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Chapter Two: No Need for Revelations


Previously on Reunions:

"Really, considering that it is me that has let you stay here. Did you honestly think that I was as stupid as I led you to believe Soun? I am already married. It was during my time that I was temporarily so weak that a child could have hurt me. Now I will allow my wife to present herself," said Ranma coldly.

After a few minutes of silence to allow the tension to build there was a small cough, barely noticeable. They all turned their heads to…


To everyone's surprise it was Nabiki and Botan, who had just arrived in time to hear Soun threaten Ranma, both wearing smug looks on their faces.

"What? Did you really think that I was that heartless? I may get a bit greedy at times, but I'm not a heartless cold bitch that would sell out her own family," said Nabiki.

"But when did you get married?" asked a dumbfounded Soun, while Akane's temper was slowly rising to a boil.

"Ranma and I married about half a year ago, right before Jusendo. I've known Ranma longer than anyone in the Tendo Family. Do you remember two weeks before Ranma showed up and I went to the beach and I told you about how a dashing young man saved me and a couple of friends from some thugs? Well that was Ranma here; we developed a very strong friendship in that week, before we went our separate ways I gave him our phone number and address," said Nabiki.

"Oh my, so that was who your pen-pal friend Wild Horse was. Ranma was using the English translation of his name to write letters to Nabiki. Even after he started staying here! It was an ingenious way to talk to each other without anybody else knowing who she was talking to," said Kasumi.

"What about this young lady with the teal hair? When did you meet and marry her?" asked Nodoka curiously.

"Who? Botan? I met her during the Neko-ken incident. Botan here is a Reikan, a person born in the Reikai, thus they live centuries to millennia. Botan here though is rather young for a Reikan; she is the same age as Nabiki. About three months ago though we met up again and it was also at that time that I first met Yusuke," said Ranma off-handedly.

Flashback – Sarakashi – 3 Months Ago

Flying through LEO was a familiar figure, red sleeveless Chinese shirt, black kung-fu pants and slippers, and the trademark pig-tail. He noticed that Akane had just broken her record by hitting him all the way to Sarakashi, one of the few places to rival Nermia's weirdness. He noticed several figures fighting where he was going to land and firing off ki blasts left and right. Angling down towards the ugliest one in both groups he sent the figure flying head first into the asphalt with a well timed kick to the back of its skull.

"Whoa! Urameshi, this guy just knocked out the guy we've been trying to take down for an hour now with one kick to its head!" exclaimed Kuwabara stating the obvious.

"Kuwabara just shut the hell up. Yo, what's your name!" said Yusuke.

"Sorry about this, I'm Saotome Ranma."

"SAOTOME RANMA!" exclaimed Yusuke shocked.

"Do you know this person Yusuke?" asked Botan curiously, catching Ranma's attention immediately.

"Botan?" asked Ranma curiously.

"Do I know you?" asked Botan, turning to face Ranma.

"Yeah, we met about twelve years ago, around Kyoto, I think. It was during the Neko-Ken incident," said Ranma.

"RAN-CHAN!" exclaimed Botan as she seemed to disappear and reappear hugging Ranma tightly, forcing the air out of his lungs.

"Botan, I don't think you want to have to take your friend to the Reikai at this time. He's turning blue," said Yusuke.

"Oh! Sorry!" exclaimed Botan.

"It's alright Bo-chan," said Ranma as he rubbed the side of his head winced slightly.

It did not go unnoticed to the rest of them as they saw the side of Ranma's head bleeding badly. Botan, upon seeing his condition, quickly forced him to sit on the ground as she began to heal his injury.

"Who did this to you Ranma? Was it your father?" demanded Botan.

"No, pops didn't do this, Tendo Akane, my kawaiikune fiancée, did this to me. Our father's apparently set up an arranged marriage between our two clans. However, the first day we met she accuses me of being a pervert and smashes a table over my head, now she either kicks me, punches me, or mallets me. It's been two damn years of hell," said Ranma.

"I see, let's find a private place to talk and you can tell us everything, and I mean everything!" stated Botan sternly.

"Um, Botan, how exactly do you know this person?" asked Kuwabara.

"I met Ranma when he was about seven years old; he was as close to death as a person can get without fully dying. But, Ranma here is special he was already mostly dead, however his will to survive and continue his training was astonishing! He willed his spirit back into his body and willed his Reiki and ki to heal his body. We became friends shortly afterwards," said Botan.

