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Dude look out! Beastboy yelled as he rushed through the halls. His feet barely touching the metallic ground. He has said this on many occasions. Most of the time while going toe to toe with some of the nastiest villains this city has ever seen. But at this particular moment he was the danger.

You see Beastboy came up with this new idea for a healthy tofu breakfast drink. He started in the morning and was tinkering with it until the late afternoon. Well of course nobody was willing to try it. So he was forced to try it himself. He thought all of them were awesome because he thought tofu was the best thing known to man. Well after spending all afternoon drinking his own concoctions his bladder finally said enough. But something weird happened to Beastboy as he was rushing to the bathroom.

As he was running he saw Starfire in front of him. He yelled to her to move. But she seemed to be lost in thought. Beastboy then realized he was going too fast to stop. With a final "dude!" he prepared for impact. But when he was about a foot away from hitting her and having an incredibly awkward situation (especially if the impact finally broke his hold on his bladder). He was shoved forcefully to the side and he flew around Starfire. Scraping painfully against the wall as he did so.

His animal instinct kicked in before he face planted the ground. He flipped forward a little bit and did a handspring. "Sorry Star gotta go" Beastboy yelled as he continued the mad dash to the bathroom. But not before glancing back at Starfire. Later at the bathroom while he relieved himself he reflected on the previous event. He remembered that there was no way for him to avoid that collision with Starfire. But he was shoved around somehow. Almost as if a force pushed him against the wall. There was one more thing. When he looked into her eyes he could've sworn they were black.

While beastboy was having his little bathroom excursion Raven was in fact having a vicious fight with Robin. "Common Raven you can do better than that." Robin said. At first Robin tried to beat her quickly. But all his efforts were turned aside. So rather than trying to beat Raven fast he has been wearing on her physically and mentally. Trying to press the fact that Raven had a low amount of physical endurance.

Well so far it hasn't been going so well. I have been training all my life building strength and stamina but I can still barely match demonic powers. Robin thought as he ineffectually threw a few freezing bird-a-rangs. He kind of felt bad about it; but for most of the training fight he has been reduced to using mental assaults. Taunts and just general childish jabs.

"Beastboy and raven sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G." Robin said grinning. "Shut up!" Raven yelled; her eyes turning a familiar white. Uh-oh. Robin thought as he wearily dodged an energy bolt. Actually dodged wasn't the correct term for it. Leaning sideways would do better. Robin was also punished for his crappy dodge. The bolt nicked his side. Opening a shallow wound in on his ribs.

That wasn't the first he's taken or the last on he'll get. When they started raven had a bored look on her face. The whole reason why he started taunting her was to get her to fight him; to train. But as the fight continued on he saw that he couldn't win. Well then mister competitive decided to pop up. That insatiable drive to win no matter what.

So he spent most of the fight taunting Raven. And that bored "I don't give a crap" look gradually turned into an angry "I'm going to rip off your arms and beat you over the head with them" look. She gets enough of this child's play from Beastboy. Her throws started going wild. Robin had fun dodging them but couldn't get close for fear of a shadow packed fist.

He didn't take much physical damage. Apart from the cut in the side he was looking pretty good. But he was breathing fire and his leg was starting to cramp up. Raven however seemed to have found a second wind somewhere along the line. She was showing no sign of fatigue. Then Robin made a fatal mistake. He repeated one of Beastboy's jokes. "Hey Raven why did the dead baby cross the road?" "Enough!" Raven yelled. That was the straw that broke the camels back. Raven began to pummel Robin relentlessly with energy bolts. While Robin was lying there getting pummeled the last thought he had was that it was raining green and black balls.

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