The Boy Who Destroyed the World

an original X-Men Movieverse fan fiction

written by: jennifer s. a.k.a. assassinelektra


I do not own the X-Men movies or comics, or their characters. This is a fan fiction story meant only for the enjoyment of myself and other X-Men fans.

Title: The Boy Who Destroyed the World

Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance, Angst

Setting: Right after X-Men 3: The Last Stand

Pairing: John/Kitty

Rating: Teen

Author's Note: Last chapter. wipes tears No, seriously, thank you guys so much for all the awesome reviews--they are what truly made this a great story. I'm grateful that you've all been there with me through this--all 29 chapters, lol! And I'm looking forward to writing the sequel! Anyway, let me know what you all thought about the ending!

"Once there was boy who had vibrant glow, but as it goes, someone took it from him."

AFI "The Boy Who Destroyed the World"

"The coldest heart can be brought to life
When it's thrown into the fire of goodbyes"

The Classic Crime "The Coldest Heart"

Chapter 29

It is ironic that death, in every sense of the word, is a huge part of life. And war is akin to it, death's brother among so many cousins of disease and disasters. But death is the ultimate outcast, thrown aside and tossed about until it finally screams in your face for some real attention. At which point you have no choice but to face it.

Rogue was given a hero's home—among the great and fallen Avengers in their private cemetery. And as they all stood there, looking down at it, Kitty realized that the X-Men would never be the same without her.

Since day one Rogue had made an impact on the immediate team. She'd quickly become someone for the other students to look up to, and that hadn't excluded Kitty herself. Rogue had been the closest thing she'd had to a best friend. Before John.

Logan looked down at the headstone, saw her name on it, and couldn't help but give a faint smile at the memories it conjured.

What kind of a name is Wolverine?

Bobby didn't fight the tears, though somehow he managed to keep from trembling as they fell from his eyes and silently down his cheeks, where they froze without him even realizing it, and then fell to the ground. Landing in the soft grass, the sunlight shined upon those tiny frozen tears, a testament to all present that he had, in fact, loved Rogue.

Storm stared at the grave in silence, the Priest's words of comfort completely unheard by her. She missed the girl already—had always felt a special bond with her that she only had with a few of her students. But she kept a special hold on her powers, leaving the sun free to shine upon the scene like something straight out of a movie.

Warren stood in silence, looking at the grave. It reminded him of his mother. He hadn't set foot in a cemetery since she had died. Flown above, yes, but only just to glance. And people had actually thought him an angel a couple of times. So he stopped even doing that.

Once he had saved his roommates from a fire, back when he'd gone off to college for a while, before the world had known he had wings. He'd kept them hidden under jackets, tied to his back. The same way he'd hidden them from his father for nearly three weeks. But now, he was a man, and his wings were fully developed.

Standing there in the graveyard, it seemed only natural to extend them out, so he did just that. The Priest looked up from his Bible, watching the way the sunlight caught the white feathers, and almost said something. But then he turned back to his words, trying to ease the pain of their souls.

He was unsuccessful.

It was Logan's keen senses that picked up on the new presence first. Something he'd felt before, something damned familiar. And suddenly he remembered that he'd been looking down at Professor Xavier's grave, like he was looking at Rogue's now, and he'd had this overwhelming feeling that everything was going to be okay.

Logan turned his head ever so slightly and saw movement from the corner of his eyes. So he turned his head completely to see who was approaching, and his mouth fell open in surprise as he raised a skeptical eyebrow.

The others, Storm first, noticing that Logan's attention was elsewhere, turned to follow his gaze. A sudden gust of wind let everyone know that the tears in Storm's eyes were now for the approaching figure rather than the loss of Rogue.

She saw it, but she didn't believe it.

"Professor?" Storm asked quietly, all but whispering.

He was walking. He looked a little different, and Moira was helping him walk, but he was walking. And there were details to his face that proved he wasn't completely normal, that he wasn't quite himself, but this was, without a doubt Professor Charles Xavier walking towards them.

Logan smiled. It was about time something good happened to them. Bobby was shocked into silence, Warren a bit unsure of how to react as he hadn't ever met the man, and Kitty had happy tears in her eyes. John was holding her hand, standing there, waiting for the Professor to lecture him for leaving the school, for joining Magneto and the Brotherhood, but the lecture never came.

All he felt from the man was peace.

And John knew that somehow, that was exactly what Xavier had intended for them to all feel. One by one, they all showed signs of that inner peace, and Storm ran up to hug him. Moira smiled as she watched the happy scene, the X-Men gathering around their mentor, asking questions and hugging him.

It was quite a sight to see. And from where he stood, off to the side, away from the others, John had a perfect view. And a perfect example of how he would never truly be a part of the X-Men.

I know what you're thinking. John glanced up at the Professor at the sound of his voice inside his mind. And you are both right and wrong.

More cryptic messages. Great. John looked back at the ground, hands in his pockets, one around his lighter.

Fire. Always changing, always moving, never able to stay still or contain itself. A dynamic element that someone, somewhere had decided that John Allerdyce was capable of controlling. Because he was the same way fire was.

He glanced at Xavier, watched the man give him a warm, knowing smile, then looked at Kitty.