"You mean he could still see you?" said Kuwabara.

"Yes. Ranma here could see and communicate with spirits. He is a person that only comes around once every few thousand years. He is a human that can gain access to the highest class and ranking! One day, Ranma will be one of the strongest humans alive having reached the class of S Superior, without the Sei Kou Ki to help him achieve that level," said Botan excitedly. "Now let's go see Genkai's."

"Genkai, the Genkai? The most powerful Psychic to have ever lived, that Genkai!" exclaimed Ranma.

"Yeah, we're gonna go see Genkai. She'll probably put me through more strenuous training," said Yusuke with a smirk.

"You think she could help me access my pure ki? The only way I can currently access my ki is through my emotions as the medium. I can't even access my Reiki yet, oyaji probably found some way to seal it off too," said Ranma.

"Maybe, but don't get your hopes up," said Yusuke as they arrived at the steps that led up to Genkai's shrine. "Though, she may help you if you explain your suspicions and your life to her."

Once the finally climbed all the steps to Genkai's shrine Ranma could feel the Reiki saturating the grounds, along with the wild chi flowing through and around the grounds. Opening himself to the chi flows he could feel it pulse as it flowed in and around him, as it healed his already exhausted and damaged body.


Meanwhile inside her private chambers Genkai senses a change in the wild chi surrounding her shrine and home. It seems the wild chi was flowing in and around someone, who she didn't know, but she knew that whoever it was had to have incredible potential. Deciding to investigate she went outside and saw Yusuke, Kuwabara, Botan, and Saotome Ranma. Surprised to see Ranma, she was even more surprised when she noticed that the wild chi in the area was flowing through and around him and seemed to be healing him.

"Well now this is a surprise. I never intended to meet Saotome Ranma until long after I had died," said Genkai. "What do you want here?"

"I need your help Genkai-san, it feels like my ki flows are messed up and I think my Reiki may have been locked away. I can only access my ki through an emotion medium, along with chi," said Ranma.

"Why should I help you?" asked Genkai sternly.

"Have you ever heard of the Neko-ken?" asked Ranma as Genkai's eyes widened and then narrowed quickly.

"You were trained in the flawed version of it I take it. I can help you with that problem, but as for the others I need to have another reason to actually help you," said Genkai.

"Would hearing my life story help any?" asked Ranma.

"I have a subscription to Nerima Martial Arts Magazine, it has your life story in it," said Genkai.

"Yeah, the one I've told Nabiki she's allowed to print. That is an edited version for the younger generations. I'll tell you the unedited version, afterwards you can let me know your decision, I'd also appreciate minimal interruptions," said Ranma as the others nodded and he began his tale.

Three Hours Later

Everyone was pale by the time Ranma finished his unedited and uninterrupted story of his life.

"So what do you think and are there any questions?" asked Ranma as if it was no big deal.

"You're telling me, your so-called father did most of that to you? You are cursed to change into a female when hit with cold water and hot water reverses it, too? And last but not least you killed the Phoenix God Saffron, even when you suspect you are not at your full strength!" said Kuwabara. "I don't believe you!"

"I don't give a shit whether or not you believe me or not. The point is I need help. At one point in time I was going to come here to see Genkai-san for help, however my idiot oyaji found out and I was beaten for even considering coming here. He considers all women inferior to men, mainly him, and that they are pretty much nothing but baby factories and servants to men," said Ranma.

"Well, I must say, I am rather impressed that you survived what you have. What that fool has done to you, along with those damned Amazons, along with everyone else in your life, should have caused you to snap along time ago and/or killed you. If the problems with your energies aren't solved soon, they can potentially kill you and those around you," said Genkai.


So the weeks passed and Genkai helped Ranma gain control over his newfound energies. It was during such time, that he learned he had two heartbeats, thus explaining his superior healing abilities to Ningens, Reikan, and even Youkai. His Youkai form had apparently been slowly awakening ever since the encounter with Saffron. Rather than fight his new form and instincts he integrated them into himself to help make him more whole. When he first changed to his Youkai form all the damage done to him over his life was beginning to slowly repair itself to help Ranma look his age. Eventually Ranma remembered the marriage laws with the Reikan, which carried over into the Ningenkai legally, he could have more than one wife, but only if he loved both women.

