a seat on the stool and place the hat on his head. "Hmmm… another Macbeth I never though I would see the day. Your nothing like your ancestors however, very bright I see. But I can't help but place you in SLYTHERIN!" The hat shouted the last word.

"Snape, Natalie" Everyone in the great hall gasped. Natalie took her seat and before the hat touched her perfect hair it shouted "SLYTHERIN!!" She smirked and took a seat next to Gabriel and Draco.

VonAbsynthe, Lillith." She place the hat on her head. "Two shockers in one sorting. How nice. I have always wondered when I would have the pleasure of sorting another VonAbsynthe. You are very powerful, and brilliant, and the courage in you. No doubt you would make a great Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. But I suppose it will also have to be SLYTHERIN!!" Lillith grinned and took a seat next to Gabriel.

After what seemed like forever all of the first years were sorted and Dumbledore took the stage yet again. "Now for the next surprise. One of our students has went through quite the change over the summer and she has already proven herself to be a very bright young witch. All of her professors have agreed and she is going to be moved up a year. Now because of the change in her she will be resorted. Ginevra Weasley will you please come up to the stage." He smiled and Ginny could see the twinkle in his eyes as she approached the stage confidently. She sat on the stool and placed the hat on her head.

"Awww you again what an honor." the hat began. "My my you have changed. I should never have put you in Gryffindor my queen. Even though you are very courageous. There is nothing there for you. Please forgive me for my mistake. Now for you true house SLYTHERIN!" the hat shouted.

Ginny was more then confused. Why did the hat call her his Queen and why did he want her to forgive him. She didn't know why but she knew Draco knew the answer and it was the same reason she was glowing. He was going to tell her whether he liked it or not.

Ginny sat next to Draco with a determined look on her face. Dumbledore announced for the feast to begin and when the Great Hall erupted in its usual stupor Ginny turned to Draco. "Darling." She began in a sickenly sweet voice. "I was hoping that you weren't very hungry because I have some questions that you are going to answer for me."

Draco looked slightly worried but stood with her to leave the great hall. Once out of the great hall they found an empty classroom. "What is it Gin?" he asked.

"First I want to tell you what the sorting hat said to me and to warn you not to lie to me." Draco nodded and Ginny continued. "The sorting hat called me his Queen, and begged for forgiveness for putting me in Gryffindor in the first place. And when Natalie called me Her. Who's her Draco? Who in the hell am I?" Ginny was silent waiting for his reply.

"God forgive me I can't do this anymore. You are the Angelus of Diligio. The Angel of Love. I really don't think it's time for me to tell you but that's what you are or, rather, who you are." The room got silent.

Ginny was the first to break the silence. "So I'm and Angel and a Vampire… How?"

"I am not sure exactly but I do know that its not a bad combination of that I am sure. At least not for you. There is a prophecy it says that the angel of love will make her presence known and the world will crumble at her feet."

"Crumble…You mean I'm evil?"

All of a sudden Ginny began to glow slightly more and her eyes went white again only this time beautiful white wings spread from her back. "I see you thought it was time for her to know." Draco dropped to his knees.

"Forgive me my Queen but she needed to know. I couldn't lie to her anymore."

"First off I already told you to never bow to me. And no forgiveness is necessary for it was time for me to know."

"Ginny?" Draco stammered as he stood.

"Yes my love. It is me but in my true form." She retracted the wings. "Now I believe we should go and talk to Dumbledore."