Kitty smiled at him where he stood in the distance. They'd fought and they'd won, and now the Professor was back. How amazing was that? And he smiled back at her, a gleam of pride in the brown eyes that had once looked at her in disgust. But his smile was starting to fade, and from the distance she was standing, Kitty wasn't sure, but she thought she saw tears in his eyes.

And then John turned his back and started to walk away. Her own smile faded as she realized what was happening, and her heart began to race. "No!" Kitty screamed, taking off after him, running away from the others, who were too busy welcoming their dear friend back to pay any attention to her. Or maybe Xavier was keeping their minds preoccupied to give them a moment.

"No, what are you doing?" Kitty grabbed him by his arms and made him stop walking, out of breath but focusing her attention on him rather than regaining her calm.

There were no tears now. Not when she was close enough to see and know for sure that that was what they had been. He looked into her eyes, gazing down at her, and she looked up at his face, desperate for an answer, an explanation, or just a simple 'just kidding! I'd never leave!'

But she got anything but comfort. "I can't stay." John said, glancing back at the X-Men, all smiles and happy tears. "I don't…" He paused, unsure of how to put it.

"Don't go." Kitty begged quietly, barely above a whisper. But, he heard her clearly, and he tried to not look into her pleading eyes.

"I can't stay." He repeated. "I almost killed him." Kitty looked at the ground, knowing John was referring to Magneto. "I almost killed him, because he was going to hurt you, and I thought…I'd hoped that I had changed enough to…" He sighed. "I'm dangerous around you." Kitty looked back up at him. "If I stay, and we keep going out on these stupid missions to save the world, what happens if you're in trouble again, and I get reckless and get us all killed?

"John, please." Her grip on his arms tightened a little.

And then an idea crossed his mind, one he had never considered before. "Come with me." John told her. "Away from everyone, I'm sure it would work." Kitty looked at the ground, unsure, because although she hated it, everything he had just said was true.

"I don't belong with those people." He told her, motioning in the direction of the others, who were talking and laughing.

Kitty looked back up at him with tear-filled eyes. "But I do." Kitty told him, and the heartbreak in her voice made him want to just hold her. "I belong here, fighting with them. People need us."

The unspoken, But I need you… ran through his head, but he didn't say it aloud. John nodded his head. She was better off without him around anyway. Kitty without John meant she would be safe, and in that moment that was all that honestly mattered to him.

"It was fun." He muttered, turning to leave again. Yeah, it was an asshole remark to make, but he needed to be cruel in order to have the strength to walk away without her, to give her a chance at a good life without him, without all the baggage that came with a person like him. She deserved better. Magneto had been right about that at least.

Kitty's mouth fell open in disbelief. It was fun? Was she nothing more than a momentary thrill? Had everything they'd been through together meant nothing to him? She was devastated, crushed.

And in John's mind he was fighting with himself, forcing each step further away. Then he paused. If he just walked away, if he never looked back at her that one last time, he would hate himself even more, he realized. John turned around slowly, looking at her broken heart—he could see it in her eyes, because she hid nothing from him, masked no emotions.

Two seconds to think, and his heart kicked in before his brain.

He walked back over to her, taking hold of her face as he kissed her. She closed her eyes and focused completely on him, the feeling of his mouth against hers, his hand on her face, his closeness. It was their second kiss, but it was so right that it felt like the first all over again.

And it took her breath away. Kitty Pryde had to hold onto him to keep from falling; her knees were starting to weaken. When he pulled his mouth away—only enough so that they could breath—and opened his eyes to look into hers, there was a moment, a quiet moment where time seemed to stop again and they saw into each others' souls.

It was bittersweet. A comforting goodbye that would not last, and they held onto it as long as they could. Then he finally pulled away, taking a step back—if he didn't he would never leave.

"Someday," He told her, looking right into her eyes, "We'll finish this." Then John turned and walked away from her, leaving Kitty standing their in the cemetery, shocked as tears fell silently down her face.


A few hours later, she sat across from the Professor, looking at the floor, the most heartbroken expression on her face.

"You helped him more than anyone else ever could." He told her, and Kitty looked up at him. "He won't forget it."

"I…I don't understand why he had to leave." Kitty lied. She understood completely, she just didn't agree with it. There was a certain logic in his reason, a logic that would keep her friends—her family—safe. It was just amazing that John Allerdyce of all people had seen it before she had, and that he'd been selfless enough to accept it and fix the problem before someone got killed.

Professor Xavier smiled at her, sending some comfort mentally her way. "Why don't you go lie down for a bit. You could use the rest." He told her.

Kitty nodded and stood up slowly. But she hesitated, looking at him. "You were helping me all along, weren't you?" She asked him.

You're not as alone as you think. A smile crossed her lips when he sent that thought her way, and Kitty nodded.

"Thank you." She told him, hoping that he understood just how much he had helped her. He smiled in response, watching as she left the room.

Kitty laid on her best, staring at the ceiling, mentally going over each and every moment she'd experienced with John—good, bad, tears, smiles, painful, comforting, everything. With a quiet sigh, she phased through the bed, only truly comfortable when she was lying beneath it, staring up at the frame.

Then something caught her eye, and she turned her head, surprised by what she saw lying there on the floor. She picked it up and phased back through the bed, looking at it under the light. There, in her hand, laid John's lighter, the piece of his very soul he would never go anywhere without. And there was a note attached:

"The End"

Kitty Pryde smiled.