He brought this up to Nabiki who agreed to the idea of marrying Botan, since both loved her and Botan loved them back. They married at Genkai's shrine a week after Ranma and Nabiki proposed to her.

After a couple of months Ranma's ki reserves were only twenty-five percent filled, while his Reiki was filled to the absolute brink, along with his Youki. He has fought in a few underground tournaments to earn some money for his mother's birthday coming up. Being victorious in each one decreased the odds on his defeat by a lot, thus less money.

End Flashback

"So you're saying you've been married to Nabiki for nearly a year now, but you've only been married to Botan a few months, right?" questioned Soun curiously.

"That's about right, you know at one point I had actually begun to see Akane in the romantic sense; however after finding out she has known about Ryouga being P-Chan for about a year now and using it against me destroyed all hope of a romantic relationship between us," said Ranma.

"P-Chan is Ryouga? Ryouga is P-Chan? THAT PERVERT!" exclaimed Akane angrily.

"Wait, you mean to tell me you didn't know? I saw the two of you making out in the park last week! It was last Saturday around noon," said Ranma confused.

"I was here at home helping Kasumi fix another hole in the ceiling that you made jerk," said Akane.

"Who was the one that hit me for saying I didn't like what you cooked, even though you supposedly worked real hard on it? Akane, tell me now, do you really ever think we could have any type of relationship beyond in-laws and acquaintances?" asked Ranma.

"What about being friends Ranma?" asked Kasumi.

"Kasumi, the day I arrived here Akane asked if I wanted to be her friend, I accepted. Then later when she discovers my curse after walking in on me in the bath, she takes back the offer of friendship by trying to kill me. How can I trust someone who offers to be my friend, but then tries to kill me, repeatedly at that, and goes on to say how much of a freak I am and that she hates my living guts. I've actually heard her wish I had never been born, never met her, and/or that I would just drop dead so she wouldn't have to see the perverted freak and jerk ever again," said Ranma sternly. "What would you do if I offered you friendship and then when I find out something about you I don't like I take back the offer of friendship and then try to hurt you?"

"I'd be upset, I'd feel betrayed, but what does…" trailed off Kasumi. "OH!"

"Now you get it. As far as I'm considered they, Akane and Ryouga, are the perfect match for each other; always blaming me for things that go wrong in their life and constantly trying to kill me. To put it simply, I don't trust Akane. Besides, how long have you known about Ryouga Akane? You're always defending him, even when I'm minding my own business, not having seen him in weeks, when he suddenly attacks me and I defend myself. You always tell me not to pick on poor Ryouga, are you that stupid or do you just not care if kills one of your sisters while trying to get at me?" said Ranma spitefully.

"What are you talking about pervert!" snapped Akane angrily, more so than she was before due to Ranma's accusations towards her.

"I'm talking about the one Jusenkyo cursed person that you don't know about, or do you? What color bandana does P-Chan wear?" asked Ranma smugly.

"Easy, it's yellow with black polka dots on it," said Akane testily.

"Okay, what color bandana does Ryouga wear?" snapped Ranma back.

"Yellow with black polka dots on it," said Akane.

"Tell me Akane, have you ever seen Ryouga around when P-Chan is or vice versa? Despite what he says," said Ranma curiously.

"No," said Akane.

"Remember when we thought the Water-Proof Soap could be a cure to the Jusenkyo curse? Why is it that Ryouga wanted it so bad? I mean, why not help Shampoo or Mousse or Genma or myself? Akane, how many Jusenkyo cursed people make up the Nerima Wrecking Crew?" asked Ranma in a curious, yet bemused tone.

"For your first question, yes I remember it. For your second question, both parts, I don't know, maybe to punish you and the others for whatever reason. Your third question is simple, there is Shampoo, Mousse, and you, why?" said Akane.

"What if I told you that there was a fourth Jusenkyo cursed individual that made up the NWC? It isn't Ukyou and we know it's not you," said Ranma.

"You mean Ryouga? What is he cursed to turn into?" asked Akane.

"Think about it Akane, P-Chan is never around when Ryouga is and gets lost just as easily as he does and Ryouga is never around when P-Chan is, plus they wear the same color and type of bandana. What does Akari like most, aside from Ryouga?" said Ranma.

