Alright y'all here's the next chapter. Not much to say except that I'll be getting to starfire and robin soon. Don't worry. But beastboy and raven are still my all-time favorite.

Here you go.

Boy am I glad that's over. Cyborg thought. Deciding to leave the hole in the wall alone Cyborg took a seat on the floor. When he saw the wounds on robin he couldn't believe it.

He's seen some of the stuff Ravens done. I suppose I'm the unofficial teen titan's doctor. Cyborg laughed as he pictured himself in a pair of green scrubs. Normally when Robin pushes himself too hard in training Cyborgs there to fix him up. Raven has some freaky regeneration powers and is usually healed up in a couple of days. And Starfire is as durable as a leman Russ tank. She has about the same amount of fire power as one too.

But the person he's stuck doctoring most is Beastboy. About once a week he will take a joke too far or interrupt ravens meditation one too many times. When this happens he generally gets hit with by a black energy blast. She doesn't know the serious power she has. Cyborg's seen the stuff she does to the enemies. When she's going full on with an enemy she can generally cause some serious bruises with pure energy. This doesn't count when she's throwing cars or anything like that.

But when Beastboy comes to him after annoying Raven he doesn't just have bruises. Most of the time he has a few broken bones. The fact that Raven hasn't seen the damage she's been doing to him has been amazing. What was even more amazing is Beastboy's ability to hide his injuries. tough littledude.

Cyborg usually winds up putting on a new cast he invented. It was a made of a special material. It was just as strong as a normal cast but almost skin tight. When Beastboy was ready to go he always asks him to not tell bout his injury. When Cyborg asks why; Beastboy never answers. He just says that it's something he has to do. When he gets up to leave he grimaces slightly; but by the time he hits the door he's all smiles. Ready to put on the charade of normalcy.

When Starfire or robin asks if he's okay he always says it was just a little bruising. But it hasn't always been like that. There was a time when all Raven did was throw him around. The interesting thing was that Robin and Starfire didn't know anything about it. They were too busy flirting and doing their dance.

Actually Ravens power started increasing around the time they defeated the puppet king. Cyborg shuddered at the memory. That brought up the next interesting point. When he looked at Robins injuries he didn't just find broken bones and bruises. He saw something that he's only ever seen from Starfire.

He saw burns. At first he couldn't believe it. When you got hit by Raven her energy is practically ice cold. After training with Raven I normally need a hot shower just to banish the icy feeling. But believe it or not there were actual burns. The only other time he's ever seen burns on robin is when he sparred with Starfire. Okay this is starting to get weird. But before he could come to a conclusion he saw something out of the corner of his eyes. He saw eyes in the ventilation system.

Holy crap holy crap holy crap! Something's definitely wrong here. Beastboy thought as he raced along the corridor.

Okay think Beastboy. Something has to be wrong. Is she sad about hurting Robin? Possibly, but I don't think so. Ugh this is so frustrating. Ever since I met her I got nothing from her. Not her thoughts, not her feelings, nothing. She hides herself behind a mask of loneliness.

Now I know I'm not the brightest person in the world but she was hurting behind it. Not being able to express herself. Having to lock away her emotions. Ever since that day I made it my goal to ease that pain. To take away the mask.

At this point tears were rolling down Beastboy's face. Damn you Raven! You're too stubborn to take it off. Who cares about the dangers! Who cares who will get hurt!

Actually she did take it off. Beastboy screeched to a halt at this thought. She took it off! When she ran out she was crying. She was showing emotions. How? Nothing blew up? No one was hurt? How? Extremely perturbed at these thoughts Beastboy increased his pace.

So how did y'all like it? I'm probably gonna be taking a little break. When I write too much in a small time span my writing tends to start to suck. but i'm willing to read any stories you guys have and comment on them.just pm me. So see y'all later.