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Story: Sasuke is tired of not being able to kill Itachi and tries to commit suicide. Luckily Sakura finds him before its too late. Pairings SasxSak

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Sasuke's Pov

This loneliness, isolation, hate so much hatred has built up inside me and its all because of you nii-san. Why? Why did you kill everyone? Why did you kill mother and father? All of this hate I just can't take it anymore nii-san.

I walk to the kitchen and grab a knife. I hold it over my wrist and wince in pain as I cut my wrist. The red blood pours out of me and drips onto the kitchen floor. I can feel myself slowly dieing I guess this is going to be the end. My eyes get heavy and I drop to my knees with the knife still in my hands. See what you have driven me to nii-san? I look at the pool of blood before me I had lost more blood than I had thought.

End of Pov

It was late and the moon shone on Sakura as she walked home her usually way after training with Tsunade-sama.

"Why does she keep me there so late and then ask me to come so early…" Sakura thought to herself.

She kept walking until she was in front of Sasuke's house. She sensed something was off for some reason as she walked past tonight. Like he was in trouble or something.

"I guess I should go check and see if he's okay…But what if he isn't and he gets mad at me…Oh well that's just a chance I have to take…"

She walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell and stood and waited for an answer. Sakura rang the doorbell a few more times. Still no answer now she knew something was wrong cause Sasuke would normally be awake still around this time. She turned the door knob.

"I don't know why I thought the door would just be open…"

Sakura used what was left of her chakra to open the door. She ran through all of the rooms in Sasuke's house until she came to the kitchen. She screamed in horror at what she saw before her. Sasuke lay unconscious in a pool of blood on his kitchen floor with a knife beside him.


Sakura checked to see if Sasuke was still alive he was just barely. She had to get Sasuke to Tsunade and fast. She grabbed some bandages from her bag and wrapped them around Sasuke's wrists and carried him on her back. Oh why did Sasuke's house have to be so big at a time like this? She finally found the front door and ran as fast as she could to Tsunade's.

Sakura ran up three flights of stairs and finally made it to Tsunade's office. She banged on the door as hard as she could. The door opened and Shizune gasped at what she saw. Tsunade looked up and was too shocked at what she saw.

"Please help Sasuke-kun…"

- - - - - - - - - -

Sasuke: -sigh-

Me: what!

Sasuke: why did you make me all angsty?

Me: because. Everyone knows you are and you do too

Sasuke: Pft!

- - - - -

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