"Pigs of course…" trailed off Akane as she realized what Ryouga turned into. "That PERVERT!" exclaimed Akane angrily. "He's been sleeping with me all this time and never even told me his curse!"

"Actually Akane, I have a recording of Ryouga telling you his curse and you going ballistic on him; however he knew how to use the Xi Fang Xiang Gao in conjunction with formula 411, which he used after he knocked you out. Luckily he didn't have time to do anything else to you. Elder Cologne, do you have any idea how he learned the Xi Fang Xiang Gao technique?" asked Nabiki.

"Hmm, either Shampoo or Mousse taught it to him, more than likely Shampoo in hopes of erasing all affection towards Ranma. However, Ryouga probably thought he could change her memories around. The Xi Fang Xiang Gao does not do this, it merely blocks off the memories, seemingly erasing them," said Cologne.

"Perform the Xi Fang Xiang Gao on Akane with formula 911 Cologne, your tribe owes me a life debt, consider this as partial payment on that debt," said Ranma sternly.

"How does my tribe owe you a life debt Ranma!" snapped Cologne irritably.

"Saffron," said Ranma, as Cologne sighed sullenly and agreed, reluctantly.

Akane allowed the treatment and after Cologne finished a rush of blocked off memories came rushing back, even any and all subtle hypnotism done to her while under the affects of formula 311.

(A/N: Formula 311 is, in my story anyway, a hypnotic formula that allows the user to implant suggestions for certain actions and reinforce them again and again, however once formula 911 is used it becomes null and ineffective permanently.)

She broke down crying as she realized that everything she had done wrong and destroyed any chance to be with Ranma. She even found that Ryouga deliberately implanted the suggestion that her cooking would never improve as long as Ranma lived or was in anyway happy. Thus it never did improve, though now she realized all her errors and could truly start to improve.

"Ranma… I'd like to say I'm sorry for everything I've ever done to you, especially with my horrible cooking. Ryouga implanted the suggestion that it would never improve as long as you were happy or you lived. He implanted a lot of things, even my misinterpreting and misunderstanding things you said, even to the point of calling you a freak and a pervert for the slightest things, even just looking at another girl. I really am sorry, I hope that since we can't be husband and wife, we can at least be friends, after all you are my brother now, ne?" said Akane at an attempt at humor, albeit weak.

He replied, "Tendo Akane of the Tendo Clan and Tendo House I, Saotome Ranma of the Saotome Clan and Saotome House, hereby…" pausing for a moment letting the tension in the air build up before continuing, "…accept your apology and hereby state that you are under the Saotome Clan's protection against Hibiki Ryouga of the Hibiki Clan and Shitto House."

"Pardon me Ranma, but did you say the Shitto House? We have a blood feud with them! We have for the past ten years!" said Nodoka.

"Not anymore, I went to see them about the blood feud and what it was about and what do I find? I find that Genma had been betrothed to a member of their house, but had bedded her and then run out when he discovered her pregnant, they thought you had convinced him to leave his former betrothed. Luckily she was able to save face by marrying the one whom she loved and returned her love. Once it was explained that Genma married into the clan, not the house, it was quickly decided that the blood feud was pointless," said Ranma, causing Nodoka sigh in relief.

"But, since we told them of Ryouga's dishonorable actions against my clan and house, along with my husbands, they agreed that he was doing was wrong, especially since he was already engaged to another from another clan and house. The real kicker is she's from the Kuno Clan and Kuno House, specifically the Nerima branch, one Kuno Kodachi," said Nabiki.


Ryouga who had been outside the entrance to the dining room had heard everything and cursed that his plans had been ruined, but he was also shocked that he was engaged to Kuno Kodachi. He was about to leave when he felt a slight pain in the back of his head and realized he had been discovered and malleted towards the Kuno Estate by Akane.

'Damn you bitch! You were supposed to kill Ranma when he got back to the Tendo Compound and then come rushing into my arms proclaiming your love for me! It was the only way to get out of my engagement to Kodachi too!' thought Ryouga bitterly and angrily.


"Now that that's taken care of; mother I was wondering if it were possible to visit my blood relatives? I've been wishing to meet them for a while, but any information I found on them Genma would always destroy," said Ranma bitterly.


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